Books from 1947

John W. Collier
A film in the making, Featuring It always rains on Sunday
London, 1947
Monja Danischewsky (ed.)
Michael Balcon's 25 Years in Films
London, 1947
Hanns Eisler
Composing for the films
New York, 1947
Henry Clay Gipson
Films in business and industry
New York, 1947
Forsyth Hardy (ed.)
Grierson on documentary
New York, [1947]
John Huntley
British film music
London, [1947]
Ruth Inglis
Freedom of the Movies, A Report on Self-Regulation
Chicago, 1947
Siegfried Kracauer
From Caligari to Hitler, A psychological history of the German film
[Princeton, N.J.], 1947
C.A. Lejeune
Chestnuts in her lap, 1936-1946
London, 1947
R.J. Minney
Talking of films
London, 1947
Dilys Powell
Films Since 1939
London, 1947
F. Maurice Speed
Film Review, 1947-1948
Ludgate Hill, [1947]
Parker Tyler
A Little Boy Lost, Marcel Proust and Charlie Chaplin
New York, 1947
Parker Tyler
Magic and myth of the movies
New York, 1947