Books from 1951

Julien Bryan and His Documentary Motion Pictures
New York, [1951]
Edgar Anstey [and others] (eds.)
Shots in the dark, A collection of reviewers' opinions of some of the leading films released between January 1949 and February 1951.
London, [1951]
Peter Cotes and Thelma Niklaus
The Little Fellow, The Life and Work of Charlie Spencer Chaplin
New York, 1951
Margret Cussler
Not By a Long Shot, Adventures of a Documentary Film producer
New York, 1951
William Perry Fidler
Augusta Evans Wilson, 1835-1909
Birmingham, 1951
Gene Fowler
Schnozzola, The Story of Jimmy Durante
New York, 1951
Monk Gibbon
The Tales of Hoffmann, A Study of the Film
London, 1951
Cecil Hepworth
Came the Dawn, Memories of a Film Pioneer
London, 1951
Emil Jannings
Theater, Film, Das Leben und ich
Berchtesgaden, 1951
Roger Manvell
A seat at the cinema.
London, [1951]
Paul Rotha
The Film Till Now
London, 1951