Books from 1955

John Bainbridge
Garden City, N.Y., 1955
Nathaniel Benchley
Robert Benchley, A Biography
New York, 1955
George Burns with Cynthia Hobert Lindsay
I Love Her, That's Why
New York, 1955
Brian Connell
Knight Errant, A Biography of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Hodder and Stoughton, 1955
Roland Gelatt
The Fabulous Phonograph, From Tin Foil to High Fidelity
Philadelphia, 1955
Will Hays
The Memoirs of Will H. Hays
Garden City, N.Y., 1955
Eric Keown
Peggy Ashcroft, An Illustrated Study of Her Work
London, 1955
Mary Pickford
Sunshine and shadow.
Garden City, N.Y.,, 1955
F. Maurice Speed
Film Review, 1954-1955
, [1955]