Books from 1959

Jane Kesner Morris Ardmore
The self-enchanted, Mae Murray, Image of an Era
New York, 1959
Fred Astaire
Steps in Time
New York, 1959
Mary Astor
My Story, An Autobiography
New York, 1959
Eva Bartok
Worth Living For
London, 1959
Daniel Blum
A Pictorial History of Television
Philadelphia, 1959
Billie Burke with Cameron Shipp
With Powder on My Nose
New York, 1959
Eddie Cantor
The Way I See It
Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1959
Simon van Collum
Uit de oude doos
Amsterdam, 1959
Cecil B. De Mille, edited by Donald Hayne
The Autobiography of Cecil B. De Mille
Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1959
Berta Drews
Heinrich George, Ein Schauspielerleben
Hamburg, 1959
Errol Flynn
My Wicked, Wicked Ways
New York, 1959
Joe Franklin
Classics of the Silent Screen, A Pictorial Treasury
New York, 1959
Richard Griffith
Marlene Dietrich, Image and Legend
Garden City, N.Y., 1959
Heinz Hofmann
GŁnther Simon
Berlin, 1959
Phil A. Koury
Yes, Mr. De Mille
New York, 1959
Joseph Henry Steele
Ingrid Bergman, An Intimate Portrait
New York, 1959
Mae West
Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It
, 1959
Keenan Wynn as told to James Brough
Ed Wynn's son,
Garden City, N.Y.,, 1959