Books from 1963

George Abbott
Mister Abbott
New York, 1963
Peter Bogdanovich
The Cinema of Alfred Hitchcock
New York, 1963
Jack Brodsky and Nathan Weiss
The Cleopatra papers, A private correspondence
New York, 1963
William Cahn
Good Night, Mrs. Calabash, The Secret of Jimmy Durante
New York, 1963
Arthur Calder-Marshall
The Innocent Eye, The Life of Robert J. Flaherty
London, 1963
Eddie Cantor
As I Remember Them
New York, 1963
Compiled by Michael Conway, Dion McGregor, and Mark Ricci
The films of Greta Garbo.
New York, [1963]
Armand Denis
On Safari, The Story of My Life
New York, 1963
Warren French (ed.)
A Companion to The Grapes of Wrath
New York, 1963
Willy Fritsch
...das kommt nicht wieder, Erinnerungen eines Filmschauspielers
Zürich - Stuttgart, 1963
Richard Gehman
The Tall American, The Story of Gary Cooper
New York, 1963
Penelope Houston
The contemporary cinema.
Baltimore, [1963]
Howard Kent
Single bed for three, A Lawrence of Arabia notebook
London, [1963]
Pierre Leprohon
Michelangelo Antonioni, An Introduction
New York, 1963
Friedrich Luft
Vom großen schönen Schweigen, Arbeit und Leben des Charles Spencer Chaplin
Berlin, 1963
Présentation par Luc Moullet
Fritz Lang.
[Paris], [1963]
ZaSu Pitts
Candy hits
, 1963
Frans Sierens
Alfred Hitchcock
Utrecht, 1963
Philip Strick
Michelangelo Antonioni
Loughton, England, 1963
A. Zalzman
Joris Ivens
, 1963