Books from 1964

Hollis Alpert
The Barrymores
New York, 1964
Elaine Barrymore and Sandford Dody
All my sins remembered,
New York, [1964]
Eileen Bowser
The Films of Carl Dreyer
New York, [1964]
William Cahn
Harold Lloyd
New York, 1964
Charles Chaplin
My Autobiography
New York, 1964
Jacques Chevallier
Le cinéma burlesque américain au temps du muet [1912-1930]
[Paris], [1964?]
Jean-Pierre Coursodon
Keaton & Co, Les burlesques américains du "muet"
Paris, 1964
Peter Cowie
Antonioni, Bergman, Resnais, [three monographs]
London,, [1964]
H.E.F. Donohue
Conversations with Nelson Algren
New York, 1964
William K. Everson
The Bad Guys, A Pictorial History of the Movie Villain
New York, N.Y., 1964
Giuseppe Ferrara
Luchino Visconti
, 1964
Peter John Graham
A dictionary of the cinema
London; New York, [1964]
Alexander Kluge
Olten, [1964]
Dick Laan
Dick Laan over film, herinneringen en belevenissen van een oud-filmer
Haarlem, 1964
Renaud de Laborderie
Brigitte Bardot, Spotlights in Words and Pictures
Manchester, 1964
Kalton C. Lahue
Continued Next Week, a History of the Moving Picture Serial
Norman, 1964
Wolfgang Noa
Paul Wegener
Berlin (Ost), 1964
C.A. Oakley
Where we came in, Seventy years of the British film industry
London, [1964]
Marcel Oms
Buster Keaton
, 1964
John Pascal
The Jean Harlow story
New York, [1964]
Robert Payne
The Great Charlie
London, 1964
Robert Payne
Der grosse Charlie, Charlie Chaplin - seine Filme und sein Leben
München, 1964
Richard Schickel
Movies, The History of an Art and an Institution
New York, 1964
Murray Schumach
The Face on the Cutting Room Floor, The Story of Movie and Television Censorship
New York, 1964
Irving Shulman
Harlow, An intimate biography
, 1964
Jack Warner with Dean Jennings
My First Hundred Years in Hollywood
New York, 1964
Ruth Waterbury
Elizabeth Taylor
New York, [1964]