Books from 1965

Ingmar Bergman Film Trilogie
Utrecht, 1965
Alan G. Barbour
The Serials of Republic
Kew Gardens, N.Y., 1965
Alvah Bessie
Inquisition in Eden
New York, 1965
Charles Bickford
Bulls, Balls, Bicycles and Actors
New York, 1965
Lenny Bruce
How to talk dirty and influence people, an autobiography
Chicago, 1965
Michael Conway and Mark Ricci (eds.)
The films of Jean Harlow
New York, 1965
Christoph Funke
Hans Albers
Berlin, 1965
Richard Gehman
Greenwich, Conn., 1965
Ezra Goodman
Bogey, The Good-Bad Guy
New York, 1965
Lena Horne and Richard Schickel
Garden City, N.Y.,, 1965
Pauline Kael
I Lost It at the Movies
Boston, 1965
Renaud de Laborderie
Anita Ekberg
Manchester, 1965
Renaud de Laborderie
Ursula Andress
Manchester England, 1965
David Martin
The Films of Busby Berkeley
San Francisco, 1965
Joe McCarthy (ed.)
Fred Allen's Letters
Garden City, N.Y., 1965
Clifford McCarty
Bogey, The Films of Humphrey Bogart
New York, NY, 1965
Gerald D. McDonald, Michael Conway and Mark Ricci (editors)
The Films of Charlie Chaplin
New York, 1965
Gerald D. McDonald
The Picture History of Charlie Chaplin
New York, 1965
Albert F. McLean
American Vaudeville as Ritual
Lexington, Ky., 1965
Paul Michael
Hunphrey Bogart, The Man and His Films
Indianapolis, 1965
Peter Morris
The Flaherty Tradition, Notes on the Filmmaking Methods of Robert Flaherty and the Influence of These Methods on Other Filmmakers
Ottawa, 1965
William F. Nolan
John Huston, king rebel
Los Angeles, [1965]
Liam O'Leary
The Silent Cinema
London, 1965
Jonah Ruddy and Jonathan Hill
New York, 1965
Karl Schnog
Charlie Chaplin, Filmgenie und Menschenfreund
Berlin, 1965
Ray Stuart (ed.)
Immortals of the Screen
New York, 1965
Ruth Waterbury
Richard Burton
New York, 1965