Books from 1967

Fred J. Balshofer and Arthur C. Miller with Bebe Bergsten
One Reel a Week
Berkeley, 1967
Alan G. Barbour
The Serials of Columbia
Kew Gardens, N.Y., 1967
Charles Barr
Laurel & Hardy
London, 1967
Rudi Blesh
London, 1967
Peter Bogdanovich
Fritz Lang in America
London, 1967
Carlos Clarens
An illustrated history of the horror film
New York, 1967
Kathryn Crosby
Bing and Other Things
New York, 1967
Bosley Crowther
The Great Films, 50 Golden Years of Motion Pictures
New York, 1967
Guy Debord
La Société du spectacle
Paris, 1967
Raymond Durgnat
London, 1967
Gabe Essoe & Ray Lee
Gable, A complete gallery of his screen portraits
London, 1967
William K. Everson
The Art of W.C. Fields
Indianapolis, Kansas City, New York, 1967
Joel W. Finler
London, 1967
Richard Gant
Sean Connery, Gilt-Edged Bond
London, 1967
Jean-Luc Godard
Made in USA
London, 1967
Jim Harmon
The Great Radio Heroes
Garden City, New York, 1967
Garson Kanin
Hollywood, Stars and Starlets, Tycoons and Flesh-Peddlers, Moviemakers and Moneymakers, Frauds and Geniuses, Hopefuls and Has-Beens, Great Lovers and Sex Symbols
New York, 1967
Derrick Knight and Vincent Porter
A long look at short films;, An A.C.T.T. report on the short entertainment and factual film,
London, [1967]
James Leahy
The Cinema of Joseph Losey
New York, 1967
J.-P. Lebel
Buster Keaton
London - New York, 1967
Pierre Lherminier
Jean Vigo
Paris, 1967
Douglas McVay
The Musical Film
New York, 1967
Hubert von Meyerinck
Meine berühmten Freundinnen, Erinnerungen
Düsseldorf, Wien, 1967
Ib Monty
Portrait of Carl Th. Dreyer
Copenhagen, 1967
Rank Organisation
No case for compulsion
s.l., 1967
William Redfield
Letters from an actor
London, 1967
Sheldon Renan
An Introduction to the American Underground Film
New York, 1967
Annie M.G. Schmidt
ja zuster, nee zuster
Amsterdam, 1967
Cornelia Otis Skinner
Madame Sarah
Boston, 1967
Emmy Sonnemann
An der Seite meines Mannes, Begebenheiten und Bekenntnisse
Göttingen, 1967
Richard L. Sterne
John Gielgud directs Richard Burton in Hamlet, A journal of rehearsals
New York, [1967]
Bob Thomas
King Cohn, The Life and Times of Harry Cohn
New York, 1967
Herbert Wilcox
Twenty-five Thousand Sunsets
, 1967