Books from 1968

The Avengers Annual
London, 1968
Pearl Bailey
The Raw Pearl
New York, 1968
Tino Balio and Lee Norvelle
The history of the National Theatre Conference,
n.p., [1968]
Robert Hamilton Ball
Shakespeare on Silent Film, A Strange Eventful History
London, 1968
John Baxter
Hollywood in the Thirties
New York, 1968
Joe Bonomo
The Strongman, A True Life Pictorial Autobiography of the Hercules of the Screen, Joe Bonomo
ew York, 1968
Raymond Borde
Harold Lloyd
Lyon, 1968
Kevin brownlow
How it happened here, The making of a film
Garden City, N.Y., [1968]
Per Calum (ed.)
John Ford, En Dokumentation
Copenhagen, 1968
Ian Cameron and Robin Wood
New York, 1968
Ann Corio with Joseph DiMona
This Was Burlesque
New York, 1968
John Cottrell
Julie Andrews, The Unauthorized Life Story of a Super-Star
New York, 1968
Vic Crume (adaptaion)
The Parent Trap, Based on Walt Disney's Rollicking Movie
New York - Toronto - London - Auckland - Sydney - Tokyo, 1968
Donald Descher
The Films of Spencer Tracy
New York, 1968
Homer Dickens
The Films of Marlene Dietrich
New York, 1968
Gabe Essoe
Tarzan of the Movies
New York, 1968
Richard J. Anobile (ed.)
Drat! Being the encapsulated view of life,, W. C. Fields in his own words
New York,, [1968]
Rijk de Gooyer en Herman Pieter de Boer
Krentenbollen, kogels en klatergoud
Assen - Amsterdam - Rotterdam, 1968
Charles Higham and Joel Greenberg
Hollywood in the Forties
New York, 1968
Payton Jordan, Bud Spencer
Champions in the making, Quality training for track and field
Englewood Cliffs, N.J.,, [1968]
Pauline Kael
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Boston, Massachusetts, 1968
Elia Kazan
The Arrangement
New York, New York, 1968
John Kobal
Marlene Dietrich
New York, 1968
Kalton C. Lahue
Bound and Gagged, The Story of the Silent Serials
New York, 1968
Alan Lovell
Don Siegel, American Cinema
London, 1968
Richard A. Lupoff
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Master of Adventure
New York, 1968
Donald W. McCaffrey
Four Great Comedians, Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton, Langdon
New York, 1968
Tom Milne
Losey on Losey
New York, 1968
John Montgomery
Comedy films, 1894-1954
London, 1968
Colleen Moore
Silent Star
Garden City, New York, 1968
Michael Mourlet
Cecil B. De Mille
Paris, 1968
Isabel Quigly
Charlie Chaplin, Early comedies
London, 1968
Lawrence J. Quirk
The Films of Joan Crawford
New York, 1968
Richard Randall
Censorship of the Movies, The Social and Political Control of a Mass Medium
Madison, 1968
Robert Redding
A Humorist in Hollywood, Robert Benchley and His Comedy Films
, 1968
Gwen Robyns
Light of a star
London, 1968
John Thomas Rouse, Jr.
A Descriptive Analysis of the Major Films of Robert J. Flaherty
, 1968
Andrew Sarris
The American Cinema, Directors and Directions: 1929-1968
New York, 1968
Richard Schickel
The Disney Version, The Life, Times, Art, and Commerce of Walt Disney
New York, 1968
Mark Stavig
John Ford and the Traditional Moral Order
Madison, 1968
J.C. Trewin
Robert Donat, A Biography
London, 1968
Hans Verhagen
De Gekke Wereld Van... Hoepla, (Beeld)verslag van 'n tvpisode
Amsterdam, 1968
Robin Wood
Howard Hawks
Garden City, N.Y., 1968