Books from 1969

Brian Aherne
A Proper Job
Boston, 1969
Gerd Albrecht
Nationalsozialistische Filmpolitik, Eine soziologische untersuchung über die Spielfilme des Dritten Reichs
Stuttgart, 1969
Michael Balcon
Michael Balcon Presents..., A Lifetime of films
London, 1969
Eddie Cantor and David Freedman
Yoo-Hoo Prosperity, Caught Short
New York, 1969
Peter Cowie
Seventy Years of Cinema
New York, 1969
Brenda Davies (comp.)
Stanley Donen, Director
London, 1969
Arnoud Deelen
Sinds Godard, De Franse film vanaf de Nouvelle Vague
Amsterdam, 1969
Barbara Deming
Running Away from Myself, A Dream Portrait of America Drawn from the Films of the Forties
New York, 1969
Alan Dent
Vivian Leigh, a bouquet
London, 1969
Raymond Durgnat
The Crazy Mirror, Hollywood Comedy and the American Image
London, 1969
Soren Dyssegaard (ed.)
Carl Th. Dreyer, Danish Film Director, 1889-1968
Copenhagen, [1969]
Allen Eyles
The Marx Brothers, Their World of Comedy
New York, 1969
Virginia Fairweather
Cry God for Larry, An intimate memoir of Sir Laurence Olivier
London, 1969
Arthur Gibson
The silence of God, Creative response to the films of Ingmar Bergman.
New York, [1969]
Denis Gifford
Movie monsters
London, 1969
Lillian Gish with Ann Pinchot
The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me
Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1969
Charles Higham
The Celluloid Muse, Hollywood Directors Speak
London, 1969
Stanley Holloway
Wiv A Little Bit o' Luck
, 1969
Peter Hopkinson
Split Focus, An Involvement in Two Decades
, 1969
David Stewart Hull
Film in the Third Reich, A Study of the German Cinema 1933-1945
Berkeley, Los Angeles, 1969
Joris Ivens
The Camera and I
Berlin, 1969
Hans Hellmut Kirst
Heinz Rühmann, Ein biographischer Report
München, 1969
Betina L. Knapp
Antonin Artaud, Man of Vision
New York, 1969
Gerhard Lamprecht
Deutsche Stummfilme, 1915-1916
Berlin, 1969
Paul Michael, editor in chief. James Robert Parish, associate editor
The American movies reference book, The sound era
Englewood Cliffs, N.J.,, 1969
Tom Milne
London, 1969
Joe Morella and Edward Z. Epstein
Judy, The films and career of Judy Garland,
New York, [1969]
Paul L. Nemcek
The Films of Nancy Carroll
New York, 1969
Kemp R. Niver, Edited by Bebe Bergsten
Mary Pickford, comedienne
Los Angeles, [1969]
Hans Pensel
Seastrom and Stiller in Hollywood;, Two Swedish directors in silent American films, 1923-1930
New York, 1969
Philippe Pilard
Henri-Georges Clouzot
Paris, 1969
Gerald Pratley
The Cinema of John Frankenheimer
London - New York, 1969
Gene Ringgold and DeWitt Bodeen
The Films of Cecil B. De Mille
New York, 1969
David Robinson
Buster Keaton
London, 1969
Andrew Sarris (ed.)
Interviews with Film Directors
New York, 1969
Anthony Slide (comp.)
Michael Balcon, Producer
London, 1969
Larry Swindell
Spencer Tracy; a biography
New York, [1969]
Bob Thomas
Thalberg, Life and Legend
Garden City, N.Y, 1969
Alfred E. Twomey and Arthur F. McClure
The Versatiles, A Study of Supporting Character Actors and Actresses in the American Motion Picture, 1930-1955
South Brunswick and New York - London, 1969
Salka Viertel
The Kindness of Strangers
New York, 1969
Manuel Weltmann and Raymond Lee
Pearl White, The Peerless Fearless Girl
South Brunswick, 1969
David Will and Peter Wollen (eds.)
Samuel Fuller
Essex, 1969
Robin Wood
Hitchcock's Films
New York, 1969