Books from 1970

Bogart's Face
Los Angeles, 1970
Joan Bennett and Lois Kibbee
The Bennett Playbill
New York, 1970
Arthur Bliss
As I Remember
London, 1970
Michael Burrows
John Ford and Andrew McLaglen
Cornwall, England, 1970
William Cahn
A pictorial history of the great comedians
New York, 1970
George Carpozi
The Gary Cooper Story
New Rochelle, N.Y., 1970
Maurice Chevalier
Schoffie met wit haar
Utrecht / Antwerpen, 1970
Maurice Chevalier
I Remember It Well
New York, 1970
Richard Corliss (ed.)
The Hollywood Screenwriters
New York, 1970
Peter Cowie in collaboration with Arne Svensson
London,New York, [1970]
Dorothy Dandridge and Earl Conrad
Everything and Nothing, The Dorothy Dandridge Tragedy
New York, 1970
Homer Dickens
The Films of Gary Cooper
Secaucus, NJ, 1970
Raymond Durgnat
A Mirror for England, British Movies from Austerity to Affluence
London, 1970
Willem Duys
Voor mijn vuist weg
Bussum, 1970
Gabe Essoe and Raymond Lee
DeMille, The Man and His Pictures
New York, 1970
Glenn Ford and Margaret Redfield
Glenn Ford, R.F.D. Beverly Hills
Old Tappan, N.J., 1970
Mary Virginia Fox
Ethel Barrymore, A Portrait
Chicago, 1970
Alfons Hackl
Fred Astaire and His Work
Vienna, 1970
Phil Hardy
Samuel Fuller
, 1970
Phil Hardy
Samuel Fuller
New York, N.Y., 1970
Lillian Hellman
Eine unfertige Frau, Ein Leben zwischen Dramen
Frankfurt am Main, 1970
Robert M. Henderson
D.W. Griffith, The Years at Biograph
New York, 1970
Charles Higham
The Films of Orson Welles
Berkeley, 1970
Richard M. Hudson and Raymond Lee
Gloria Swanson
South Brunswick, 1970
Neil P. Hurley
Theology through Film
New York, 1970
Ken D. Jones, Arthur F. McClure, Alfred E. Twomey
The films of James Stewart
New York, 1970
Pascal Kané
Roman Polanski
, 1970
John Kobal
Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance, A pictorial history of film musicals
London, 1970
Roland Lacourbe
Harold Lloyd
Paris, 1970
John Lahr
Notes on a Cowardly Lion, The Biography of Bert Lahr
New York, 1970
Kalton C. Lahue and Sam Gill
Clown Princes and Court Jesters
South Brunswick and New York - London, 1970
Earl Mills
Dorothy Dandridge, A Portrait in Black
Los Angeles, 1970
Ivor Montagu
The Youngest Son, Autobiographical Sketches
, 1970
Pola Negri
Memoirs of a Star
Garden City, NY, 1970
Paul O'Dell
Griffith and the Rise of Hollywood
London - New York, 1970
Graham Petrie
The cinema of François Truffaut.
New York, [1970]
Henry Albert Phillips
The photodrama
New York, 1970
Lawrence J. Quirk
The Films of Ingrid Bergman
Secaucus, NJ, 1970
Roberta Ann Raider
A Descriptive Study of the Acting of Marie Dressler
, 1970
Bram Reijnhoudt
Laurel & Hardy
Amsterdam, 1970
Mimi Rijpstra-Verbeek
Soepgroente, Het levensverhaal van Tilly Périn-Bouwmeester
's-Gravenhage, Rotterdam, 1970
Babette Rosmond
Robert Benchley, His Life and Good Times
Garden City, N.Y., 1970
Anthony Slide
Early American Cinema
New York - London, 1970
John Springer
The Fondas, The Films and Careers of Henry, Jane, and Peter Fonda
New York, 1970
Elizabeth Sussex
Lindsay Anderson
New York, 1970
Howard Thompson
Fred Astaire, A Pictorial Treasury of His Films
New York, 1970
Tom Vallance
The American Musical
New York, 1970
Luchino Visconti
Two Screenplays, La terra trema - Senso
New York, 1970
Jack Vizzard
See No Evil, Life Inside a Hollywood Censor
New York, 1970
compiled by John T. Weaver
Forty years of screen credits 1929-1969,
Metuchen, N.J.,, 1970
Orson Welles
The Trial
London, 1970
Robert Windeler
Julie Andrews, A Biography
New York, 1970
Robin Wood
Ingmar Bergman
, 1970
Tom Wood
The Bright Side of Billy Wilder, Primarily
Garden City, N.Y., 1970
David Zinman
50 Classic Motion Pictures, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
New York, 1970