Books from 1972

Richard J. Anobile (ed.)
Who's on First?, Verbal and Visual Gems from the Films of Abbott & Costello
New York, NY, 1972
Richard J. Anobile (ed.)
A flask of Fields, Verbal & and visual gems from the films of W. C. Fields
New York, [1972]
A. Bazin, E. Rohmer
Charlie Chaplin
, 1972
Cecil Beaton
Memoirs of the 40's
New York, [1972]
Samuel Beckett
Film, Complete Scenario / Illustrations / Production Shots
London, 1972
Rudy Behlmer (ed.)
Memo from David O. Selznick
New York, [1972]
S.N. Behrman
People in a Diary, A Memoir
Boston, 1972
Denis Brian
Tallulah, Darling, A Biography of Tallulah Bankhead
New York, 1972
Freddy Buache
Erich von Stroheim
, 1972
Robert Chazal
Louis de Funès
Paris, 1972
Mark Conway and Mark Ricci
The Films of Marilyn Monroe
Secaucus, NJ, 1972
John Cottrell and Fergus Cashiin
Richard Burton, Very Close Up
Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1972
C.G: Crisp
François Truffaut
London, 1972
Arlene Croce
The Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Book
New York, 1972
Homer Dickens
The Films of James Cagney
Secaucus, NJ, 1972
Jörn Donner
The Films of Ingmar Bergman, From "Torment" To "All These Women"
New York, 1972
Janet Edsforth
Paul Almond, The Flame Within
Ottawa, 1972
Stephen Farber
The Movie Rating Game
Washington, D.C., 1972
Frances Farmer
Will There Really Be a Morning?, An Autobiography
New York, 1972
Joel W. Finler (ed.)
Greed, A film
London, 1972
André Gardies
Alain Robbe-Grillet
, 1972
Harry M. Geduld (ed.)
Authors on film
Bloomington, [1972]
Louis D. Gianetti
Understanding Movies
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1972
Brendan Gill
New York, 1972
Joel Greenberg and Charles Higham
The Celluloid Muse, Hollywood Directors Speak
New York, 1972
Guylaine Guidez
Claude Lelouch
, 1972
Fred Lawrence Guiles
Marion Davies, A Biography
New York, 1972
Jim Harmon and Donald F. Glut
The Great Movie Serials, Their Sound and Fury
Garden City, NY, 1972
Gillian Hartnoll
Book Library Bibliography No. 28, John Ford
London, 1972
Joe Hembus
Charlie Chaplin und seine Filme, Eine Dokumentation
München, 1972
Robert M. Henderson
D.W. Griffith, His Life and Work
New York, 1972
Charles Higham
, 1972
Dorothea Hollstein
Antisemitische Filmpropaganda, Die Darstellung der Juden im nationalsozialistischen Spielfilm
München-Pullach, Berlin, 1972
Theodore Huff
Charlie Chaplin
New York, 1972
John Huntley
British film music
New York, 1972
Lee Israel
Miss Tallulah Bankhead
New York, 1972
Norman Kagan
The Cinema of Stanley Kubrick
New York, 1972
Walter van der Kamp
Uilenspiegel, naar de gelijknamige TV serie
Soest, 1972
Stanley Kauffmann and Bruce Henstell (eds.)
American Film Criticism, From the Beginnings to Citizen Kane
New York, 1972
Stanley Kubrick
A Clockwork Orange, Based on the Novel by Anthony Burgess
New York, 1972
William Kuhns
Movies in America
Dayton, OH, 1972
Gavin Lambert
On Cukor
New York, 1972
Albert J. LaValley (editor)
Focus on Hitchcock
Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1972
Beatrice Lillie
Every other inch a lady
Garden City, N.Y., 1972
Emile Lopez naar het gelijknamige filmverhaal van Kees van Kooten
Geen paniek
Amsterdam, 1972
Alan Lovell and Jim Hillier
Studies in documentary
London, 1972
Frances Marion
Off with Their Heads
New York, 1972
Joseph McBride
Orson Welles
London, 1972
Ann Miller with Norma Lee Browning
Miller's high life,
Garden City, N.Y.,, 1972
Joe Morella, Edward Z. Epstein, and Eleanor Clark
Those great movie ads
New Rochelle, N.Y., [1972]
Ron Offen
Chicago, 1972
James Robert Parish
Paramount Pretties
New Rochelle, N.Y., 1972
James Robert Parish and Alvin H. Marill
The Cinema of Edward G. Robinson
New York, 1972
Michael Parkinson and Clyde Jeavons
A pictorial history of westerns
London; New York, 1972
Albert Poland
The Off-Off Broadway Book
New York, 1972
Margaret Rutherford as told to Gwen Robyns
Margaret Rutherford, An autobiography
London, 1972
Georges Sadoul
Dictionary of film makers
Berkeley, [1972]
Charles Thomas Samuels
Encountering Directors
New York, 1972
Richard Schickel
Second sight; notes on some movies, 1965-1970.
New York, [1972]
Paul Schrader
Transcendental Style in Film, Ozu, Bresson, Dreyer
Berkeloey, 1972
Tom Shales and Kevin Brownlow
The American film heritage, Impressions from the American Film Institute archives,
Washington, [1972]
David Shipman
The Great Movie Stars, The International Years
London, 1972
James Smart
W.C. Fields in Philadelphia
Philadelphia, 1972
Milburn Smith (ed.)
Astaire and Rogers
New York, 1972
Milburn Smith (ed.)
Gary Cooper
New York, 1972
Chris Steinbunner and Burt Goldblatt
Cinema of the Fantastic
New York, 1972
Chris Steinbrunner and Burt Goldblatt
Cinema of the Fantastic
New York, 1972
Gerda Taranow
Sarah Bernhardt, The Art Within the Legend
Princeton, NJ, 1972
John Russell Taylor (ed.)
The pleasure-dome, The collected film criticism 1935-40 [of] Graham Greene;
London, 1972
Parker Tyler
Screening the Sexes, Homosexuality in the Movies
New York, 1972
Peter Underwood
New York, 1972
Louis Verneuil
The Fabulous Life of Sarah Bernhardt
Westport, Conn., 1972
King Vidor
King Vidor on Film Making
New York, 1972
David Manning White and Richard Averson
The Celluoid Weapon, Social Comment in the American Film
Boston, 1972
Peter Wollen
Signs and Meaning in the Cinema
Bloomington, 1972