Books from 1975

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Polanski: Three Filmscripts, Knife in the Water - Repulsion - Cul-de-Sac
New York, Evanston, San Fransico, London, 1975
Joe Adamson
Tex Avery, King of Cartoons
New York, 1975
Werner Adrian
Speed, Cinema of Motion
London, 1975
Patrick Agan
Clint Eatswood, The Man Behind the Myth
New York, 1975
Jill Allgood
Bebe and Ben
London, 1975
David Annan
Ape, The kingdom of Kong
London, 1975
David Annan
Catastrophe, The end of the cinema?
London, 1975
Richard J. Anobile
John Ford's Stagecoach
New York City, 1975
Richard J. Anobile (editor)
"Godfrey Daniels", Verbal and Visual Gems from the Short Films of W.C. Fields
New York, New York, 1975
Thomas R. Atkins (ed.)
Sexuality in the Movies
Bloomington, 1975
Alan G. Barbour
Humphrey Bogart
London, 1975
Calvin Thomas Beck
Heroes of the horrors
New York - London, 1975
Nathaniel Benchley
Humphrey Bogart
Boston, 1975
Erich M. Berger
Heinrich George im Film seiner Zeit
Wiesbaden-Breckenheim, 1975
Raymond Borde et Étienne Chaumeton
Panorama du film noir américain, 1941-1953
Paris, 1975
Douglas Brode
Crossroads to the cinema
Boston, [1975]
Joop Bromet
Conny Stuart, een theaterleven
Utrecht, 1975
Loraine Burdick
The Shirley Temple scrapbook
Middle Village, N.Y., [1975]
George Carpozi Jr.
The Carol Burnett Story
New York, 1975
Juliet Benita Colman
Ronald Colman, A Very Private Person, A Biography
New York, 1975
Peter Cowie (ed.)
50 Major Filmmakers
South Brunswick and New York - London, 1975
Robert David Crane
Jack Nicholson, Face to Face
, 1975
Tony Crawley
Bébé, The Films of Brigitte Bardot
Secaucus, N.J., 1975
Marion Davies
The Times We Had, Life with William Randolph Hearst
New York, 1975
James DeFelice
Filmguide to Odd Man Out
Bloomington, 1975
Homer Dickens
The Films of Ginger Rogers
Secaucus, N.J., 1975
Norman Dickens
Jack Nicholson, The search for a superstar
New York, 1975
Michael B. Druxman
Basil Rathbone, His Life and His Films
Cranbury, New Jersey, 1975
Stephen Dwoskin
Film Is...
London, 1975
Mary Dawn Earley
Stars of the Twenties, Observed by James Abbe
New York, 1975
Allen Eyles
Garden City, N.Y., 1975
Charles Feldman
The National Board of Censorship of Motion Pictures, 1909-22
New York, 1975
Michael Freedland
Cagney, A Biography
New York, 1975
Harry Geduld
The Birth of the Talkies, From Edison to Jolson
Bloomington, 1975
Harrie Geelen, Imme Dros
Q & Q, Een mislukte foto
Bussum, 1975
John Gilmore
The Real James Dean
New York, 1975
Richard Glatzer and John Raeburn (eds.)
Frank Capra, The Man and His Films
Ann Arbor, 1975
Charles Hamblett
Paul Newman
London; New York, 1975
W.A. Harbinson
Bronson!, A Biographical Portrait
New York, 1975
Stephen Harvey
Fred Astaire
New York, 1975
Charles Higham
Kate, The Life of Katharine Hepburn
New York, 1975
Margaret Hinxman and Susan d'Arcy
The Cinema of Dirk Bogarde
South Brunswick, N.J., 1975
Foster Hirsch
Edward G. Robinson
New York, 1975
Clive Hirschhorn
The Films of James Mason
London, 1975
John Howlett
James Dean, a biography
London, 1975
Jack Hulbert
The little woman's always right
London, 1975
Joe Hyams
Bogart and Bacall, A Love Story
New York, 1975
David Jacobs
Chaplin, the movies, & Charlie
New York, 1975
Claire Johnston (ed.)
The Work of Dorothy Arzner, Towards a Feminist Cinema
London, 1975
Michael Kerbel
Henry Fonda
New York, 1975
Walter Kerr
The Silent Clowns
New York, 1975
Eleanor Knowles
The Films of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy
South Brunswick, N.J., 1975
Karol Kulik
Alexander Korda, The Man Who Could Work Miracles
London, 1975
Larry Langman and Milt Fajans
Cinema & the school, A guide to 101 major American films
Dayton, Ohio, [1975]
Jesse L. Lasky
Whatever Happened to Hollywood?
New York, 1975
Daniel J. Leab
From Sambo to Superspade, The Black Experience in Motion Pictures
Boston, 1975
Sarah T. Lee (ed.)
American Fashion, The Life and Times of Adrian, Mainbocher, McCardell, Norell and Trigere
New York, 1975
Antonin J. Liehm
The Milos Forman Stories
White Plains, N.Y., 1975
Cynthia Lindsay
Dear Boris, The Life of William Henry Pratt a.k.a. Boris Karloff
New York, 1975
Anthony Loeb (ed.)
A Conversation with John Cassavetes
Chicago, 1975
Rose London
Cinema of Mystery
London, 1975
Pare Lorentz
Lorentz on Film, Movies 1927 to 1941
New York, 1975
Alvin H. Marill
The Films of Anthony Quinn
Secaucus, NJ, 1975
Ronald Martinetti
The James Dean Story
New York, 1975
Samuel Marx
Mayer and Thalberg, The Make-Believe Saints
New York, 1975
Joseph McBride and Michael Wilmington
John Ford
London, 1975
Todd McCarthy and Charles Flynn (eds.)
Kings of the Bs, Working within the Hollywood system. An anthology of film history and criticism
New York, 1975
John McGabe (text) Al Kilgore (compiled by)
Laurel & Hardy
New York, 1975
Patrick McGilligan
Cagney, The Actor as Auteur
South Brunswick, N.J., 1975
George Morris
Errol Flynn
New York, 1975
Robert F. Moss
Charlie Chaplin
New York, 1975
Jim Mulholland
The Abbott and Costello Book, The frenetic antics and unforgettable film triumphs of the kings of fun!
New York, 1975
Ed Naha
Horrors, From screen to scream. An encyclopedic guide to the greatest horror and fantasy films of all time
New York, 1975
David Niven
Bring on the Empty Horses
New York, 1975
Gary Null
Black Hollywood, The Negro in Motion Pictures
Secaucus, NJ, 1975
Lilli Palmer
Change lobsters, and dance, An autobiography
New York, 1975
James Robert Parish and Don E. Stanke
The Glamour Girls
New Rochelle, New York, 1975
James Robert Parish
Great Movie Heroes
New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London, 1975
Lindsay Patterson
Black Films and Film-Makers
New York, 1975
Barrie Pattison
The Seal of Dracula
London, 1975
Guy Phelps
Film Censorship
London, 1975
Baxter Philips
Cut, The unseen cinema
London, 1975
Gene D. Phillips
Stanley Kubrick, A Film Odyssey
New York, 1975
Leland Poague
The Cinema of Frank Capra, An Approach to Film Comedy
South Brunswick, N.J., 1975
Irwin Porges
Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Man Who Created Tarzan
Provo, Utah, 1975
Lawrence J. Quirk
The Films of Robert Taylor
Secaucus, N.J., 1975
Stuart Rosenthal, Judith M. Kass
The Hollywood Professionals Volume 4, Tod Browning, Don Siegel
London - New York, 1975
Jeff Rovin
A Pictorial History of Science Fiction Films
Secaucus, New Jersey, 1975
Richard Schickel
The Men Who Made the Movies
New York, 1975
introd. and narrative by Richard Schickel
The Fairbanks album
Boston, 1975
Robert Sklar
Movie-Made America, A Cultural History of American Movies
New York, 1975
Julian Smith
Looking Away, Hollywood and Vietnam
New York, 1975
compiled by John Stewart
Metuchen, N.J., 1975-1977
Elizabeth Sussex
The Rise and Fall of British Documentary
, 1975
Larry Swindell
Screwball, The life of Carole Lombard
New York, 1975
Tony Thomas
The Films of Kirk Douglas
Secaucus, NJ, 1975
Charles Thompson
Bing, The Authorised Biography
London, 1975
Paul Trent
Those Fabulous Movie Years, The 30s
Barre, Massachusetts, 1975
Jerry Vermilye
Barbara Stanwyck
New York, 1975
Herman G. Weinberg
Stroheim, A Pictorial Record of His Nine Films
New York, 1975