Books from 1977

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Heinz Rühmann erzählt, vom Geschenk der Weisen und anderen Begebenheiten
Hamburg, [1977]

Three Films by Ingmar Bergman
New York, 1977

The New Avengers Annual
, 1977
Bart Andrews
The Story of I Love Lucy
New York, 1977
Emma Andrews
The films of Michael Caine
Bembridge, 1977
James Bacon
Made in Hollywood
Chicago, 1977
Joe Baltake
The films of Jack Lemmon
Secaucus, NJ, 1977
Mark Baraket
Scream gems
New York, 1977
Charles Barr
Ealing studios
London: Newton Abbot [Eng.], 1977
Jean Batters
Edith Evans, A personal memoir
London, 1977
DeWitt Bodeen
More from Hollywood, The Careers of 15 Great American Stars
South Brunswick and New York - London, 1977
Robert Bookbinder
The films of Bing Crosby
Secaucus, N.J., 1977
Eric Braun
Deborah Kerr
London, 1977
Curtis F. Brown
Jean Harlow
New York, 1977
Geoff Brown (ed.)
Launder and Gilliat
London, 1977
Geoff Brown (ed.)
Walter Forde
London, 1977
Keith Bullivant (ed.)
Culture and Society in the Weimar Republic
Manchester, 1977
Helen Caldwell
Michio Ito, The dancer and his dances
Berkeley, 1977
Gary Carey
Doug & Mary, A biography of Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford
New York, 1977
Charles Castle
Joan Crawford, The Raging Star
London, 1977
Peter Cowie
Stars and players
London, 1977
Peter Cowie
Eighty Years of Cinema
South Brunswick and New York - London, 1977
Peter Cowie (ed.)
Hollywood 1920-1970
New York, 1977
general editor, Peter Cowie, chief associate editor, Derek Elley
World filmography
London; South Brunswick, [N.J.], 1977-
Peter Cowie (ed.)
Hollywood 1920-1970
New York, 1977
Thomas Cripps
Slow Fade to Black, The Negro in American Film, 1900-1942
New York, 1977
Susan d'Arcy
The films of Elizabeth Taylor
Bembridge, 1977
Lester David & Jhan Robbins
Richard & Elizabeth
New York, 1977
David Denby (ed.)
Awake in the dark, An anthology of American film criticism, 1915 to the present
New York, 1977
I.G. Edmonds
Big U, Universal in the Silent Days
New York, 1977
Anne Edwards
Vivien Leigh, A Biography of Frank Sinatra
New York, 1977
Marguerite Engberg
Registrant over dansk film 1895-1914
Copenhagen, 1977
Gabe Essoe
The Films of Clarke Gable
Secaucus, N.J., 1977
Paula S. Fass
The Damned and the Beautiful
New York, 1977
Michael G. Fitzgerald
Universal Pictures, a panoramic history in words, pictures, and filmographies
New Rochelle, N.Y., 1977
Roland Flamini
Scarlett, Rhett, and a Cast of Thousands, The Filming of Gone With the Wind
London, 1977
Nickieann Fleener-Marzec
D. W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, Controversy, Suppression, and the First Amendment as It Applies to Filmic Expression, 1915-1973
Madison, 1977
Bryan Forbes
Ned's girl, The authorised biography of Dame Edith Evans
London, 1977
Richard France
The Theatre of Orson Welles
Lewisburg, PA, 1977
Alan Gelb
The Doris Day Scrapbook
New York, 1977
Barry K. Grant (ed.)
Film Genre, Theory and Criticism
Metuchen, New Jersey, 1977
Lee Guthrie
The Life and Loves of Cary Grant
New York, 1977
Booton Herndon
Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, The most popular couple the world has ever known
New York, 1977
Charles Higham
Marlene, The Life of Marlene Dietrich
London, Toronto, Sydney, New York, 1977
Donald Holloway
Beyond the Image, Approaches to the Religious Dimension in the Cinema
Geneva, 1977
Bob Hope and Bob Thomas
The Road to Hollywood
Garden City, N.Y., 1977
Diane Jacobs
Hollywood Renaissance
South Brunswick and New York; London, 1977
Jack J. Jorgens
Shakespeare on Film
Bloomington, 1977
Karyn Kay and Gerry Peary (ed.)
Women and the Cinema, A Critical Anthology
New York, 1977
Karyn Kay
Myrna Loy
New York, 1977
John Kobal (ed.)
Movie-Star Portraits of the Forties, 163 Glamor Photos
New York, 1977
John Kobler
Damned in Paradise, The Life of John Barrymore
, 1977
Frederick Kohner
The Magician of Sunset Boulevard, The Improbable Life of Paul Kohner, Hollywood Agent
Palos Verdes, Ca, 1977
Eric Lax
On Being Funny, Woody Allen and Comedy
New York, 1977
Christopher Lee
Tall, dark, and gruesome, An autobiography
London, 1977
Thomas Leeflang
Stan & Ollie, of hoe de twee grootste komieken van deze eeuw opnieuw ontdekt zijn
Utrecht / Antwerpen, 1977
Bessie Love
From Hollywood with Love
North Omfret, VT, 1977
Bessie Love
From Hollywood with love
London, 1977
William Luhr and Peter Lehman
Authorship and Narrative in the Cinema, Issues in Contemporary Aesthetics and Criticism
New York, 1977
Brenda Maddox
Who's afraid of Elizabeth Taylor?
New York; Philadelphia, 1977
Charles J. Maland
American visions, the films of Chaplin, Ford, Capra, and Welles, 1936-1941
New York, 1977
Frank Manchel
Women on the Hollywood Screen
New York, 1977
Joseph McBride
Orson Welles, actor and director
New York, 1977
Tim McCoy with Ronald McCoy
Tim McCoy remembers the West, an autobiography
Garden City, N.Y., 1977
Daniel Moews
Keaton, The Silent Features Close Up
Berkeley-Los Angeles-London, 1977
George Morris
John Garfield
New York, 1977
Eva Orbanz (Redaktion)
Wolfgang Staudte
Berlin, 1977
James Robert Parish
Film Actors Guide, Western Europe
Metuchen, N.J., 1977
James Robert Parish and Michael R. Pitts
The Great Science Fiction Pictures
Metuchen, N.J., 1977
James Robert Parish & Don E. Stanke
The All-Americans
New Rochelle, NY, 1977
James Robert Parish and Don E. Stanke
The Leading Ladies
New Rochelle, New York, 1977
Han Peekel
Lou Bandy, van wandluis tot landhuis
Bussum, 1977
Jenny Pisuisse
Jean-Louis Pisuisse, de vader van het nederlandse cabaret
Bussum, 1977
Gerald Pratley
The Cinema of John Huston
South Brunswick and New York - London, 1977
William Pratt
Scarlett fever, The ultimate pictorial treasury of Gone with the wind
New York; London, 1977
Lawrence J. Quirk
The films of Ronald Colman
Secaucus, N.J., 1977
Adam Reilly
Harold Lloyd, The King of Daredevil Comedy
New York, 1977
Paige Rense (ed.)
Celebrity homes, Architectural digest presents the private worlds of thirty international personalities
Los Angeles, 1977
Jeff Rovin
The Films of Charlton Heston
Secaucus, N.J., 1977
Henry T. Sampson
Blacks in black and white, a source book on Black films
Metuchen, N.J., 1977
Charles Thomas Samuels
Mastering the Film and Other Essays
Knoxville, 1977
Richard Arlo Sanderson
A historical study of the development of American motion picture content and techniques prior to 1904
New York, 1977
Victor Scherle and William Turner Levy
The Films of Frank Capra
Secaucus, N.J., 1977
Jack Shadoian
Dreams and Dead Ends, The American Gangster/Crime Film
Cambridge, Mass., 1977
Nat Shapiro
An Encyclopedia of Quotations About Music
New York, 1977
Anthony Slide
Early Women Directors
South Brunswick, 1977
H. Allen Smith
the Life and Legend of Gene Fowler
New York, 1977
Raoul Sobel and David Francis
Chaplin, Genesis of a Clown
London, 1977
Jack Spears
The Civil War on the screen, and other essays
South Brunswick [N.J.], 1977
Paul C. Spehr
The movies begin, Making movies in New Jersey, 1887-1920
Newark, 1977
Eberhard Spiess
Hans Albers, Eine Filmographie
Frankfurt, 1977
Raymond William Stedman
The Serials, Suspense and Drama by Installment
Norman, 1977
Werner Sudendorf (Zusammenstellung)
Marlene Dietrich, Dokumente, Essays, Filme Teil 1
München, 1977
Thomas Burnett Swann
The Heroine or the Horse, Leading Ladies in Republic's Films
South Brunswick and New York - London, 1977
John C. Tibbetts (ed.)
Introduction to the Photoplay
Shawnee-Mission, Kansas, 1977
Anneliese Uhlig
Rosenkavaliers Kind
München, 1977
Peter Ustinov
Dear Me
London, 1977
George Wead and George Lellis
The film career of Buster Keaton
Boston, 1977
Kraft Wetzel und Peter Hagemann
Liebe, Tod und Technik, Kino des Phantastischen 1933-1945
Berlin, 1977
Mark Whitman
The films of Clint Eastwood
Bembridge, 1977