Books from 1981

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Gilbert Adair
Vietnam on Film
New York, 1981
William Alexander
Film on the Left, American Documentary Film from 1931 to 1942
Princeton, 1981
Steve Allen
Funny People
New York, 1981
Woody Allen
Ja, maar kan een stoommachine dat ook?
Amsterdam, 1981
Woody Allen
Amsterdam, 1981
Rick Altman (ed.)
Genre, the musical, A reader
London, Boston, 1981
Christopher P. Andersen
The book of people, Photographs, capsule biographies, and vital statistics of over 500 celebrities
New York, 1981
Lindsay Anderson
About John Ford
London, 1981
Stanley Appelbaum and James Camner (editors)
Stars of the American Musical Theater in Historic Photographs, 361 Portraits from the 1860s to 1950
New York, 1981
Gregor Ball
Heinz Rühmann, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1981
Dr. Alfred Bauer
Deutscher Spielfilm Almanach, Band 2: 1946-1955
München, 1981
Michael Bavar
Mae West, Ihre Filme - ihr Leben
München, 1981
André Bazin
French cinema of the occupation and resistance, The birth of a critical esthetic
New York, N.Y., 1981
Hans Beerekamp, Peter van Bueren, Jan Heijs (redactie)
Jaarboek Film 1981
Bussum, 1981
Pierre J.-B. Benichou, Sylviane Pommier
Romy Schneider, Ihre Filme - ihr Leben
München, 1981
Rolf Boost
Speel de clown, Het andere leven van Dorus alias Tom Manders
Amsterdam, 1981
David Bordwell
The Films of Carl-Theodor Dreyer
Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1981
Jean-Loup Bourget
Robert Altman
Paris, 1981
George Brandt (ed.)
British Television Drama
Cambridge, 1981
Matthew J. Bruccoli (ed.)
The Road to Glory
, 1981
Lothar-Günther Buchheim
Der Film Das Boot
München, 1981
Archie Campbell with Ben Byrd
Archie Campbell, an autobiography
Memphis, Tn., 1981
Giancarlo Castelli, Mauro Marchesini
Robert Altman
Berlin, 1981
Stanley Cavell
Pursuits of Happiness, The Hollywood Comedy of Remarriage
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1981
Gilles Cebe
Fred Astaire
Paris, 1981
Henry Cohen (editor)
The Public Enemy
London, 1981
Jim Connor
Ann Miller, tops in taps, An authorized pictorial history
New York, 1981
Jackie Cooper with Dick Kleiner
Please don't shoot my dog, The autobiography of Jackie Cooper
New York, 1981
Chris Costello with Raymond Strait
Lou's on first, a biography
New York, 1981
Josine van Dalsum
Ik Mata Hari
Bussum - Antwerpen, 1981
Philip Davies and Brian Neve (eds.)
Cinema, politics, and society in America
New York, 1981
Roger Dooley
From Scarface to Scarlet
New York, 1981
Robert Fischer/Joe Hembus
Der Neue Deutsche Film, 1960-1980
München, 1981
Henry Fonda as told to Howard Teichmann
Fonda, My Life
New York, 1981
Warren French (ed.)
The South and Film
, 1981
John Gabree
De klassische Gangster-Film
München, 1981
Claude Gauteur, André Bernard
Jean Gabin, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1981
Lionel Godfrey
Cary Grant, The light touch
New York, 1981
Stewart Granger
Sparks Fly Upward
, 1981
Michael Green
The art of coarse acting
New York, 1981
François Guèrif, Stéphane Levy-Klein
Jean Paul Belmondo, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1981
Merle Haggard with Peggy Russell
Sing me back home, My story
New York, N.Y., 1981
Michael Haley
The Alfred Hitchcock album
Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1981
Forsyth Hardy (ed.)
Grierson on the movies
London; Boston, 1981
Joe Hembus
Charlie Chaplin, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1981
Marilyn Henry and Ron DeSourdis
The Films of Alan Ladd
Secaucus, NJ, 1981
Charles Higham
Bette, The Life of Bette Davis
New York, 1981
Foster Hirsch
The Dark Side of the Screen, Film Noir
San Diego, California, 1981
Michael T. Isenberg
War on Film, The American Cinema and World War I 1914-41
Rutherford, N.J., 1981
Thomas Jeier
Jane Fonda, Ihre Filme - ihr Leben
München, 1981
Stephen Jenkins (ed.)
Fritz Lang, the image and the look
London, 1981
Dorris Johnson and Ellen Leventhal (ed.)
The Letters of Nunnally Johnson
New York, 1981
Iain Johnstone
The man with no name, Clint Eastwood
London, 1981
René Jordan
Gary Cooper, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1981
Stuart Kaminsky
John Huston, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1981
Garson Kanin
Together Again!
, 1981
Alan Karp
The films of Robert Altman
Metuchen, N.J., 1981
Kitty Kelley
Elizabeth Taylor, the last star
New York, 1981
James Kotsilibas-Davis
The Barrymores, The royal family in Hollywood
New York, 1981
Uwe Künzel
Wim Wenders, Ein Filmbuch
Freiburg i. Br., 1981
Larry Langman
A guide to American film directors, The sound era, 1929-1979
Metuchen, NJ, 1981-
Frank M. Lawrence
Hemingway and the Movies
Jackson, 1981
Peter Lehman and William Luhr
Blake Edwards
Athens, Ohio, 1981
Viveca Lindfors
Viveka... Viveca
, 1981
J.K. Looijen
Een geschiedenis van Amsterdamse theaters, Wie kwam er niet in de Nes?
Amsterdam, 1981
Frank N. Magill (ed.)
Magill's Survey of Cinema, English Language Films, Second Series
, 1981
Ludwig Maibohm
Fritz Lang, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1981
Leonard Maltin (ed.)
TV Movies, 1981-1982 Revised Edition
New York, 1981
Gregory William Mank
It's alive!, The classic cinema saga of Frankenstein
San Diego, Calif., 1981
James Mason
Before I Forget
, 1981
Joseph Millichap
Lewis Milestone
Boston, 1981
James Monaco
Who's who in American film now
New York, 1981
Curtis Nunn
Marguerite Clark, American Darling of Broadway and the Silent Screen
Fort Worth, 1981
Geoffrey O'Brien
Hardboiled America, The lurid years of paperbacks
New York, 1981
Robert A. Ottoson
A Reference Guide to the American Film Noir, 1940-1958
Metuchen, New Jersey, 1981
James Robert Parish and Gregory W. Mank
The best of MGM, The golden years (1928-59)
Westport, Conn., 1981
Danny Peary
Cult movies, A hundred ways to find the reel thing
London, 1981
Gerald Peary
Rita Hayworth, Ihre Filme - ihr Leben
München, 1981
Gerald Peary (ed.)
Little Caesar
Madison, 1981
George Perry
Forever Ealing
London, 1981
Neal Peters and David Smith
Ann-Margret, A Photo Extravaganza and Memoir
New York, NY, 1981
Terence Pettigrew
Bogart, A definitive study of his film career.
London and New York, 1981
Gene D. Phillips
John Schlesinger
Boston, 1981
Roy Pickard
The Award Movies
New York, 1981
Michael R. Pitts
Horror Film Stars
Jefferson, N.C., 1981
Paige Rense (ed.)
Celebrity homes II, Architectural digest presents the private worlds of thirty international personalities
Los Angeles, New York, N.Y., 1981
Peter Roffman and Jim Purdy
The Hollywood Social Problem Film, Madness, Despair, and Politics from the Depression to the Fifties
Bloomington, 1981
Vito Russo
The Celluloid Closet, Homosexuality in the Movies
New York, 1981
Thomas Schatz
Hollywood Genres, Formulas, Filmmaking, and the Studio System
Philadelphia, 1981
Michael Scheingraber
Die James-Bond-Filme
München, 1981
Ted Sennett
Hollywood Musicals
New York, 1981
Renate Seydel, Allan Hagedorff (eds.)
Asta Nielsen, Ihre Leben in Fotodokumenten, Selbstzeugnissen und zeitgenössischen Betrachtungen
Berlin, 1981
George T. Simon
The Big Bands
New York, 1981
David J. Skal, editor, Robert E. Callahan, designer
Graphic communications for the performing arts
New York, N.Y., 1981
Rod Stoneman, Hilary Thompson (eds.)
The new social function of cinema, Catalogue, British Film Institute Productions '79/80
, 1981
John Russell Taylor
Hitch, The Authorised Biography of Alfred Hitchcock
London, 1981
John Russell Taylor
Vivien Leigh
London, 1981
Tony Thomas
Burt Lancaster, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1981
Tony Thomas
Marlon Brando und seine Filme
München, 1981
Tony Thomas
Ronald Reagan und seine Filme
München, 1981