Books from 1982

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Aufruhr der Gefühle, Die Kinowelt des Curtis Bernhardt
München und Luzern, 1982

Babbelonië, Het Spraakmakende TV-Programma
Amsterdam, 1982
June Allyson with Frances Spatz Leighton
June Allyson
New York, 1982
Emma Andrews
The Films of Sean Connery
New York / Toronto, 1982
Clifford Ashby and Suzanne DePauw May
Trouping through Texas, Harley Sadler and his tent show
Bowling Green, Ohio, 1982
Bob Bach and Ginger Mercer (eds.)
Our huckleberry friend, The life, times, and lyrics of Johnny Mercer
Secaucus, N.J., 1982
Margaret J. Bailey
Those Glorious Glamour Years
, 1982
Gregor Ball
Gert Fröbe, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1982
Gregor Ball/Eberhard Spiess
Heinz Rühmann und seine Filme
München, 1982
John D. Barlow
German Expressionist Cinema
Boston, 1982
Hans Beerekamp, Peter van Bueren, Jan Heijs (redactie)
Jaarboek Film 1982
Bussum, 1982
Rudy Behlmer
America's Favorite Movies, Behind the Scenes
New York, 1982
Robert Benayoun
The Look of Buster Keaton
New York, 1982
Robert Bookbinder
The Films of the Seventies
Secaucus, NJ, 1982
Bruce Braithwaite
The Films of Marlon Brando
New York / Toronto, 1982
Susan Braudy
Who killed Sal Mineo?, A novel
New York, 1982
Jos Brink
De leukste thuis
Amsterdam, 1982
Louise Brooks
Lulu in Hollywood
, 1982
Joachim Cadenbach
Hans Albers
München, 1982
Gary Carey
Judy Holliday, An Intimate Life Story
, 1982
Peter Cowie
Ingmar Bergman, a critical biography
London, 1982
James Curtis
James Whale
, 1982
James Curtis
Between Flops, A Biography of Preston Sturges
New York, 1982
Nat Dallinger
Unforgettable Hollywood
, 1982
Edward De Grazia and Roger K. Newman
Banned Films, Movies, Censors, and the First Amendment
New York, 1982
Raymond Durgnat
The Strange Case of Alfred Hitchcock, or, the Plain Man's Hitchcock
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1982
Bernard D'Eckardt
Brigitte Bardot, Ihre Filme - ihr Leben
München, 1982
Bernd Eckhardt
Rainer Werner Fassbinder, In 17 Jahren 42 Filme - Stationen eines Lebens für den deutschen Film
München, 1982
Marc Eliot
Burt!, The Unauthorized Biography
, 1982
William K. Everson
Klassiker des Horrorfilms
München, 1982
William Robert Faith
Bob Hope, a life in comedy
New York, 1982
Roland Flamini
Vom Winde verweht, Der berühmteste Film der Welt und seine Geschichte
München, 1982
Dan Ford
The Unquiet Man, The Life of John Ford
London, 1982
Patricia Fox-Sheinwold
Too young to die
New York, 1982
Alan Frank
Marlon Brando
, 1982
Lester D. Friedman
Hollywood's Image of the Jew
New York, 1982
Betty Harper Fussell
New Haven, Conn., 1982
Heinrich Goertz
Gustav Gründgens
Reibek bei Hamburg, 1982
Norm Goldstein and Associated Press
Henry Fonda, A Celebration of the Life and Work of One of America's Most Beloved Actors
New York, 1982
Franz Gottler (ed.)
Living Cinema, Powell and Pressburger
München, 1982
Peter Haining
The Legend of Charlie Chaplin
Secaucus, NJ, 1982
William Hall
Raising Caine, The authorized biography of Michael Caine
London, 1982
Jay S. Harris (ed.)
TV Guide, The First 25 Years
, 1982
Werner Herzog
Fitzcarraldo, The Original STory
San Francisco, 1982
Stanley Hochman (editor)
From Quasimodo to Scarlett O'Hara, A National Board of Review Anthology 1920 - 1940
New York, 1982
Anthony W. Hodgkinson and Rodney E. Sheratsky
Humphrey Jennings, More than an Maker of Films
, 1982
Will Holtzman
Judy Holliday
, 1982
Tom Hutchinson
Elizabeth Taylor
London - New York - Sydney - Toronto, 1982
Diane Jacobs
But we need the eggs, The magic of Woody Allen
New York, 1982
Diane Jacobs
The magic of Woody Allen
London, 1982
Michael Jay (editor)
Hollywood Goddesses
London, 1982
Richard B. Jewell with Vernon Harbin
The RKO Story
, 1982
Catherine E. Johnson (ed.)
TV Guide, 25 Year Index
, 1982
Pauline Kael
5001 Nights at the Movies
, 1982
Norman Kagan
American Skeptic, Robert Altman's Genre-Commentary Films
Ann Arbor, MI, 1982
Buster Keaton & Charles Samuels
My Wonderful World of Slapstick
Da Capo Press, 1982
Thomas Kiernan
Jane Fonda, Heroine For Our Time
New York, 1982
Gorham Kindem (ed.)
The American Movie Industry, The Business of Motion Pictures
Carbondale/Edwardsville, 1982
Erich Kocian
Die James Bond Filme
München, 1982
Annette Kuhn
Women's Pictures, Feminism and Cinema
London, 1982
Barbara Leaming
Polanski, His Life and Films
London, 1982
Jerry Lewis, with Herb Gluck
Jerry Lewis, in person
New York, 1982
Ann Lloyd (editor)
Movies of the Forties
London, 1982
Ann Lloyd & David Robinson (eds.)
Movies of the Fifties
London, 1982
William Luhr
Raymond Chandler and film
New YorK, 1982
Leonard Maltin
Der klassische amerikanische Zeichentrickfilm
München, 1982
Leonard Maltin
The Great Movie Comedians
, 1982
Gerald Mast
Howard Hawks, Storyteller
New York, 1982
Gerald Mast
The Movies in Our Midst, Documents in the Cultural History of Film in America
Chicago, 1982
John May and Michael Bird (eds.)
Religion in Film
Knoxville, 1982
Colin McArthur (ed.)
Scotch Reels, Scotland in Cinema and Television
London, 1982
Joseph McBride
Orson Welles, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1982
David McClintick
Indecent Exposure, A True Story of Hollywood and Wall Street
, 1982
Christian Metz
The imaginary signifier, Psychoanalysis and the cinema
Bloomington, 1982
Paul Michael
The Academy Awards, A Pictorial History
, 1982
Meinhard Moschner
Fernsehen in Lateinamerika, Strukturen u. Widersprüche e. abhängigen Kulturproduktion unter bes. Berücks. d. Entwicklung in Kolumbien, Peru u. Chile
Frankfurt a.M., Bern, 1982
Roy Moseley
My Stars and Other Friends
London, 1982
Robert Moss
De klassische Horror-Film
München, 1982
Mike Munn
Great Film Epics
New York, 1982
Ed Naha
The films of Roger Corman, Brilliance on a budget
New York, 1982
Thomas Allen Nelson
Kubrick, Inside a Film Artist's Maze
Bloomington, IN, 1982
James R. Neseby
Black Images in American Film, 1896-1954
Washington, DC, 1982
James R. Nesteby
Black Images in American Film, 1896-1954, The Interplay Between Civil Rights and Film Culture
Lanham, Md., 1982
John Orlandello
O'Neill on Film
East Brunswick, NJ, 1982
George Perry
Movies from the Mansion, A History of Pinewood Studios
London, 1982
Terence Pettigrew
British Film Character Actors
, 1982
Gene D. Phillips
George Cukor
Boston, 1982
Leland Poague
Howard Hawks
Boston, 1982
Leland Poague and William Cadbury
Film Criticism, A Counter Theory
Ames, 1982
Peter Quennell
Customs and characters, Contemporary portraits
Boston, 1982
Donald Richie
The Japanese Movie
Tokyo, New York and San Francisco, 1982
Jeffrey Robinson
Teamwork, The Cinema
London/New York, 1982
Cinzia Romani
Die Filmdiven im Dritten Reich
München, 1982
Sidney Rosenzweig
Casablanca and Other Major Films of Michael Curtiz
Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1982
William Rothman
Hitchcock, The Murderous Gaze
Cambridge, Massachusetts, & London, England, 1982
Tadao Sato
Currents in Japanese Cinema
, 1982
Roy Schatt
James Dean, A Portrait
, 1982
William Schelly
Harry Langdon
, 1982
Michael Schulte
Karl Valentin
München, 1982
Renate Seydel (hrsgbr)
Bewundert viel und viel gescholten..., Liebeserklärungen internationaler Stars an Theater und Film
Berlin, 1982