Books from 1988

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Rondom Joris Ivens, wereldcineast
Nijmegen, 1988
Richard Abel
French Film Theory and Criticism, A History Anthology; 1907 - 1939, Volume I: 1907 - 1929
Princeton, NJ, 1988
Richard Abel
French Film Theory and Criticism, A History Anthology; 1907 - 1939, Volume 2: 1929 - 1939
Princeton, NJ, 1988
Karin Adir
The great clowns of American television
Jefferson, N.C., 1988
Ray Andrew
On the Trail of Charlie Hall
, 1988 (ca.)
James Ballantyne (ed.)
Researcher's guide to British Newsreels, Vol. 2
London, 1988
Hans Beerekamp, Peter van Bueren, Jan Heijs (redactie)
Het Nederlands Jaarboek Film 1988
Houten, 1988
Milton Berle
B.S. I love you, sixty funny years with the famous and the infamous
New York, 1988
Sandra Bernhard
Confessions of a pretty lady
New York, 1988
Joe Besser with Jeff and Greg Lenburg
Once a stooge, always a stooge
Santa Monica, Calif., 1988
Friedemann Beyer
Peter Lorre, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1988
Ivo Blom, Nelly Voorhuis (eds.)
Hartstocht en heldendom, De vroege Italiaanse speelfilm 1905-1945
Amsterdam, 1988
David Bordwell, Janet Staiger and Kristin Thompson
The Classical Hollywood Cinema, Film Style and Mode of Production to 1960
London, 1988
Laurent Bouzereau
The DePalma cut, The films of America's most controversial director
New York, 1988
Melvyn Bragg
Rich, The life of Richard Burton
London, 1988
Lesley Brill
The Hitchcock Romance, Love and Irony in Hitchcock's Films
Princeton, N.J., 1988
Douglas Brode
Lost Films of the Fifties
Secaucus, New Jersey, 1988
George Burns
Gracie, a love story
New York, 1988
Edward Buscombe (ed.)
The BFI companion to the western
New York, 1988
Michael Caine
Michael Caine's moving picture show
New York, 1988
Noël Carroll
Mystifying movies, Fads & fallacies in contemporary film theory
New York, 1988
Mbye B. Cham and Claire Andrade-Watkins (eds.)
Blackframes, Critical Perspectives on Black Independent Cinema
Cambridge, Mass, 1988
Jeffrey Chown
Hollywood Auteur, Francis Coppola
New York, 1988
Christine Craft
Too old, too ugly, and not deferential to men
Rocklin, CA, 1988
Peter Cushing
Past forgetting, Memoirs of the Hammer years
London, 1988
Günther Dahlke
Deutsche Spielfilme von dem Anfängen bis 1933, Ein Filmführer
Berlin, 1988
Anthony Davies
Filming Shakespeare's plays, The adaptations of Laurence Olivier, Orson Welles, Peter Brook, and Akira Kurosawa
Cambridge [Cambridgshire]; New York, 1988
Olivier Dazat
Gérard Depardieu
, 1988
Charles Derry
The suspense thriller, Films in the shadow of Alfred Hitchcock
Jefferson, N.C., 1988
Jean-Luc Douin
Paris, 1988
Nancy Dowd, David Shepard
A Directors of America Oral History, King Vidor
Metuchen, New Jersey, 1988
Raymond Durgnat, Scott Simon
King Vidor, American
Los Angeles, 1988
Stephen L. Eberly
Patty Duke, A Bio-Bibliography
New York - Westport, Connecticut - London, 1988
Mark Emerson & Eugene E. Pfaff, Jr
Country girl, The life of Sissy Spacek
New York, 1988
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
The Salad Days, An Autobiography
London, 1988
Stephen Farber and Marc Green
Outrageous Conduct, Art, ego, and the Twilight zone case
New York, 1988
Gene Fernett
American Film Studios, An Historical Encyclopedia
Jefferson, North Carolina, 1988
Filmoteca Esponola
John Ford
Madrid, 1988
Joel Finler
The Hollywood Story
New York, 1988
Joel W. Finler
The Hollywood story
New York, 1988
Stan Freberg
It only hurts when I laugh
New York, 1988
Coco Fusco
British and Black, The Work of Sankofa and Black Audio Film Collective
Buffalo, NY, 1988
Neal Gabler
An Empire of Their Own, How The Jews Invented Hollywood
New York, 1988
Wes D. Gehring
Handbook of American Film Genres
Westport, Connecticut, 1988
Sarah Giles
Fred Astaire, His Friends Talk
New York, 1988
Theo Girshausen (Hg.)
B. K. Tragelehn, Theater-Arbeiten, Shakespeare, Molière
Berlin, 1988
Karen Hardy
The New breed, Actors Coming of Age
New York, 1988
Ronald Haver
A Star is Born, The Making of the 1954 Film and its 1983 Restoration
New York, 1988
Virginia Higginbotham
Spanish film under Franco
Austin, 1988
J. Hoberman
Dennis Hopper, From Method to Madness
, 1988
Bert Hogenkamp
De Nederlandse documentaire film 1920-1940
Amsterdam, 1988
Eva Hohenberger
Die Wirklichkeit des Films, Dokumentarfilm ; ethnograph. Film ; Jean Rouch
Hildesheim, 1988
John Izod
Hollywood and the Box Office, 1895-1986
New York, 1988
Harrie Jekkers, Koos Meinderts
Uit de school geklapt
Amsterdam, 1988
Graham Jenkins with Barry Turner
Richard Burton, my brother
New York, 1988
Garson Kanin
Tracy and Hepburn, An intimate memoir
New York, 1988
Reinhold Keiner
Hanns Heinz Ewers und der Phantastische Film
Hildesheim, 1988
Eric Koch
Amsterdamned, de stad, de film, de makers
Amsterdam, 1988
Sarah Kozloff
Invisible Storytellers, Voice-Over Narration in American Fiction Film
Berkeley, 1988
Cheris Kramarae (ed.)
Technology and Women's Voices, Keeping in Touch
New York, 1988
Annette Kuhn
Cinema, Censorship, and Sexuality, 1909-1925
New York, 1988
Hanif Kureishi
Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, The Script and the Diary
London, 1988
Patricia Seaton Lawford, with Ted Schwarz
The Peter Lawford story, Life with the Kennedys, Monroe, and the Rat Pack
New York, 1988
Pierre Leprohon
Charles Chaplin
[Paris], 1988
William MacAdams
Ben Hecht, The Man Behind the Legend
New York, 1988
Scott MacDonald
A Critical Cinema, Interviews with Independent Filmmakers
Berkeley, California, 1988
Frank van der Maden
De laatste tussenstand, Tussentijdse inventaris van de Desmet-collectie
Amsterdam, 1988
Axel Madsen
Gloria and Joe, The Star-Crossed Love Affair of Gloria Swanson and Joe Kennedy
New York, 1988
Robert D. Matzen
Carole Lombard, A Bio-Bibliography
New York - Westport, Connecticut - London, 1988
Judith Mayne
Private novels, public films
Athens, Ga, 1988
Gerald D. McDonald, Michael Conway, and Mark Ricci
The complete films of Charlie Chaplin
Secaucus, N.J., 1988
Kobena Mercer (ed.)
Black Film, British Cinema
London, 1988
Gary Merrill ; with a little help from his friends John and Jean Cole
Bette, Rita, and the rest of my life
Augusta, Me., 1988
Tania Modleski
The Women who Knew Too Much, Hitchcock and Feminist Theory
New York/London, 1988
Ethan Mordden
The Hollywood Studios, House Style in the Golden Age of the Movies
New York, 1988
Joe Morella and Edward Z. Epstein
Paul and Joanne, A biography of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward
New York, N.Y., 1988
James Naremore
Acting in the Cinema
Berkeley, Los Angeles and London, 1988
Francis M. Nevins
Cornell Woolrich, First You Dream, Then You Die
New York, 1988
Kim Newman
Nightmare movies, A critical history of the horror film, 1968-88
[London], [1988]
Scott Palmer
British film actors' credits, 1895-1987
Jefferson, N.C., 1988
Danny Peary
Cult movies 3, 50 more of the classics, the sleepers, the weird, and the wonderful
New York, 1988
Claude-Jean Philippe
François Truffaut
Paris, 1988
Gene D. Phillips
Fiction, Film, and Faulkner, The Art of Adaptation
Knoxville, 1988
Michael R. Pitts
Kate Smith, A Bio-Bibliography
New York - Westport, Connecticut - London, 1988
Jane Powell
The girl next door--and how she grew
New York, 1988
David F. Prindle
The Politics of Glamour, Ideology and Democracy in the Screen Actors Guild
Madison, 1988
Lawrence J. Quirk
Norma, The Story of Norma Shearer
, 1988
Debbie Reynolds with David Patrick Columbia
Debbie--my life
New York, 1988
Patrick Robertson
The Guinness Movie Facts and Feats
Enfield, Middlesex, UK, 1988
Kevin Rockett, Luke Gibbons and John Hill
Cinema and Ireland
London, 1988
David Norman Rodowick
The crisis of political modernism, Criticism and ideology in contemporary film theory
Urbana, 1988
Michael Ryan and Douglas Kellner
Camera Politica, The Politics and Ideology of Contemporary Film
Bloomington and Indianapolis, 1988
Ulrich Rügner
Filmmusik in Deutschland zwischen 1924 und 1934
Hildesheim, 1988
Peter Römer
De Brekers
Maarssenbroek, 1988
Ulrike Sanders
Zarah Leander, Kann denn Schlager Sünde sein?
Köln, 1988
Thomas Schatz
The Genius of the System, Hollywood Filmmaking in the Studio Era
New York, 1988
Renate Seydel (hrsgb)
Aller Anfang ist schwer..., Schauspieler erzählen über ihre ersten Filme
Berlin, 1988
Kaja Silverman
The acoustic mirror, the female voice in psychoanalysis and cinema
Bloomington, 1988
Neil Sinyard
The best of Disney
Greenwich, CT, New York, 1988
Anthony Slide (ed.)
Selected Vaudeville Criticism
Metuchen, N.J., & London, 1988