Books from 1988

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Jessie Carney Smith
Images of Blacks in American Culture
New York, 1988
Kay Solan
The Loud Silents, Origins of the Social Problem Film
Chicago, 1988
Aubrey Solomon
Twentieth Century-Fox, A Corporate and Financial History
Metuchen, N.J., & London, 1988
David Stenn
Clara Bow, Runnin' wild
New York, 1988
Gaylyn Studlar
In the Realm of Pleasure, Von Sternberg, Dietrich and the Masochistic Aesthetic
Urbana and Chicago, 1988
Philip M. Taylor (ed.)
Britain and the cinema in the Second World War
New York, 1988
Shirley Temple Black
Child star, An autobiography
New York, 1988
Tony Thomas
A wonderful life, The films and career of James Stewart
Secaucus, N.J., 1988
Jerry Vermilye (editor)
500 best British and foreign films to buy, rent or videotape, selected by The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures and the editors of Films in review
New York, NY, 1988
Hugo Vickers
Vivien Leigh
Boston, 1988
Jane Ellen Wayne
Cooper's women
New York, 1988
Jane Ellen Wayne
Crawford's men
New York, 1988