Books from 1989

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Rex Allen as told to Paula Simpson Witt and Snuff Garrett
My life, sunrise to sunset
Scottsdale, Ariz., 1989
Louie Anderson
Dear Dad, letters from an adult child
New York, 1989
Hans Beerekamp, Peter van Bueren, Jan Heijs (redactie)
Het Nederlands Jaarboek Film 1989
Houten, 1989
Madge Bellamy
A Darling of the Twenties, The Autobiography of Madge Bellamy
Vestal, NY, 1989
Thomas W. Benson and Carolyn Anderson
Reality Fictions, The Films of Frederick Wiseman
Carbondale, 1989
Gunter Berghaus
Theatre and Film in Exile, German Artists in Britain, 1933-1945
Oxford, 1989
Marcus Bier
Schauspielerportraits, 24 Schauspieler um Max Reinhardt
Berlin, 1989
David Bordwell
Making meaning, Inference and rhetoric in the interpretation of cinema
Cambridge, Mass., 1989
screen adaptation by Kenneth Branagh
Henry V
London, 1989
Kenneth Branagh
London, 1989
Edouard Brasey
Charlie Chaplin
[Paris], 1989
Herb Bridges and Terryl C. Boodman
Gone With the Wind, The Definitive Illustrated History of the Book, the Movie, and the Legend
London, Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Toronto, 1989
Geoff Brown with Tony Aldgate
The Common Touch, The Filmes Of John Baxter
London, 1989
Rock Brynner
Yul, The Man Who Would Be King
New York, 1989
George Burns written with David Fisher
All my best friends
New York, 1989
Michael Feeney Callan
Jayne Mansfield, Ihre Filme - ihr Leben
München, 1989
Judy Cameron and Paul J. Christman
The Art of Gone With the Wind, The Making of a Legend
London, 1989
Charles G. Clarke
Highlights and Shadows, The memoirs of a Hollywood Cameraman
, 1989
John Cleese & Connie Booth
The Complete Fawlty Towers
London, New York, Sydney, Toronto, 1989
John Collick
Shakespeare, Cinema, and Society
Manchester and New York, 1989
Shaun Considine
Bette and Joan, The Divine Feud
London, 1989
Clive Coultass
Images for Battle, British film and the Second World War, 1939-1945
Newark; London, 1989
Peter Cowie
Max von Sydow, From The Seventh seal to Pelle the conqueror
Stockholm, Sweden, 1989
Peter Crescenti & Bob Columbe
The Official Honeymooners Treasury
New York, NY, 1989
Bruce Crowther
Film noir, Reflections in a dark mirror
New York, 1989
Vincent Curcio
Suicide blonde, The life of Gloria Grahame
New York, 1989
Lottie Da and Jan Alexander
Bad Girls of the Silver Screen
New York, 1989
Tom Dardis
Keaton, The Man Who Wouldn't Lie Down
London, 1989
Maureen Donaldson and William Royce
An affair to remember, My life with Cary Grant
New York, 1989
William H. Drew
Speaking of Silents, First Ladies of the Screen
New York, 1989
Andy Edmonds
Hot Toddy, the true story of Hollywood’s most sensational murder
New York, 1989
Thomas Elsaesser
New German Cinema, A History
Hampshire and London, 1989
Thomas Elsaesser
New German cinema, A history
London; Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, 1989
Lorenz Engell
Vom Widerspruch zur Langeweile, logische und temporale Begründungen des Fernsehens
Frankfurt am Main [u.a.], 1989
Jerry Epstein
Remembering Charlie, A Pictorial Biography
New York-London-Toronto-Sydney-Auckland, 1989
Lucy Fischer
Shot/Counter Shot, Film Tradition and Womens Cinema
Princeton, NJ, 1989
John Fricke, Jay Scarfone and William Stillman
The Wizard of Oz, The Official 50th Anniversary Pictorial History
London, Sydney, Auckland, Toronto, 1989
Jean-Pierre Frimbois
Les 100 chefs-d'oeuvre du film historique
Alleur (Belgique), 1989
David Fury
The Cinema History of Burt Lancaster
Minneapolis, MN, 1989
Peter Gidal
Materialist Film
London, 1989
Martha Gil-Montero
Brazilian bombshell, The biography of Carmen Miranda
New York, 1989
Theo van Gogh
Mijn favoriete graftak, (en ander onheil)
Amsterdam, 1989
Michael Goodwin and Naomi Wise
On the Edge, Francis Coppola
New York, 1989
Lawrence Grobel
The Hustons
New York, 1989
Kevin Boyd Grubb
Razzle dazzle, The life and work of Bob Fosse
New York, 1989
Ken Hanke
Charlie Chan at the movies, History, filmography, and criticism
Jefferson, N.C., 1989
Marlys J. Harris
The Zanucks of Hollywood, The Dark Legacy of an American Dynasty
New York, 1989
Martha Harris
Anjelica Huston, The lady and the legacy
New York, 1989
Stephen Harvey
Directed by Vincente Minnelli
New York, 1989
Charles Higham, Roy Moseley
Cary Grant, The Lonely Heart
Orlando, Florida, 1989
Marianne Hirsch
The Mother/Daughter Plot, Narrative, Psychoanalysis, Feminism
Bloomington, 1989
Ted Holland
B western actors encyclopedia, Facts, photos, and filmographies for more than 250 familiar faces
Jefferson, N.C., 1989
Theodore Van Houten
Leonid Trauberg and his films, always the unexpected
's Hertogenbosch, 1989
Reynold Humphries
Fritz Lang, Genre and Representation in his American Films
Baltimore, 1989
Joris Ivens en Robert Destanque
Aan welke kant en in welk heelal
Amsterdam, 1989
Thierry Jousse
John Cassavetes
, 1989
Wim Kan
Er is nog zoveel anders dan dat theater, Brieven van Wim Kan
Amsterdam, 1989
Colleen M. Kaplin
Take two, The true story of Ithaca's movie-making era
Cabin John, MD, 1989
Larry Langman and Ed Borg
Encyclopedia of American War Films
New York, 1989
Gabriele Lauermann
Jeanne Moreau, Ihre Filme - ihr Leben
München, 1989
Barbara Leaming
If This Was Happiness, A Biography of Rita Hayworth
, 1989
Spike Lee, with Lisa Jones
Do the right thing, A Spike Lee joint
New York, N.Y., 1989
Guus Luijters, Theo van Gogh
Wachten op de maan, gevolgd door Loos
Amsterdam, 1989
Charles Maland
Chaplin, The Evolution of a Star
Princeton, 1989
Gregory William Mank
The Hollywood hissables
Metuchen, N.J., 1989
Georg Markus
Hans Moser, Der Nachlass
München, 1989
Groucho Marx
Memoirs of a Mangy Lover, Stories, Ruminations, and Philosophy from the World's Funniest Man
New York - London - Toronto - Sydney - Tokyo, 1989
Judith Mayne
Kino and the Woman Question, Feminism and Soviet Silent Film
Columbus, 1989
John McCabe
Babe, the life of Oliver Hardy
New York, NY, 1989
Doug McClelland
Eleanor Parker, Woman of a Thousand Faces; a Bio-bibliography and Filmography
Metuchen, NJ, 1989
Patrick McGilligan
Robert Altman, Jumping off the cliff: a biography of the great American director
New York, 1989
Lawrence Steven Meyers
Een dreumes van formaat, Het succesverhaal van een filmmagnaat
Hilversum, 1989
Laura Mulvey
Visual and other pleasures
Bloomington, 1989
Robert Murphy
Realism and Tinsel
London, 1989
James L. Neibaur
Tough Guy, The American Movie Macho
Jefferson, North Carolina, 1989
Scott Allen Nollen
The boys, The cinematic world of Laurel and Hardy
Jefferson, N.C., 1989
Robert Osborne
60 years of the Oscar, The official history of the Academy Awards
New York, 1989
Elena Oumano
Paul Newman
New York, 1989
James Robert Parish and George H. Hill
Black Action Films, Plots, Critiques, Casts and Credits for 235 Theatrical and Made-for-Television Releases
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 1989
James Robert Parish and Vincent Terrace
The Complete Actors' Television Credits, 1948 - 1988, Volume 1, Actors
Metuchen, NJ, 1989
Danny Peary
Cult Movies, The Classics, the Sleepers, the Weird, and the Wonderful
New York, 1989
Jim Pines and Paul Willemen (eds.)
Questions of Third Cinema
London, 1989
compiled by Burton R. Pollin
Images of Poe's works, A comprehensive descriptive catalogue of illustrations
New York, 1989
Dilys Powell
The golden screen, Fifty years at the films
London, 1989
Til Radevagen (Hrsg.)
Alte Welt, Neue Welt, Charlie Chaplin
Berlin, 1989
Randi Reisfeld
Johnny Depp
New York, 1989
Alexander Rentsch
Ein Fall für Liebling Kreuzberg
München, 1989
Curt Riess
Charlie Chaplin, Biographie
Rastatt, 1989
James C. Robertson
The hidden cinema, British film censorship in action, 1913-1972
London; New York, 1989
Dave Rogers
The Complete Avengers, The Full Story of Britain's Smash Crime-Fighting Team!
New York, 1989
Phyllis Rose
Jazz Cleopatra, Josephine Baker in her time
New York, 1989
Paul M. Sammon, Don Shay
The Adventures of Terry Gilliam
Riverside, 1989
A.H. Saxon
P.T. Barnum, the Legend and the Man
New York, 1989
Robert A. Schanke
Eva LeGallienne, A Bio-Bibliography
New York - Westport, Connecticut - London, 1989
Richard Schickel
Schickel on Film, Encounters - Critical and Personal - with Movie Immortals
New York, 1989
Richard Schickel
Schickel on film, Encounters--critical and personal--with movie immortals
New York, 1989
Jörg Schöning (ed.)
Reinhold Schünzel, Schauspieler und Regisseur
München, 1989
Nancy Sherman
The fabric of character, Aristotle's theory of virtue
Oxford; New York, 1989
Ella Shohat
Israeli cinema, East/West and the politics of representation
Austin, 1989
Ed Sikov
Screwball, Hollywood’s Madcap Romantic Comedies
New York, 1989