Books from 1989

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Charles Silver
Charles Chaplin, An appreciation
New York, 1989
Stephen Silverman
David Lean
New York, 1989
Les Spindle
Julie Andrews, A Bio-Bibliography
New York - Westport, Connecticut - London, 1989
Peter Stead
Film and the working class, The feature film in British and American society
London; New York, 1989
James Stewart
Jimmy Stewart and his poems
New York, 1989
Paul Swann
The British documentary film movement, 1926-1946
Cambridge [England]; New York, 1989
Helen Taylor
Scarlett's Women, Gone With the Wind and Its Female Fans
London, 1989
Helen Taylor
Scarlett's women, Gone with the wind and its female fans
New Brunswick, N.J., 1989
François Truffaut, Claude Miller and Claude de Givray
La petite voleuse
London - Boston, 1989
Peter Ustinov
The Disinformer, Two novellas
London, 1989
Jerry Vermilye and Mark Ricci
The films of Elizabeth Taylor
New York, NY, 1989
Paul Virilio
War and Cinema, The Logistics of Perception
London, 1989
Carol M. Ward
Mae West, A Bio-Bibliography
New York - Westport, Connecticut - London, 1989
Karlheinz Wendtland
Geliebter Kintopp, Sämtliche deutsche Spielfilme von 1929-1945 mit zahlreichen Künstlerbiographien - Jahrgang 1931
Berlin, 1989
Peter Willemsen
De films van Jane Fonda
Utrecht, 1989
Shelley Winters
Shelley II, The middle of my century
New York, 1989
Charles Wolfe (editor)
Meet John Doe
New Brunswick and London, 1989
Robin Wood
Hitchcock's Films Revisited
New York, 1989
Fay Wray
On the other hand, A life story
New York, 1989
Lewis Yablonsky
George Raft
San Francisco, 1989
Andrew Yule
David Puttnam, The Story So Far
London, 1989