Books from 1991

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Michael Meyer
The Politics of Music in the Third Reich
New York, Bern, Frankfurt am Main, Paris, 1991
John Mueller
Astaire dancing, The musical films
New York, 1991
Armin Mueller-Stahl
Drehtage, Music Box und Avalon
Frankfurt am Main, 1991
Charles Musser
Before the Nickelodeon, Edwin S. Porter and the Edison Manufacturing Company
Berkeley/Los Angeles/Oxford, 1991
Charles Musser in collaboration with Carol Nelson
High class moving pictures, Lyman H. Howe and the forgotten era of traveling exhibition, 1880 - 1920
Princeton, NJ, 1991
Mike Myers and Robin Ruzan
Wayne's World, Extreme Close-Up
New York, 1991
Bob Nareau
The "real" Bob Steele and a man called "Brad", A biography of a family, friends, and associates
Mesa, Ariz., 1991
Egon Netenjakob u.a.
Berlin, 1991
Kim Newman
Bad dreams
New York, 1991
Scott Allen Nollen
Boris Karloff, A Critical Account of His Screen, Stage, Radio, television and Recording Work
Jefferson, NC, 1991
Adolphe Nysenhok (ed.)
Charles Chaplin, His Reflection in Modern Times
New York, 1991
Jeffrey Oliviero
Motion picture players' credits, Worldwide performers of 1967 through 1980 with filmographies of their entire careers, 1905-1983
Jefferson, N.C., 1991
Laura Kay Palmer
Osgood and Anthony Perkins, A comprehensive history of their work in theatre, film, and other media, with credits and an annotated bibliography
Jefferson, N.C., 1991
James Robert Parish
Prison Pictures from Hollywood, Plots, Critiques, Casts and Credits for 293 Theatrical and Made-for-Television Releases
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 1991
James Robert Parish & Michael R. Pitts
Hollywood Songsters, A Biographical Dictionary
New York & London, 1991
Danny Peary
Cult Movie Stars
New York, [..], 1991
Duncan Petrie
Creativity and Constraint in the British Film industry
Basingstoke, 1991
Alexander Pola, Chiem van Houweninge
Het fenomeen Zeg 'ns Aaa, wat vooraf ging en wat volgde
Amsterdam, 1991
Walter Raubicheck and Walter Srebnick (eds.)
Hitchcock's Rereleased Films
Detroit, 1991
Vanessa Redgrave
Vanessa, An autobiography
London, 1991
Randi Reisfeld
Loving Luke
, 1991
Barry Rivadue
Mary Martin, A Bio-Bibliography
New York, 1991
Ginger Rogers
Ginger, My story
New York, NY, 1991
Mickey Rooney
Life Is Too Short
New York, 1991
Ken Russell
Altered States, An Autobiography
New York, 1991
Julie Salamon
The devil's candy, The Bonfire of the vanities goes to Hollywood
Boston, 1991
Richard Schickel
Brando, A Life in Our Times
New York, 1991
Frank Schnelle
Suspense - Schock - Terror, John Carpenter und seine Filme
Stuttgart, 1991
Margie Schultz
Irene Dunne, A Bio-Bibliography
New York, 1991
Ronald Schwartz
The great Spanish films, 1950-1990
Metuchen, N.J., 1991
Stefan Sharff
Alfred Hitchcock's high vernacular, Theory and practice
New York, 1991
Donald Sheperd
Jack Nicholson, An Unauthorized Biography
, 1991
Barbara Siegel, Scott Siegel
Jack Nicholson, The Unauthorized Biography
, 1991
Gary A. Smith
Epic films, Casts, credits, and commentary on over 250 historical spectacle movies
Jefferson, N.C., 1991
R. Dixon Smith
Ronald Colman, gentleman of the cinema, A biography and filmography
Jefferson, N.C., 1991
James Spada
Peter Lawford, The man who kept the secrets
New York, 1991
Yvonne Spielmann
Eine Pfütze in bezug aufs Mehr, Avantgarde
Frankfurt/M. [u.a.], 1991
Eberhard Spiess (Hg) unter Mitarbeit von Christa Reichel
Wenn Ihr Affen nur öfter schreiben wolltet!, Briefwechsel zwischen Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau und Lothar Müthel
Bielefeld, 1991
Sam Staggs
MM II, The return of Marilyn Monroe
New York, 1991
Michael Starr
Peter Sellers, A Film History
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 1991
Lena Tabori (ed.)
[Secaucus, N.J.], 1991
Tony Thomas
Film Score, The Art & Craft of Movie Music
Burbank, California, 1991
Jon Tuska
Encounters with Film Makers, eight career studies
New York/London, 1991
Harry Waldman
Scenes Unseen, Unreleased and Uncompleted Films from the World's Master Filmmakers, 1912-1990
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 1991
Henry Wilcoxon with Katherine Orrison
Lionheart in Hollywood, the autobiography of Henry Wilcoxon
Metuchen, NJ, 1991
David Wilt
Hardboiled in Hollywood
Bowling Green, Ohio, 1991
Martin M. Winkler (ed.)
Classics and cinema
Lewisburg; London, 1991
Léon de Winter en Jan Blokker
Bij nader inzien, een televisieserie van Frans Weisz naar de gelijknamige roman van J. J. Voskuil
Amsterdam, 1991
David Yallop
The Day the Laughter Stopped, The True Story of Fatty Arbuckle
, 1991
Michael York
Accidentally On Purpose, An Autobiography
New York - London - Toronto - Sydney - Tokyo - Singapore, 1991
Johannes Zeilinger
Lya de Putti, Ein vergessenes Leben
, 1991