Books from 1996

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Laurence F. Knapp
Directed by Clint Eastwood, Eighteen films analyzed
Jefferson, N.C., 1996
James Knowlson
Damned to fame, The life of Samuel Beckett
New York, 1996
Ralf König
Kondom des Grauens, Das Buch zum Film
Reinbek bei Hamburg, 1996
Kevin Lally
Wilder times, The life of Billy Wilder
New York, 1996
Introduction by Marina Lambraki-Plaka
Painting in the Cinema, Painted Giant Cinema Posters, Lithographs and Models Made by Greek Artists in the Years 1950-1975
Athens, 1996
Peter Laregh
Heinrich George, Komödiant seiner Zeit
, 1996
Randall D. Larson
Music from the House of Hammer, Music in the Hammer Horror Films 1950-1980
Lanham, Md., & London, 1996
David Lavery, Angela Hague, and Marla Cartwright (eds.)
Deny all knowledge, Reading The X files
Syracuse, N.Y., 1996
Eric Lax
Paul Newman, A biography
Atlanta; Kansas City, Mo., 1996
Janet Leigh, Christopher Nickens
Psycho, Hinter den Kulissen von Hitchcocks Kultthriller
München, 1996
Harris M. Lentz III
Western and Frontier Film and Television Credits 1903-1995, Volume I Actors and Actresses; Directors, Producers and Writers
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 1996
Shawn Levy
King of comedy, The life and art of Jerry Lewis
New York, 1996
Roy Liebman
Silent Film Performers, An Annotated Bibliography of Published, Unpublished and Archival Sources for over 350 Actors and Actresses
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 1996
Chris Lippard (ed.)
By Agels Driven, The Films of Derek Jarman
Trowbridge, 1996
Jocelyn Lukins
The fantasy factory Lime Grove Studios, London 1915-1991, A history
London, 1996
Sidney Lumet
Filme machen, Hinter der Kamera nit einem großen Regisseur
München, 1996
Ivone Margulies
Nothing happens, Chantal Akerman's hyperrealist everyday
Durham, 1996
Mart Martin
Did she or didn't she?, Behind the bedroom doors of 201 famous women
Secaucus, NJ, 1996
Gerald Mast and Bruce Kawin
A Short History of the Movies
Boston, 1996
James F. Maxfield
The fatal woman, Sources of male anxiety in American film noir, 1941-1991
Madison, London, 1996
Joseph McBride
Orson Welles
New York, 1996
Graham McCann
Cary Grant, A class apart
New York, 1996
Maitland McDonagh
The fifty most erotic films of all time, From Pandora's box to Basic instinct
Secaucus, N.J., 1996
Brian McFarlane
Novel to Film, An Introduction to the Theory of Adaptation
Oxford, 1996
Mark Thomas McGee
Faster and furiouser, The revised and fattened fable of American International Pictures
Jefferson, N.C., 1996
Ian McKellen & Richard Loncraine
William Shakespeare's Richard III, A screenplay
New York, 1996
Marion Meade
Buster Keaton, Cut to the Chase
London, 1996
Denis Meikle
A History of Horrors, The Rise and Fall of the House of Hammer
, 1996
Gerhard Midding, Frank Schnelle (eds.)
Clint Eastwood, Der konservative Rebell
Stuttgart, 1996
Ingrid Millar
Liam Neeson, The first biography
New York, 1996
Glenn Mitchell
The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia
London, 1996
Andrew P. Morrison
The culture of shame
New York, 1996
Jill Nelmes (ed.)
An Introduction to film studies
London; New York, 1996
Kim Newman (editor)
The BFI Companion to Horror
London, 1996
Chris Nickson
The X-Factor, The Unauthorized Biography of X-Files Superstar David Duchovny
, 1996
Chris Nickson
Denzel Washington
New York, N.Y., 1996
Scott Allen Nollen
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at the cinema
Jefferson, N.C., 1996
Michael O'Pray
Avant-Garde Film
Luton, 1996
Michael O'Pray
Derek Jarman, Dreams of England
London, 1996
Gabriella Oldham
Keaton' Silent Shorts, Beyond the Laughter
Carbondale and Edwardsville, 1996
Jack Palance
The Forest of Love, A Love Story in Blank Verse
, 1996
R. Barton Palmer (ed.)
Perspectives on film noir
New York, London, 1996
David Parkinson
History of Film
New York, 1996
Duncan Petrie (ed.)
Inside stories, Diaries of British film-makers at work
London, 1996
Duncan Petrie
The British cinematographer
London, 1996
Lee Pfeiffer and Michael Lewis
The films of Tom Hanks
Secaucus, NJ, 1996
Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia
Science Fiction Television Series, Episode Guides, Histories, and Casts and Credits for 62 prime time shows, 1959 through 1989
Jefferson, NC, 1996
Ralph J. Poole
Performing bodies, Überschreitungen der Geschlechtergrenzen im Theater der Avantgarde
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, New York, Paris, Wien, 1996
Petra Putz mit einer Konzern-Filmographie von Uli Jung
Waterloo in Geiselgasteig, die Geschichte des Münchner Filmkonzerns Emelka (1919 - 1933) im Antagonismus zwischen Bayern und dem Reich
Trier, 1996
Buck Rainey
The reel cowboy, essays on the myth in movies and literature
Jefferson, North Carolina, 1996
Sabine Reichel
Bad Girls, Hollywoods böse Beauties
München, 1996
Jesse Algeron Rhines
Black Film, White Money
New Brunswick, NJ, 1996
David Robinson
Charlie Chaplin, Comic Genius
New York, 1996
Robert Rodriguez
Rebel Without a Crew, Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player
New York, 1996
Michael Rogin
Blackface, white noise, Jewish immigrants in the Hollywood melting pot
Berkeley, 1996
James Roman
Love, light, and a dream, Television's past, present, and future
Westport, Conn., 1996
Robert Ross
The Carry On Companion
London, 1996
David E. Ruth
Inventing the Public Enemy, The Gangster in American Culture, 1918 - 1934
Chicago, 1996
Paul Ruven
Ivanhood ; En route ; Sur place
Amsterdam, 1996
Mark Sanderson
Don't Look Now
London, 1996
Rob van Scheers
Paul Verhoeven, De geautoriseerde biografie
Utrecht, 1996
Richard Schickel
Clint Eastwood, A biography
New York, 1996
Linda Schulte-Sasse
Entertaining the Third Reich, Illusions of Wholeness in Nazi Cinema
London, 1996
David Sherwin
Going mad in Hollywood, And life with Lindsay Anderson
London, 1996
Dina Sherzer (ed.)
Cinema, colonialism, postcolonialism, Perspectives from the French and francophone world
Austin, 1996
Alain Silver and James Ursini (eds.)
Film noir reader
New York, 1996
Don G. Smith
Lon Chaney, Jr., Horror film star, 1906-1973
Jefferson, N.C., 1996
Paul C. Spehr
American film personnel and company credits, 1908 - 1920, filmographies reordered by authoritative organizational and personal names from Lauritzen and Lundquist's American film index
Jefferson, NC, 1996
Stephen Spignesi
The ER Companion, An Unauthorized Guide
, 1996
Terry Staples
All pals together, The story of children's cinema
Edinburgh, 1996
Michael L. Stephens
Gangster Films, a Comprehensive, Illustrated Reference to People, Films and Terms
Jefferson, NC, 1996
Annette Strauß
Frauen im deutschen Film
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin [u.a.], 1996
Gary J. Svehla and Susan Svehla (editors)
Boris Karloff
Baltimore, 1996
Gary J. Svehla and Susan Svehla (eds.)
Bitches, bimbos, and virgins, Women in the horror film
Baltimore, Md., 1996
Gary J. and Susan Svehla (eds.)
Cinematic hauntings
Baltimore, Md., 1996
Gary J. and Susan Svehla (eds.)
Guilty pleasures of the horror film
Baltimore, Md., 1996
Matthew Theunissen, Victor Nikitin, Melanie Pillay
The voice, the vision, A sixty year history of the South African Broadcasting Corporation
Johannesburg, 1996
Dave Thompson
Winona Ryder
Dallas, Tex., 1996
Frank Thompson
Lost Films, Important Movies That Disappeared
Secaucus, NJ, 1996
David Thomson
Rosebud, the Story of Orson Welles
New York, 1996
Frank Walsh
Sin and Censorship, The Catholic Church and the Motion Picture Industry
New Haven, Conn., 1996
Geoffrey Wansell
Cary Grant, dark angel
New York, 1996
Tom Weaver
It came from Weaver five, Interviews with 20 zany, glib, and earnest moviemakers in the SF and horror traditions of the thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties
Jefferson, N.C., 1996
Tom Weaver
Monsters, mutants, and heavenly creatures, Confessions of 14 classic sci-fi/horrormeisters!
Baltimore, MD, 1996
Christopher Williams (ed.)
Cinema, The Beginnings and the Future
London, 1996
Paul A. Woods
King Pulp, The Wild World of Quentin Tarantino
New York, N.Y., 1996
Lola Young
Fear of the dark, 'race', gender, and sexuality in the cinema
London; New York, 1996
Andrew Yule
Steven Spielberg, Father of the Man - His Incredible Life, Tumultuous Times and Record-Breaking Movies
, 1996