Books from 1997

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Mark Kalesniko
Why Did Pete Duel Kill Himself?
, 1997
Robyn Karney
Burt Lancaster, A singular man
North Pomfret, Vt., 1997
Harald Keller
Kultserien und ihre Stars, Fortsetzung folgt...
Berlin, 1997
A. L. Kennedy
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
London, 1997
Burt Kennedy
Hollywood trail boss, Behind the scenes of the wild, wild western
New York, 1997
Thomas Koebner (Hrsg.)
Idole des deutschen Films, eine Galerie von Schlüsselfiguren
München, 1997
Niek Koppen, Bernie IJdis
De slag in de Javazee, Jalan raya pos = De groote postweg
Amsterdam, 1997
Stanley Kramer with Thomas H. Coffey
A mad, mad, mad, mad world, A life in Hollywood
New York, 1997
Nancy E. Krulik
Space Jam, Das große Buch zum Film
, 1997
Tom Kummer
Gibt es etwas Stärkeres als Verführung, Miss Stone?
München, 1997
Don Kunz (editor)
The Films of Oliver Stone
Lanham, Md., & London, 1997
Larry Langman
The media in the movies, A catalog of American journalism films, 1900-1996
Jefferson, N.C., 1997
Amy Lawrence
The films of Peter Greenaway
Cambridge, 1997
Harlan Lebo
The godfather legacy, the untold story of the making of the classic Godfather trilogy featuring never-before-published production stills
New York, 1997
Betty Lee
Marie Dressler, The Unlikeliest Star
Lexington, 1997
Claudia Lenssen
Blaue Augen, blauer Fleck, Kino im Wandel von der Diva zum Girlie
Berlin, 1997
Jon Lewis
Whom God Wishes to Destroy, Francis Coppola and the New Hollywood
Durham, N.C., 1997
Sylvie Lindeperg
Les écrans de l'ombre, La Seconde Guerre mondiale dans le cinéma francais (1944-1969)
Paris, 1997
Vincent LoBrutto
Stanley Kubrick, A Biography
New York, 1997
Simon Louvish
Man on the Flying Trapeze, The Life and Times of W.C. Fields
London, 1997
Kenneth Lynn
Charlie Chaplin and His Times
New York, 1997
Richard Dyer MacCann
Films of the 1920s
Lanham, Maryland & London, 1997
Richard Dyer MacCann
The silent screen
Lanham, Md.; Iowa City, Iowa, 1997
Karl Malden with Carla Malden
When Do I Start?
New York, 1997
Gregory William Mank, James T. Coughlin, Dwight D. Frye
Dwight Frye's last laugh, An authorized biography
Baltimore, Md., 1997
Nelleke Manneke, Arie van der Schoor
Het grootste van het grootste, Leven en werk van Abraham Tuschinski 1886-1942
Capelle aan den IJssel, 1997
Alvin H. Marill
Katharine Hepburn, Ihre Filme - ihr Leben
München, 1997
Pamela Marvin
Lee, A Romance
London, 1997
John McCabe
New York, 1997
Todd McCarthy
Howard Hawks, The Grey Fox of Hollywood
New York, 1997
John McCarty
The films of Mel Gibson
Secaucus, N.J., 1997
Brian McFarlane
An autobiography of British cinema, As told by the filmmakers and actors who made it
London, 1997
Pat McGilligan
Backstory 3, Interviews with screenwriters of the 1960s
Berkeley, 1997
Patrick McGilligan
Fritz Lang, The Nature of the Beast
London, 1997
George McKnight (ed.)
Ken Loach, Agent of Challenge and Defiance
Trowbridge, 1997
Joan Mellen
Marilyn Monroe, Ihre Filme - ihr Leben
München, 1997
York Membery
Ralph Fiennes, The Biography
, 1997
Jeffrey Meyers
Bogart, A Life in Hollywood
Boston - New York, 1997
Ingrid Millar
Liam Neeson, Das sanfte Rauhbain
München, 1997
Glenn Mitchell
The Chaplin Encyclopedia
London, 1997
Robert Murphy (ed.)
The British Cinema Book
London, 1997
Robert Murphy (ed.)
The British cinema book
London, 1997
Bob Nareau
The films of Bob Steele
Mesa, AZ, 1997
Bob Neaverson
The Beatles Movies
London, 1997
Chris Nickson
David Duchovny, Der X-Faktor
München, 1997
Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
London, 1997
Geoffrey O'Brien
Hardboiled America, Lurid paperbacks and the masters of noir
New York, 1997
John Parker
Bruce Willis, The unauthorised biography
London, 1997
Alexs Pate
Amistad, A novel
New York, 1997
Brian Pendreigh
Mel Gibson and his movies
London, 1997
Carl R. Plantinga
Rhetoric and representation in nonfiction film
Cambridge, U.K.; New York, N.Y., 1997
Stephen R. Prince
Movies and meaning, An introduction to film
Boston, 1997
David Puttnam with Neil Watson
The undeclared war, The struggle for control of the world’s film industry
London, 1997
David Quinlan
Tom Hanks, A carrer in orbit
London, 1997
Mark A. Reid (ed.)
Spike Lee's Do the right thing
Cambridge; New York, 1997
Andrea Rennschmid (ed.)
Alamo, John Waynes Freiheitsepos
Landshut, 1997
Gary Don Rhodes
Lugosi, His Life in Films, on Stage, and in the Hearts of Horror Lovers
Jefferson, NC, 1997
Jeffrey Richards
Thorold Dickinson and the British cinema
Lanham, Md., & London, 1997
Jeffrey Richards
Films and British national identity, From Dickens to Dad's army
Manchester, UK; New York :New York, 1997
Adrian Rigelsford
Peter Sellers, A Celebration
London, 1997
David Robinson
Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari
London, 1997
Jean Rollin
Virgins & Vampires
, 1997
William Rothman
Documentary Film Classics
Cambridge, 1997
Eric Le Roy
Camille de Morlhon, Homme de cinéma
Paris, 1997
Scott Salwolke
The Films of Michael Powell and the Archers
Lanham, Md., & London, 1997
Thomas Schatz
Boom and Bust, American Cinema in the 1940s
Berkeley, 1997
Ralf Schenk (hg.)
Manfred Krug, die großen Kinofilme
Berlin, 1997
Ralf Schenk
Frauengestalten in Film und Fernsehen der DDR
Bonn, 1997
Margie Schultz
Ann Sheridan, A Bio-Bibliography
Westport, Connecticut - London, 1997
Berndt Schulz
Gillian Anderson, Die X-Lady
Düsseldorf, 1997
Donald Ray Schwartz and Anne Aull Bowbeer
Lillian Russell, A Bio-Bibliography
Westport, Connecticut - London, 1997
Til Schweiger & Thomas Jahn
Knocking' on heaven's door, Der Roman zum Film
München, 1997
Kerry Segrave
American films abroad, Hollywood's domination of the world's movie screens from the 1890s to the present
Jefferson, North Carolina, 1997
Stephen C. Shafer
British Popular Films 1929-1939, The cinema of reassurance
London and New York, 1997
Marc Shapiro
The Anderson Files, The Unauthorized Biography of Gillian Anderson
, 1997
Marc Shapiro
Gillian Anderson, Die Akte Scully
München, 1997
Stefan Sharff
The Art of Looking in Hitchcock's Rear Window
New York, 1997
Anthony Slide (editor)
Before, In and After Hollywood, The Autobiography of Joseph E. Henabery
Lanham, Md., & London, 1997
Anthony Slide (compiled by)
Ravished Armenia and the story of Aurora Mardiganian
Metuchen, NJ, 1997
Vivian Carol Sobchack
Screening Space, the American Science Fiction Film
New Brunswick, NJ, 1997
A.M. Sperber and Eric Lax
New York, 1997
Judy Stone
Eye on the World, Conversations with International Filmmakers
Los Angeles, 1997
Sarah Street
British National Cinema
New York, 1997
Gary J. and Susan Svehla (eds.)
Lon Chaney, Jr.
Baltimore, Md., 1997
Gary J. and Susan Svehla (eds.)
We belong dead, Frankenstein on film
Baltimore, Md., 1997
Tony Thomas
Music for the Movies
Los Angeles, 1997
Douglas Thompson
Uncaged, The Biography of Nicolas Cage
London, 1997
Peter Thompson
Jack Nicholson, The Life and Times of an Actor on the Edge
, 1997
David Thomson
The Big Sleep
London, 1997
Ruth Vasey
The World According to hollywood 1918-1939
Exeter, 1997
Mark A. Vieira
Hurrell's Hollywood portraits, The Chapman collection
New York, 1997
Alex van Warmerdam
De jurk
Amsterdam, 1997
Bill Warren
Keep watching the skies!, American science fiction movies of the fifties
Jefferson, NC, 1997
Karl Whitezel
Buster Crabbe, A Self Portrait
Madison, NC, 1997
Eileen Whitfield
Pickford, The woman who made Hollywood
Toronto, 1997
David Wild
Friends II, The official companion
London, [1997]
Wally Worsley in collaboration with Sue Dwiggins Worsley
From Oz to E.T., Wally Worsley's half century in Hollywood
Lanham, Md, 1997
Jack Zipes
Happily ever after, Fairy tales, children, and the culture industry
New York, 1997
Meinolf Zurhorst
Demi Moore, Lady und Vamp
München, 1997