Books from 2002

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Kintop 11, Jahrbuch zur Erforschung des frühen Films
Frankfurt am Main - Basel, 2002

Russen : aflevering 14, Wolfskinderen en aflevering 20, Gras
Utrecht, 2002
Frank Schnelle (Hg.)
David Fincher
Berlin, 2002
Stijn Aerden en Klaas Vos
Rijk, De negen levens van De Gooyer
Amsterdam, 2002
Charles Affron
Lillian Gish, Her Legend, Her Life
, 2002
Jane Allen
Pier Angeli, A fragile life
Jefferson, N.C., 2002
Yoram Allon, Del Cullen and Hannah Patterson (eds.)
Contemporary North American Film Directors, A Wallflower Critical Guide
London and New York, 2002
Ellis Amburn
The sexiest man alive, A biography of Warren Beatty
New York, 2002
Marie-Luise Angerer, Kathrin Peters, Zoe Sofoulis (eds.)
Future Bodies, Zur Visualisierung von Körpern in Science und Fiction
Wien; New York, 2002
Tom Arnold
How I lost 5 pounds in 6 years, an autobiography
New York, 2002
Helmut G. Asper
Etwas Besseres als den Tod ..., Filmexil in Hollywood ; Porträts, Filme, Dokumente
Marburg, 2002
Bruce Babington (editor)
British Stars and Stardom, From Alma Taylor to Sean Connery
, 2002
Bruce Babington
Launder and Gilliat
Manchester; New York, New York, 2002
Gregg Bachman and Thomas J. Slater (eds.)
American silent film, Discovering marginalized voices
Carbondale, 2002
John Bankston
Drew Barrymore
Philadelphia, 2002
Jan-Pieter Barbian (Hg.)
Poesie und Politik, der Dokumentarfilmer Joris Ivens ; 1898 - 1989
Trier, 2002
Peter Barnes
To Be or Not to Be
London, 2002
Charles Barr
London, 2002
Lars Baumgart
Das Konzept Emma Peel, Der unerwartete Charme der Emanzipation: The Avengers und ihr Publikum
Kiel, 2002
Jennifer M. Bean and Diane Negra (eds.)
A Feminist Reader in Early Cinema
Durham & London, 2002
Robert Beck
The Edward G. Robinson Encyclopedia
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2002
Hans Beerekamp, Mariska Graveland, Harry Peters (eds.)
Filmjaarboek 2001, Alle bioscoopfilms van 2001
Amsterdam, 2002
Tim Bergfelder, Erica Carter and Deniz Göktürk (eds.)
The German cinema book
London, 2002
Milton Berle with Haskel Frankel
Milton Berle, an autobiography
New York, 2002
S.L. Binder
Peter O'Toole, Ein Porträt
Berlin, 2002
Michael Bliss
Between the Bullets, The Spiritual Cinema of John Woo
Lanham, Md., 2002
Paul Blom met medewerking van Hilde Scholten
Uitverkoren, de carrière van Conny Stuart
Amsterdam, 2002
Peter Bondanella
The Films of Federico Fellini
Cambridge, 2002
Stéphane Bonnotte
Louis de Funès, Jusqu'au bout du rire
Neuilly-sur-Seine, 2002
Raymond Borde and Etienne Chaumeton
A panorama of American film noir, 1941-1953
San Francisco, 2002
Noel Botham
Valentino, The First Superstar
, 2002
John Bright
Worms in the Winecup, A Memoir
, 2002
Douglas Brode
Boys and toys, Ultimate action-adventure movies
New York, NY, 2002
Douglas Brode
Sinema, Erotic adventures in film
New York, NY, 2002
Geoff Brown
Otis Redding, Try a Little Tenderness
, 2002
Daniel Bubbeo
The Women of Warner Brothers, The Lives and Careers of 15 Leading Ladies
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2002
Paul Buhle and Dave Wagner
Radical Hollywood, The untold story behind America's favorite movies
New York, 2002
Stephen M. Buhler
Shakespeare in the cinema, Ocular proof
Albany, 2002
Gerald R. Butters, Jr
Black manhood on the silent screen
Lawrence, 2002
Bruce Campbell
If Chins Could Kill, Confessions of a B Movie Actor
, 2002
Michelangelo Capua
Montgomery Clift, A biography
Jefferson, N.C., 2002
Bert Cardullo
Vittorio De Sica, Director, actor, screenwriter
Jefferson, N.C., 2002
Mary Anne Cassata
The Cher scrapbook
New York, 2002
Charlotte Chandler
Nobody's Perfect, Billy Wilder - A Personal Biography
New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, Singapore, 2002
James Chapman
Saints and avengers, British adventure series of the 1960s
London; New York, 2002
Gayatri Chatterjee
Mother India
London, 2002
Michel Chion
Eyes Wide Shut
London, 2002
Anupama Chopra
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
London, 2002
Steven Cohan (ed.)
Hollywood musicals, the film reader
London; New York, 2002
Herbert Coleman
The Hollywood I Knew, 1916-1988
, 2002
David A. Cook
Lost illusions, American cinema in the shadow of Watergate and Vietnam, 1970-1979
Berkeley, 2002
Pam Cook
I Know Where I'm Going!
London, 2002
John Cork & Bruce Scivally
James Bond, The Legacy
New York, 2002
Stephen Cox
The Munchkins of Oz
Nashville, Tenn., 2002
Jonathan Croall
Gielgud, A Theatrical Life 1904-2000
New York, 2002
Paul Cronin (ed.)
Herzog on Herzog
London; New York, 2002
Don Cusic (ed.)
Merle Haggard, Poet of the common man : the lyrics
Milwaukee, WI, 2002
Philip John Davies and Paul Wells (eds.)
American film and politics from Reagan to Bush Jr
Manchester, 2002
Edward De Leo with David Sheldon & Joan McCall
Al Pacino-- and me, A tale of two actors
[Philadelphia?], 2002
James L. Dickerson
Natalie Portman, Queen of Hearts
, 2002
Andrew Dickos
Street with no name, A history of the classic American film noir
Lexington, 2002
John Dileo
100 Great Film Performances You Should Remember - but probably don't
New York, 2002
Marc Dondey
, 2002
Andy Dougan
Untouchable, A biography of Robert De Niro
New York, 2002
Raymond Durgnat
A Long Hard Look at Psycho
, 2002
Lucy Ellis & Bryony Sutherland
Nicole Kidman, The Biography
, 2002
Peter W. Engelmeier (ed.)
Happy together, Hollywood's unforgettable couples
Munich; New York, NY, 2002
Hal Erickson
The Baseball Filmography, 1915 through 2001
Jefferson, North Carolina and London, 2002
Mark W. Estrin (ed.)
Orson Welles, Interviews
Jackson, 2002
Christopher Falzon
Philosophy goes to the movies, An introduction to philosophy
London; New York, 2002
Christopher John Farley
Introducing Halle Berry, A biography
New York, NY, 2002
Gary Fishgall
Gregory Peck, a biography
New York, 2002
Rémi Fournier Lanzoni
French cinema, From its beginnings to the present
New York, 2002
Cynthia Fuchs (ed.)
Spike Lee, Interviews
Jackson, 2002
Samuel Fuller
A Third Face, My Tale of Writing, Fighting, and Filmmaking
, 2002
Wes D. Gehring
Romantic vs. Screwball Comedy, Charting the Difference
Lanham, Maryland, 2002
Claudia Gerhards, Renate Mohrmann (Hrsg.)
Daily Talkshows, Untersuchungen zu einem umstrittenen TV-Format
Frankfurt am Main [u.a.], 2002
Tom Goldrup and Jim Goldrup
Growing Up on the Set, Interviews with 39 Former Child Actors of Classic Film and Television
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2002
Sidney Gottlieb and Christopher Brookhouse
Framing Hitchcock, Selected Essays From the Hitchcock Annual
Detroit, Michigan, 2002
Sidney Gottlieb and Christopher Brookhouse (eds.)
Framing Hitchcock, Selected essays from the Hitchcock annual
Detroit, 2002
Alexander Graf
The cinema of Wim Wenders, the celluloid highway
London, 2002
Renate Günther
Marguerite Duras
Manchester; New York, 2002
Cox Habbema
Mijn koffer in Berlijn, of het sprookje van de Wende
Amsterdam, 2002
Malte Hagener, Michael Töteberg
Film - an international bibliography
Stuttgart, 2002
Sabine Hake
German national cinema
London, 2002
Aljean Harmetz
The Making of Casablanca, Bogart, Bergman, and World War II
New York, 2002
Robert A. Harris, Michael S. Lasky
The complete films of Alfred Hitchcock
New York, 2002
Warren Harris
Clark Gable, a biography
New York, 2002
Woody Haut
Heartbreak and Vine, The fate of hardboiled writers in Hollywood
[London?], 2002
Ronald Haver
A star is born, The making of the 1954 movie and its 1983 restoration
New York :Milwaukee, WI, 2002
Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus
Inside the Yellow Submarine, The Making of The Beatles' Animated Classic
Iola, Wi, 2002
Andrew Higson (ed.)
Young and Innocent?, Cinema in Britain 1896-1930
Exeter, 2002
Chris Holmlund
Impossible bodies, Femininity and masculinity at the movies
London; New York, 2002
Kim R. Holston
Susan Hayward, Her Films and Life
, 2002
Henry Mark Holzer, Erika Holzer
"Aid and Comfort", Jane Fonda in North Vietnam
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2002
A.E. Hotchner (ed.)
Dear Paul Newman, The strange, hilarious, sexy, obscene, ridiculous letters ...
Calcutta; Crawford, TX, 2002
Troy Howarth
The haunted world of Mario Bava
Godalming, 2002
Kerstin Huven
Gendering images, Geschlechterinszenierung in den Filmen Pedro Almodóvars
Frankfurt am Main [u.a.], 2002
Nick James
London, 2002
Angelika Janssen
Deconstructing Woody Allen, Ein amerikanischer Filmemacher zwischen Kunst und Kommerz
Frankfurt am main - Berlin - Bern - Bruxelles - New York - Oxford - Wien, 2002