Books from 2003

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The exhibition of Russian cinema, 100 movies & 50 directors of 20 century in Russia
Calif., 2003
Albert Abramson
The history of television, 1942 to 2000
Jefferson, N.C., 2003
Mario Adorf
Der Grenzgänger und Der weiße Anzug
, 2003
Nigel Andrews
True myths, The life and times of Arnold Schwarzenegger. From pumping iron to governor of California
New York, 2003
Antje Ascheid
Hitler's Heroines, Stardom and Womanhood in Nazi Cinema
Philadelphia, 2003
Helmut G. Asper (Hg.)
Nachrichten aus Hollywood, New York und anderswo, der Briefwechsel Eugen und Marlise Schüfftans mit Siegfried und Lili Kracauer
Trier, 2003
Guy Austin
Stars in Modern French Film
London, 2003
Mary Lea Bandy, Antonio Monda
The hidden God, Film and faith
New York, 2003
Edmund G. Bansak
Fearing the Dark, The Val Lewton Career
, 2003
George Barris
Marilyn, Her Life in Her Own Words : Marilyn Monroe's Revealing Last Words and Photographs
, 2003
Cari Beauchamp and Mary Anita Loos (eds.)
Anita Loos rediscovered, Film treatments and fiction
Berkeley, 2003
Hans Beerekamp, Mariska Graveland, Harry Peters (eds.)
Filmjaarboek 2002
Amsterdam, 2003
A. Scott Berg
Kate Remembered
, 2003
Chuck Berg - Tom Erskine
The Encyclopedia of Orson Welles, From The Hearts of Age to F for Fake
New York NY, 2003
Renate Berger
Rodolfo Valentino, Biografie
Hamburg, 2003
Howard M. Berlin
Charlie Chan's Words of Wisdom
, 2003
Stig Björkman (ed.)
Trier on von Trier
London, 2003
Simon Blackburn
Ethics, A very short introduction
Oxford; New York, 2003
Betsy Blair
The memory of all that, Love and politics in New York, Hollywood, and Paris
New York, 2003
Michael F. Blake
Code of Honor, The Making of Three Great American Westerns
, 2003
David Blakesley (ed.)
The terministic screen, Rhetorical perspectives on film
Carbondale, 2003
Ivo Blom
Jean Desmet and the Early Dutch Film Trade
Amsterdam, 2003
John Boorman
Adventures of a suburban boy
London, New York, 2003
Gilles Boulenger
John Carpenter, The Prince of Darkness
, 2003
David Brenner
I think there's a terrorist in my soup, how to survive personal and world problems with laughter-- seriously
Kansas City, 2003
Douglas Brode
Edge of your seat, The 100 greatest movie thrillers
New York, 2003
Don Brown
Mack made movies
Brookfield, Conn., 2003
Connie Bruck
When Hollywood Had a King, The Reign of Lew Wasserman, Who Leveraged Talent Into Power and Influence
, 2003
Robert Buchsschwenter, Lukas Maurer (Hg.)
Halbstark, Georg Tressler: Zwischen Auftrag und Autor
Wien, 2003
Jon Burrows
Legitimate Cinema, Theatre Stars in British Cinema, 1908-1918
Exeter, 2003
Richard Burt and Lynda E. Boose (eds.)
Shakespeare, the movie, II, Popularizing the plays on film, TV, video, and DVD
London; New York, 2003
Edward Buscombe
Cinema Today
London, New York, 2003
Michael Feeney Callan
Sean Connery
London, 2003
Sid Campbell and Greglon Yimm Lee
The dragon and the tiger, The birth of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do
Berkeley, Calif., 2003-<2005>
Michelangelo Capua
Vivien Leigh, A biography
Jefferson, N.C., 2003
Bert Cardullo (ed.)
Conversations with Stanley Kauffmann
Jackson, 2003
Diana Serra Cary
Jackie Coogan, The World's Boy King
, 2003
Harry Castleman and Walter J. Podrazik
Watching TV, Six decades of American television
Syracuse, N.Y., 2003
Stefano Francia di Celle, Enrico Ghezzi, Alexei Jankowski (eds.)
Aleksandr Sokurov, Eclissi di cinema
Torino, 2003
Anthony B. Chan
Perpetually Cool, The Many Lives of Anna May Wong
, 2003
Mike Chapman
The gold and the glory, The story of Glenn Morris, Olympic champion and movie Tarzan
Newton, IA, 2003
Steve Chibnall
Get Carter
London; New York, 2003
Mark Connelly
The charge of the Light Brigade
London; New York, 2003
Lez Cooke
British television drama, A history
London, 2003
Mark Garrett Cooper
Love rules, Silent Hollywood and the rise of the managerial class
Minneapolis, 2003
Bill Cosby
I am what I ate ... and I'm frightened!!!, and other digressions from the doctor of comedy
New York, 2003
Barbara Creed
Media matrix, Sexing the new reality
Crows Nest, NSW, 2003
Joseph Cunneen
Robert Bresson, A spiritual style in film
New York, 2003
Manohla Dargis
L.A. Confidential
London, 2003
Ronald L. Davis
William S. Hart. Projecting the American West
Norman, 2003
Peter Delpeut en Mart Dominicus
Go West, young man!
Utrecht, 2003
James L. Dickerson
Nicole Kidman
, 2003
James L. Dickerson
Russell Crowe, The Unauthorized Biography
, 2003
Vera Dika
Recycled Culture in Contemporary Art and Film, The Uses of Nostalgia
Cambridge, UK & New York, USA, 2003
Wimal Dissanayake with Dorothy Wong
Wong Kar-Wai's Ashes of time
Hong Kong, 2003
Nathaniel Dorsky
Devotional cinema
Berkeley, Calif., 2003
Paul Duncan
Alfred Hitchcock, Architect of anxiety 1899-1980
Köln; London, 2003
Frances Early and Kathleen Kennedy (eds.)
Athena's daughters, Television's new women warriors
Syracuse, N.Y., 2003
Roger Ebert
The Great Movies
, 2003
Alberto Elena, Marina Diaz (eds.)
The Cinema of Latin America
London, 2003
Quentin Falk
Albert Finney, In Character
, 2003
Michael J. Fox
Lucky Man, A Memoir
, 2003
Wes D. Gehring
Carole Lombard, the Hoosier tornado
Indianapolis, 2003
Rolf Giesen
Nazi propaganda films, A history and filmography
Jefferson, N.C, 2003
Ronald Giphart en Eric van den Elsen
Amsterdam, 2003
Mark Glancy
The 39 steps
London; New York, 2003
John Glavin (editor)
Dickens on Screen
Cambridge, 2003
Christine Gledhill
Reframing British Cinema 1918-1928, Between Restraint and Passion
London, 2003
Cliff Goodwin
Catherine Zeta Jones
, 2003
Maria Goos
Amsterdam - Antwerpen, 2003
Sidney Gottlieb (ed.)
Alfred Hitchcock, Interviews
Jackson, 2003
Barry Keith Grant (ed.)
Fritz Lang, Interviews
Jackson, 2003
Beverly Gray
Ron Howard, From Mayberry to the Moon...and Beyond
, 2003
Chris Greer
Sex crime and the media, Sex offending and the press in a divided society
Cullompton, Devon, Portland, Ore., 2003
Randall Halle and Margaret McCarthy (eds.)
Light motives, German popular film in perspective
Detroit, Mich., 2003
Michael Hanisch
Ernst Lubitsch, von der Berliner Schönhauser Allee nach Hollywood
Berlin, 2003
Karen Burroughs Hannsberry
Bad Boys, The Actors of Film Noir
Jefferson, NC and London, 2003
William Hare
Early Film Noir, Greed, Lust and Murder Hollywood Style
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2003
Sue Harper and Vincent Porter
British Cinema of the 1950s, The Decline of Deference
Oxford, 2003
Judy L. Hasday
Extraordinary people in the movies
New York, 2003
Dawn Heinecken
The warrior women of television, A feminist cultural analysis of the new female body in popular media
New York, 2003
Adolf Heinzlmeier und Berndt Schulz
Das Lexikon der Deutschen Filmstars, mehr als 500 Biografien von damals bis heute
Berlin, 2003
Sean Hepburn Ferrer
Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit: A Son Remembers
, 2003
Pat Hitchcock O'Connell and Laurent Bouzereau
Alma Hitchcock, The woman behind the man
New York, 2003
J. Hoberman
The dream life, Movies, media, and the mythology of the sixties
New York, 2003
Peter Hutchings
London; New York, 2003
Laurie Jacobson
Dishing Hollywood, The Real Scoop on Tinseltown's Most Notorious Scandals
, 2003
Lothar R. Just
Filmjahrbuch 2003
München, 2003
Jesse Kalin
The Films of Ingmar Bergman
Cambridge, 2003
Wolf Kampmann, Torsten Musial
Theo Lingen
Berlin, 2003
Stefan Kanfer
Ball of Fire, The Tumultuous Life and Comic Art of Lucille Ball
New York, 2003
Michael A. Karol
Lucy in Print
, 2003
Michael F. Keaney
Film Noir Guide, 745 Films of the Classic Era, 1940-1959
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2003
Jon Keeyes (ed.)
Attack of the B queens
Baltimore, MD, 2003
Mary Pat Kelly
Martin Scorsese, A Journey
, 2003
Mark Kermode
The Exorcist
London, 2003
Mark Kermode
The Shawshank Redemption
London, 2003
Clark Kidder
Marilyn Monroe, Cover to Cover
, 2003
David Kiehn
Broncho Billy and the Essanay Film Company
Berkeley, 2003
Wayne Kinsey
Hammer Films, The Bray Studios Years
London, 2003