Books from 2004

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One night stand, Verdwaald, Zwijnen
Utrecht, 2004
Bruce Adamson
The best things ever said in the dark, The wisest, wittiest, most provocative quotations from the movies
New York, 2004
Mario Adorf
Himmel und Erde, Unordentliche Erinnerungen
Köln, 2004
Annette D'Agostino Lloyd
The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia
Jefferson, North Carolina and London, 2004
Rommy Albers, Jan Baeke, Rob Zeeman (red)
Film in Nederland
Amsterdam/Gent, 2004
Richard William Allen and Sam Ishii-Gonzales (eds.)
Hitchcock, past and future
London; New York, 2004
Rick Altman
Silent film sound
New York, 2004
Rafael Alvarez
The wire, Truth be told
New York, 2004
Michael Anderegg
Cinematic Shakespeare
Lanham, Md., 2004
Geoff Andrew
The films of Nicholas Ray, The poet of nightfall
London, 2004
Norbert Aping
Das Dick und Doof Buch, Die Geschichte von Laurel und Hardy in Deutschland
Marburg, 2004
Sean Astin with Joe Layden
There and back again, An actor's tale
New York, 2004
Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele
Howard Hughes, his life & madness
New York, 2004
Catherine M. Barsotti and Robert K. Johnston
Finding God in the movies, 33 films of reel faith
Grand Rapids, Mich., 2004
Ruth Barton
Irish national cinema
London, New York, 2004
Keith Beattie
Documentary screens, Non-fiction film and television
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, 2004
Frawley Becker
And the stars spoke back, A dialogue coach remembers Hollywood players of the sixties in Paris
Lanham, Md., 2004
Hans Beerekamp, Mariska Graveland, Harry Peters (eds.)
Filmjaarboek 2003, Alle bioscoopfilms van 2003
Amsterdam, 2004
Harry M. Benshoff and Sean Griffin (eds.)
Queer cinema, The film reader
New York, 2004
Harry M. Benshoff and Sean Griffin
America on film, Representing race, class, gender, and sexuality at the movies
Malden, MA, 2004
Emanuel Bergmann - Detlef Overmann
Jedem sein Schneewittchen, Zwergentipps für eine märchenhafte Partnersuche
[Kölln], 2004
Jason Bergund and Beverly West
Gay cinematherapy, The queer guy's guide to finding your rainbow one movie at a time
New York, 2004
Martine Beugnet
Claire Denis
Manchester; New York, 2004
Robert S. Birchard
Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood
Lexington, 2004
Robert Bird
Andrei Rublev
London, 2004
Peter Biskind
Down and dirty pictures, Miramax, Sundance, and the rise of independent film
New York, 2004
Peter Biskind
Gods and monsters, Thirty years of writing on film and culture from one of America's most incisive writers
New York, 2004
Peter Bogdanovich
Who the Hell's in It, Conversations with Hollywood's Legendary Actors
New York, 2004
Michaela Boland and Michael Bodey
Aussiewood, Australia's leading actors and directors tell how they conquered Hollywood
Crows Nest, NSW, 2004
Peter Bondanella
Hollywood Italians, Dagos, palookas, romeos, wise guys, and Sopranos
New York, 2004
Henri Bousquet
De Pathé Frères à Pathé Cinéma, catalogue 1923-1927
, 2004
Anne L. Bower (ed.)
Reel food, Essays on food and film
New York, 2004
Annette Brauerhoch, Birgit Kohler, Sabine Nessel (eds.)
Frauen und Film, 64. Das Alte und das Neue
Frankfurt am Main, 2004
François Amy de la Bretèque
L'Imaginaire médiéval dans le cinéma occidental
Paris, 2004
Douglas Brode
From Walt to Woodstock, How Disney Created the Counterculture
Austin, Texas, 2004
Elizabeth Bronfen
Home in Hollywood, The imaginary geography of cinema
New York, 2004
Philip Brophy
100 modern soundtracks
London, 2004
Peter Harry Brown and Pat H. Broeske
Howard Hughes, The Untold Story
Cambridge, MA, 2004
Edward Buscombe
London, 2004
Elisabeth Büttner (Hg.)
Paul Fejos, Die Welt macht Film
Wien, 2004
Michael Feeney Callan
Richard Harris, Sex, death, & the movies - an intimate biography
New York, NY, 2004
Peggy Caravantes
American hero, The Audie Murphy story
Greensboro, NC, 2004
Bert Cardullo
In search of cinema, Writings on international film art
Montreal, Ithaca, 2004
Jonathan Carlisle
Orlando, An Unauthorized Biography
, 2004
Erica Carter
Dietrich's Ghosts, The Sublime and the Beautiful in Third Reich Film
London, 2004
Graydon Carter and David Friend
Oscar night from the editors of Vanity fair, 75 years of Hollywood parties
New York, 2004
Stanley Cavell
Cities of words, Pedagogical letters on a register of the moral life
Cambridge, Mass., 2004
Richard Chamberlain
Shattered Love, A Memoir
, 2004
Michael Chanan
Cuban cinema
Minneapolis, 2004
Michel Chion
The Thin Red Line
London, 2004
William Claxton
Steve McQueen
, 2004
Joshua Clover
The Matrix
London, 2004
Paul Coates
The red and the white, The cinema of people's Poland
London, 2004
Jason Paul Collum
Assault of the killer B's, Interviews with 20 cult film actresses
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
Mark Cousins
The story of film
New York, 2004
Peter Cowie
John Ford and the American West
, 2004
Peter Cowie
Revolution!, The Explosion of World Cinema in the Sixties
New York, 2004
Janet Brennan Croft (ed.)
Tolkien on film, Essays on Peter Jackson's The lord of the rings
Altadena, Calif., 2004
Paul Cronin (ed.)
George Stevens, Interviews
Jackson, 2004
James Curtis
W.C. Fields, a biography
New York, 2004
Rodney Dangerfield
It's not easy bein' me, a lifetime of no respect but plenty of sex and drugs
New York, 2004
Ulrike Dembski und Christiane Mühlegger-Henhapel (Hg.)
Hans Moser, 1880-1964
Wien, 2004
Bernard F. Dick
Hal Wallis, Producer to the stars
Lexington, 2004
Edward Dimendberg
Film Noir and the Spaces of Modernity
Cambridge, 2004
Wheeler Winston Dixon (ed.)
Film and television after 9/11
Carbondale, 2004
Edward Douglas
Jack, The Great Seducer
, 2004
Lisa Downing
Patrice Leconte
Manchester, UK; New York, 2004
Spencer Drate and Judith Salavetz
The independent movie poster book
New York, 2004
Martha W. Driver and Sid Ray (eds.)
The medieval hero on screen, Representations from Beowulf to Buffy
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
Michael Dunne
American film musical themes and forms
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
Kevin Dwyer
Beyond Casablanca, M.A. Tazi and the adventure of Moroccan cinema
Bloomington, 2004
Arthur M. Eckstein and Peter Lehman (Editors)
The Searchers, Essays and Reflections on John Ford's Classic Western
, 2004
Atom Egoyan and Ian Balfour (eds.)
Subtitles, On the foreignness of film
Cambridge, Mass., 2004
Matthew C. Ehrlich
Journalism in the movies
Urbana, 2004
Marc Eliot
Cary Grant, A Biography
, 2004
Thomas Elsaesser, Alexander Horwath and Noel King (eds.)
The last great American picture show, New Hollywood cinema in the 1970s
Amsterdam, 2004
Eric Embacher
Will Smith, The funny, funky, and confident fresh prince
Bloomington, Minn., 2004
George Englund
The way it's never been done before, My friendship with Marlon Brando
New York, 2004
Dwayne Epstein
Adam Sandler
San Diego, 2004
Marilyn Fabe
Closely watched films, An introduction to the art of narrative film technique
Berkeley, 2004
Alexandre Fache
Catherine Deneuve, une biographie
Paris, 2004
Robert M. Fells
George Arliss, The man who played God
Lanham, Md., 2004
Joachim Fest, Bernd Eichinger
Der Untergang, Das Filmbuch
Reinbek, 2004
Robert Fischer, Peter Körte, Georg Seeßlen
Quentin Tarantino
Berlin, 2004
Robert Fischer (ed.)
Fassbinder über Fassbinder, Die ungekürzten Interviews
Frankfurt am Main, 2004
E.J. Fleming
The fixers, Eddie Mannix, Howard Strickling, and the MGM publicity machine
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
E.J. Fleming
The movieland directory, Nearly 30,000 addresses of celebrity homes, film locations, and historical sites in the Los Angeles area, 1900-present
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
John Flowers and Paul Frizler
Psychotherapists on film, 1899-1999, A worldwide guide to over 5000 films
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
Elizabeth A. Ford and Deborah C. Mitchell
The makeover in movies, Before and after in Hollywood films, 1941-2002
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
introduction by Robert Osborne, text by Alexa L. Foreman, Ruth A. Peltason, Mark A Vieira
In the picture, Production stills from the TCM Archives
San Francisco, 2004
Remi Fournier Lanzoni
French Cinema, From Its Beginnings to the Present
, 2004
Hugo Frey
Louis Malle
Manchester ;New York, 2004
Krin Gabbard
Black magic, White Hollywood and African American culture
New Brunswick, N.J., 2004
Graham Russell Gao Hodges
Anna May Wong, From Laundryman's Daughter to Hollywood Legend
, 2004
Robert Garis
The Films of Orson Welles
Cambridge, 2004
Wes D. Gehring
Irene Dunne, First Lady of Hollywood
, 2004
Wes D. Gehring
Mr. Deeds Goes to Yankee Stadium, Baseball Films in the Capra Tradition
Jefferson, North Carolina, 2004
Barry Gifford
Brando rides alone, A reconsideration of the film One-eyed jacks
Berkeley, Calif., 2004
Ryan Gilbey
Groundhog Day
London, 2004
Sidney Gottlieb (ed.)
Roberto Rossellini's Rome open city
Cambridge; New York, 2004