Books from 2004

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Tatum O'Neal
A paper life
New York, 2004
John Oller
Jean Arthur, The Actress Nobody Knew
, 2004
Michael Omasta, Brigitte Mayr, Elisabeth Streit (eds.)
Peter Lorre, Ein Fremder im Paradies
Wien, 2004
Stefan Orth (ed.)
Kinder im Kino, Religiöse Dimensionen
Marburg, 2004
A. C. Parfitt
Orlando Bloom, The Biography; The Amazing True Story Of Britain
, 2004
James Robert Parish
The Hollywood Book of Scandals, The Shocking, Often Disgraceful Deeds and Affairs of More than 100 American Movie and TV Idols
New York etc., 2004
James Robert Parish
Tom Hanks, Actor
New York, 2004
Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor
Sideways, The Shooting Script
, 2004
Ingo Petzke
Phillip Noyce, Backroads to Hollywood
Sydney, 2004
Françoise Pfaff (ed.)
Focus on African films
Bloomington, 2004
Alastair Phillips
City of darkness, city of light, Émigré filmmakers in Paris, 1929-1939
Amsterdam, 2004
Gene D. Phillips (ed.)
Francis Ford Coppola, Interviews
Jackson, Miss., 2004
Gene D. Phillips
Godfather, The intimate Francis Ford Coppola
Lexington, 2004
Ingeborg Pietzsch und Ralf Schenk
Schlagt ihn tot, den Hund, Film- und Theaterkritiker erinnern sich
Berlin, 2004
Mark I. Pinsky
The Gospel according to Disney, Faith, trust, and pixie dust
Louisville, Ky., 2004
Leland Poague (ed.)
Frank Capra, Interviews
Jackson, 2004
Murray Pomerance
An eye for Hitchcock
New Brunswick, N.J., 2004
Murray Pomerance (ed.)
Bad, Infamy, darkness, evil, and slime on screen
Albany, 2004
S. S. Prawer
Nosferatu, Phantom der Nacht
London, 2004
Michael H. Price with George E. Turner
Human monsters
Baltimore, Md., 2004
Stephen Prince (ed.)
The horror film
New Brunswick, N.J., 2004
Hans Helmut Prinzler und Gabriele Jatho (eds.)
New Hollywood, 1967 - 1976. Trouble in wonderland
Berlin, 2004
Dinesh Raheja, Jitendra Kothari
The Bollywood saga, Indian cinema
London, 2004
Juan Antonio Ramirez
Architecture for the screen, A critical study of set design in Hollywood's golden age
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
Douglas L. Rathgeb
The making of Rebel without a cause
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
Alexandra Raumer
Berlin, Berlin, Kuchen, Torten un Konsorten
, 2004
Christopher Reeve
Nothing is Impossible, Reflections on a New Life
, 2004
Brian J. Robb
Johnny Depp, A Modern Rebel
, 2004
David L. Robb
Operation Hollywood, How the Pentagon shapes and censors the movies
Amherst, N.Y., 2004
Kevin Rockett
Irish film censorship, A cultural journey from silent cinema to Internet pornography
Dublin, 2004
Clara E. Rodriguez
Heroes, lovers, and others, The story of Latinos in Hollywood
Washington, D.C., 2004
Richard Roeper
Schlock value, Hollywood at its worst
New York, 2004
Frederick V. Romano
The Boxing Filmography, American Features, 1920-2003
Jefferson, North Carolina and London, 2004
Herman Romer
Fantasie, illusie en betovering, Herinneringen aan Rotterdamse bioscopen 1896-2004
Zaltbommel, 2004
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Essential cinema, On the necessity of film canons
Baltimore, 2004
Jack Rothman
Hollywood in wide angle, How directors view filmmaking
Lanham, Md., 2004
Kenneth S. Rothwell
A history of Shakespeare on screen, A century of film and television
Cambridge, UK; New York, 2004
Samuel K. Rubin
Moving pictures and classic images, Memories of forty years in the vintage film hobby
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
Graham Russell, Gao Hodges
Anna May Wong, From Laundryman's Daughter to Hollywood Legend
, 2004
Hertha Rühmann
Meine Jahre mit Heinz
, 2004
Mark Sachleben & Kevan M. Yenerall
Seeing the bigger picture, Understanding politics through film & television
New York, 2004
Andrea Sarvady
The ultimate girls' movie survival guide, What to rent, who to watch, how to deal
New York, 2004
Steven Hay Schneider (ed.)
Horror film and psychoanalysis, Freud's worst nightmare
New York, 2004
Steven Jay Schneider (ed.)
New Hollywood violence
Manchester; New York, 2004
Jean-Jacques Schuhl
Ingrid Caven, A novel
San Francisco, 2004
Kerry Segrave
Foreign films in America, A history
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
Ramses Shaffy en Joop Admiraal
Brieven uit Rome, Aan Shireen Strooker
Amsterdam, 2004
Harry Shapiro
Shooting stars, Drugs, hollywood and the movies
New York, NY, 2004
Tom Shone
Blockbuster, How Hollywood learned to stop worrying and love the summer
New York, 2004
Alain Silver and James Ursini (eds.)
Film noir reader 4, The crucial films and themes
New York, 2004
Alain Silver & James Ursini
Film Noir
Köln, London, 2004
Garner Simmons
Peckinpah, Portrait in Montage
, 2004
Irving Singer
Three philosophical filmmakers, Hitchcock, Welles, Renoir
Cambridge, Mass., 2004
Mark Sinker
London, 2004
David J. Skal
Hollywood gothic, The tangled web of Dracula from novel to stage to screen
New York, 2004
Irv Slifkin
VideoHound's groovy movies, Far-out films of the psychedelic era
Detroit, 2004
Gary Allen Smith
Epic films, Casts, credits, and commentary on over 350 historical spectacle movies
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
Matthew Smith
Marilyn's Last Words, Her Secret Tapes and Mysterious Death
, 2004
Max Smith
Annet Nieuwenhuijzen, Actrice
Amsterdam, 2004
Mona Z. Smith
Becoming something, The story of Canada Lee
New York, 2004
William G. Smith
Plato and popcorn, A philosopher's guide to 75 thought-provoking movies
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
Eric Smoodin
Regarding Frank Capra, Audience, Celebrity, and American Film Studies, 1930-1960
Durham and London, 2004
Vivian Sobchack
Carnal thoughts, Embodiment and moving image culture
Berkeley, 2004
John T. Soister
Up from the Vault, Rare Thrillers of the 1920s and 1930s
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2004
James Spada
Julia, Her Life
, 2004
Jerry Stahl
I, Fatty, A Novel
New York, 2004
Adrian Stahlecker
Goebbels' droomfabrieken, Filmverhalen uit nazi-Duitsland
Soesterberg, 2004
Robert Steele
Orlando Bloom
, 2004
Atara Stein
The Byronic hero in film, fiction, and television
Carbondale, 2004
David Sterritt and Lucille Rhodes (eds.)
Terry Gilliam, Interviews
Jackson, 2004
Irene Stratenwerth/Hermann Simon (eds.)
Pioniere in celluloid, Juden in der frühen Filmwelt
Berlin, 2004
Marc Raymond Strauss
Alfred Hitchcock's Silent Films
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2004
Bryony Sutherland & Lucy Ellis
Uma Thurman, The Biography
London, 2004
Alison Sweeney
All the Days of My Life (So Far)
, 2004
Rin Tanaka
Steve McQueen 40 Summers Ago...., Hollywood Behind the Iron Curtain
, 2004
Yvonne Tasker (ed.)
Action and Adventure Cinema
London and New York, 2004
Yvonne Tasker (ed.)
Action and adventure cinema
London; New York, 2004
W. Barnes Tatum
Jesus at the Movies, A Guide to the First Hundred Years
Santa Rosa, Ca, 2004
Michael Temple, James S Williams, Michael Witt (ed.)
For Ever Godard
, 2004
Tracy Ryan Terhune
Valentino Forever, The History Of The Valentino Memorial Services
, 2004
Vincent Terrace
The television crime fighters factbook, Over 9,800 details from 301 programs, 1937-2003
Jefferson, N.C., 2004
David Thompson and Ian Christie (ed.)
Scorsese on Scorsese
, 2004
Chistine Tomassini, Editor, Jim Craddock and Michael J. Tyrkus , Contributing Editors
Magill's Cinema Annual 2004, 23rd Edition. A Survey of the Films of 2003
Detroit..., 2004
Keith Topping
A Vault of Horror, A Book of 80 Great (and not so great) British Horror Movies from 1956-1974
, 2004
Kathleen Tracy
Diana Rigg, The biography
Dallas, Tex., 2004
Kenneth Turan
Never coming to a theater near you, A celebration of a certain kind of movie
New York, 2004
Alexandre Tylski
Roman Polanski, ses premiers films polonais
Lyon, 2004
Rudolf Ulrich
Österreicher in Hollywood
Wien, 2004
Huub Wijfjes
Journalistiek in Nederland, 1850-2000, Beroep, cultuur en organisatie
Amsterdam, 2004
Tony Williams
Body and soul, The cinematic vision of Robert Aldrich
Lanham, Md., 2004
Paula Willoquet-Maricondi (ed.)
Pedro Almodovar, Interviews
Jackson, 2004
Martin M. Winkler (ed.)
Gladiator, Film and history
Malden, MA, 2004
Russ Witcher
A Textual Analysis of Movie Director Oliver Stone's Nixon
Lewiston - Queenston - Lampeter, 2004
Jason Wood
100 American Independent Films
London, 2004
Scott Yanow
Jazz on film, The complete story of the musicians & music onscreen
San Francisco, CA, 2004
Slavoj Zizek
Iraq, The borrowed kettle
London; New York, 2004