Books from 2005

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Dave McKean
The Alchemy of MirrorMask
, 2005
Alison McMahan
The films of Tim Burton, Animating live action in contemporary Hollywood
New York, 2005
Legs McNeil & Jennifer Osborne, with Peter Pavia
The other Hollywood, The uncensored oral history of the porn film industry
New York, 2005
Edward McPherson
Buster Keaton, Tempest in a Flat Hat
, 2005
Tom Mes and Jasper Sharp
The Midnight Eye guide to new Japanese film
Berkeley, Calif., 2005
Gabriel Miller (ed.)
Fred Zinnemann, Interviews
Jackson, 2005
Petrine Day Mitchum with Audrey Pavia
Hollywood hoofbeats, Trails blazed across the silver screen
Irvine, Calif., 2005
Matthew Modine
Full Metal Jacket Diary
, 2005
Johannes von Moltke
No place like home, Locations of Heimat in German cinema
Berkeley, 2005
Carl J. Mora
Mexican cinema, Reflections of a society, 1896-2004
Jefferson, N.C., London, 2005
Albert Moran and Errol Vieth
Historical Dictionary of Australian and New Zealand Cinema
Lanham, Maryland, Toronto, Oxford, 2005
Edgar Morin
The cinema, or, The imaginary man
Minneapolis, 2005
Douglas Morrey
Jean-Luc Godard
Manchester, 2005
Douglas Morrey
Jean-Luc Godard
Manchester; New York, 2005
Ray Morton
King Kong, The history of a movie icon from Fay Wray to Peter Jackson
New York, Milwaukee, WI, 2005
John Mowitt
Re-takes, Postcoloniality and foreign film languages
Minneapolis, 2005
John Kenneth Muir
Singing a new tune, The rebirth of the modern film musical, from Evita to De-lovely and beyond
New York, Milwaukee, WI, 2005
Torsten Musial, Kornelia Knospe (hrsg)
Konrad Wolf
Berlin, 2005
Jürgen Müller
Die besten Filme der 80er
Köln - London - Los Angeles - Madrid - Paris - Tokyo, 2005
Jürgen Müller
Movies of the 40s
Köln, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo, 2005
Jürgen Müller (ed.)
Movies of the 50s
Köln, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo, 2005
Jürgen Müller (ed.)
Movies of the 60s
Köln, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo, 2005
James L. Neibaur
The Bob Hope Films
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2005
Alexander Nemerov
Icons of grief, Val Lewton’s home front pictures
Berkeley, 2005
Andrew Nestingen and Trevor G. Elkington (eds.)
Transnational cinema in a global north, Nordic cinema in transition
Detroit, 2005
Andreas Neumann unter Mitarbeit von Michael Petzel
Sir John jagt den Hexer, Siegfried Schürenberg und die Edgar-Wallace-Filme
Berlin, 2005
Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer
Batman Begins, The Screenplay Including Storyboards and Exclusive Interviews
, 2005
Arthur Nolletti, Jr
The cinema of Gosho Heinosuke, Laughter through tears
Bloomington, 2005
Bonnie Noonan
Women scientists in fifties science fiction films
Jefferson, N.C., 2005
Carol Ockman, Kenneth Silver
Sarah Bernhardt, The Art of High Drama
, 2005
Ernst Offermanns
Die deutschen Juden und der Spielfilm der NS-Zeit
Frankfurt am Main - Berlin - Bern - Bruxelles - New York - Oxford - Wien, 2005
Ted Okuda and David Maska
Charlie Chaplin at Keystone and Essanay, Dawn of the Tramp
, 2005
Ann C. Paietta
Saints, clergy, and other religious figures on film and television, 1895-2003
Jefferson, N.C., 2005
Charles Pappas
It's a bitter little world, The smartest, toughest, nastiest quotes from film noir
Cincinnati, Ohio, 2005
James Robert Parish
Katharine Hepburn, The Untold Story
, 2005
James Robert Parish
Halle Berry, Actor
New York, 2005
Louis Paul
Italian horror film directors
Jefferson, N.C., 2005
Chris Perriam, Ann Davies (Eds)
Carmen, From Silent Film to MTV
Amsterdam - New York, NY, 2005
George Perry
James Dean
, 2005
Mark Polish, Michael Polish, and Jonathan Sheldon
The declaration of independent filmmaking, An insider's guide to making movies outside of Hollywood
Orlando, 2005
Murray Pomerance
Johnny Depp starts here
New Brunswick, N.J., 2005
Steve Pond
The big show, High times and dirty dealings backstage at the Academy Awards
New York, 2005
Sally Potter
Yes, Screenplay and Notes
, 2005
S.S. Prawer
Between Two Worlds, The Jewish Presence in German and Austrian film, 1910-1933
New York; Oxford, 2005
Eileen S. Quigley (ed.)
International Motion Picture Almanac, 2005
, 2005
Meinhardt Raabe
Memories of a Munchkin, an illustrated walk down the yellow brick road
New York, 2005
Ronald Radosh, Allis Radosh
Red star over Hollywood, The film colony's long romance with the left
San Francisco, 2005
Lee Raskin
James Dean: At Speed
, 2005
Piers Paul Read
Alec Guinness, The authorized biography
New York, [2005]
John Howard Reid
These Movies Won No Hollywood Awards, A Film-Lover's Guide to the Best of the Rest
, 2005
Scott Reisfield, Robert Dance
Garbo, Portraits from her private collection
New York, 2005
Vibeke Reuter
Alfred Hitchcocks Handschrift, vom literarischen zum filmischen Text
Trier, 2005
Andrea Richards
Girl director, A how-to guide for the first-time flat-broke film and video maker
Berkeley, 2005
Katja Riemann
Der Name der Sonne
Bremen, 2005
Katja Riemann
Die Einsamkeit des Mondes
Bremen, 2005
Katja Riemann
Der Chor der Engel
Bremen, 2005
Christopher Riley
The Hollywood standard, The complete and authoritative guide to script format and style
Studio City, CA, 2005
Terry Lee Rioux
From Sawdust to Stardust, The Biography of DeForest Kelley, Star Trek's Dr. McCoy
New York, NY, 2005
Christopher Robbins
The empress of Ireland, A chronicle of an unusual friendship
New York, 2005
Dave Rolinson
Alan Clarke
Manchester; New York, New York, 2005
James Roman
From daytime to primetime, The history of American television programs
Westport, Conn., 2005
Heiner Roß (ed.)
Lernen Sie diskutieren!, Re-education durch Film. Strategien der westlichen Alliierten nach 1945
Berlin, 2005
Tomas Ross
Take Care!, omzien naar Van Gogh
Soesterberg, 2005
William Rothman (ed.)
Cavell on film
Albany, 2005
David Rudkin
London, 2005
Sandra K. Sagala, JoAnne M. Bagwell
Alias Smith & Jones, The Story of Two Pretty Good Bad Men
, 2005
Stephen J. Sansweet and Pablo Hidalgo
Star wars chronicles, The prequels
San Francisco, 2005
Amy Sargeant
British cinema, a critical history
London, 2005
Richard Schickel
Elia Kazan, A Biography
, 2005
Peter Schifando and Jean H. Mathison
Class act, William Haines, legendary Hollywood decorator
New York, 2005
Ingo Schiweck (ed.)
"Laß dich überraschen...", Niederländische Unterhaltungskünstler in Deutschland nach 1945
Münster, 2005
Steven Jay Schneider and Tony Williams (eds.)
Horror international
Detroit, 2005
Ronald Schwartz
Neo-Noir, The New Film Noir Style from Psycho to Collateral
Lanham, Maryland - Toronto - Oxford, 2005
Bernhart Schwenk and Michael Semf (eds.)
P.P.P., Pier Paolo Pasolini
Ostfildern-Ruit, 2005
John Sedgwick and Michael Pokorny (eds.)
An economic history of film
London; New York, 2005
David Sheldon, Joan McCall
When I Knew Al, The Untold Story of Al Pacino
, 2005
Sidney Sheldon
The other side of me
New York, 2005
Brooke Shields
Down Came the Rain, My Journey Through Postpartum Depression
New York, 2005
Bärbel Sill
Le star system, du cinéma hollywoodien classique (1930 - 1960) à sa renaissance dans les années 80
Frankfurt am Main [u.a.], 2005
Alain Silver & James Ursini
L.A. noir, The city as character
Santa Monica, CA, 2005
Philip J. Skerry
The shower scene in Hitchcock's "Psycho", Creating cinematic suspense and terror
Lewiston, 2005
Kevin Smith
Silent Bob Speaks, The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith
, 2005
John T. Soister
Of Gods and Monsters, A Critical Guide to Universal Studios' Science Fiction, Horror and Mystery Films, 1929-1939
, 2005
James Spada
Julia Roberts
München, 2005
Sam Staggs
When Blanche met Brando, The scandalous story of "A streetcar named Desire"
New York, 2005
Sylvester Stallone, with David Hochman
Sly moves, My proven program to lose weight, build strength, gain will power, and live your dream
New York, 2005
Isolde Standish
A new history of Japanese cinema, A century of narrative film
New York, 2005
Birgitta Steene
Ingmar Bergman, A Reference Guide
Amsterdam, 2005
Steve Stevens, with John D. Cady
So you want to be in show business, A Hollywood agent shares the secrets of getting ahead without getting ripped off
Nashville, Tenn., 2005
Jacqueline Najuma Stewart
Migrating to the movies, Cinema and Black urban modernity
Berkeley, 2005
James B. Stewart
Disney war
New York, 2005
Dennis Stock
James Dean, Fifty years ago
New York, 2005
John Stokes
The French actress and her English audience
Cambridge, New York, 2005
Sarah Street
Black Narcissus
London, 2005
Michael Streeter
Nothing Lost Forever, The Films of Tom Schiller
, 2005
Lawrence H. Suid, Dolores A. Haverstick
Stars and stripes on screen, A comprehensive guide to portrayals of American military on film
Lanham, Md., 2005
Anthony Summers, with Robbyn Swan
Sinatra, The Life
New York, 2005
Paul Sutton
London; New York, 2005
Gary J. Svehla and Susan Svehla (eds.)
We belong dead, Frankenstein on film
Baltimore, Md., 2005
Peter Swaab
Bringing Up Baby
, 2005