Books from 2005

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Sylvia Szely (Hg.)
Spiele und Wirklichkeiten, Rund um 50 Jahre Fernsehspiel und Fernsehfilm in Österreich
Wien, 2005
Michael Temple
Jean Vigo
Manchester, UK; New York, 2005
Marshall Terrill
Steve McQueen, Portrait of an American Rebel
, 2005
Ray Tevis and Brenda Tevis
The image of librarians in cinema, 1917-1999
Jefferson, N.C., 2005
Kristin Thompson
Herr Lubitsch goes to Hollywood, German and American film after World War I
Amsterdam, 2005
Christian W. Thomsen, Angela Krewani (eds.)
Hollywood, Recent developments
Stuttgart, 2005
David Thomson
The whole equation, A history of Hollywood
New York, 2005
Charles Tranberg
I Love the Illusion, The Life And Career of Agnes Moorehead
, 2005
Tony Turtu
Bad girls, Film fatales, sirens, and molls
Portland, Or., 2005
Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen
Based on a true story, Fact and fantasy in 100 favorite movies
Chicago, 2005
Mark Cotta Vaz
Living dangerously, The adventures of Merian C. Cooper, creator of King Kong
New York, 2005
Noel Vera
Critic after dark, A review of Philippine cinema
Singapore, 2005
Mark A. Vieira
Greta Garbo, A Cinematic Legacy
, 2005
Michelle Vogel
Children of Hollywood, Accounts of growing up as the sons and daughters of stars
Jefferson, N.C., 2005
Michelle Vogel
Gene Tierney, A biography
Jefferson, N.C., 2005
Jans B. Wager
Dames in the driver's seat, Rereading film noir
Austin, 2005
Chris Wahl
Das Sprechen des Spielfilms, über die Auswirkungen von hörbaren Dialogen auf Produktion und Rezeption, Ästhetik und Internationalität der siebten Kunst
Trier, 2005
Eli Wallach
The Good, the Bad, and Me, In My Anecdotage
, 2005
Richard Lewis Ward
A History Of The Hal Roach Studios
, 2005
Haidee Wasson
Museum movies, The Museum of Modern Art and the birth of art cinema
Berkeley, 2005
John Waters
Shock Value, A Tasteful Book About Bad Taste
, 2005
John Waters
Hairspray, Female trouble and, Multiple maniacs. Three more screenplays
New York, 2005
Jill Watts
Mae West, An Icon in Black and White
, 2005
Jill Watts
Hattie McDaniel, Black ambition, White Hollywood
New York, 2005
Sharon Waxman
Rebels on the backlot, Six maverick directors and how they conquered the Hollywood studio system
New York, 2005
Tom Weaver
Earth vs. the sci-fi filmmakers, 20 interviews
Jefferson, N.C., 2005
Paul Webb
Ivor Novello, Portrait of a Star
, 2005
Jeff Wells
Jeff Chandler, Film, Record, Radio, Television and Theater Performances
Jefferson, NC, 2005
Paul Welsh (compiler)
Britain's Hollywood, A nostalgic celebration of Elstree's film studios
London, 2005
Birgit Wetzig-Zalkind
Das ist Berlin, Eine Stadt und ihre Stars
Berlin/Bonn, 2005
Hilary White (ed.), Jim Craddock and Michael J. Tyrkus, contributing editors
Magill's Cinema Annual 2005, 24th Edition. A Survey of the Films of 2004
Detroit, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, New Haven, Conn., Waterville, Maine, London, Munich, 2005
James Wierzbicki
Louis and Bebe Barron's Forbidden planet, A film score guide
Lanham, Md., 2005
Gene Wilder
Kiss me like a stranger, my search for love and art
New York, 2005
Mark E. Wildermuth
Blood in the moonlight, Michael Mann and information age cinema
Jefferson, N.C., 2005
Charles Wilkinson
The working director, How to arrive, thrive, and survive in the director's chair
Studio City, CA, 2005
Linda Ruth Williams
The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema
Edinburgh, 2005
Holly Willis
New Digital Cinema, Reinventing the Moving Image
London, 2005
Steve Wilson and Joe Florenski
Center Square, The Paul Lynde Story
, 2005
Gerhard Winkler
Joseph Delmont: 1873 - 1935, Abenteurer - Filmer - Schriftsteller, sein Leben - seine Filme - seine Bücher
St. Pölten, 2005
Paul A. Woods (ed.)
Scorsese, A journey through the American psyche
London, 2005
John Wranovics
Chaplin and Agee, The untold story of the tramp, the writer, and the lost screenplay
New York, 2005
Robert J. Yanal
Hitchcock as philosopher
Jefferson, N.C., 2005
Michael York
Are my blinkers showing?, Adventures in filmmaking in the new Russia
Cambridge, MA, 2005
Stephen D. Youngkin
The Lost One, A Life of Peter Lorre
, 2005
Vito Zagarrio
John Waters
Milano, 2005
Rob van der Zalm i.s.m. Xandra Knebel
Hans Croiset, Theatermaker
Amsterdam, 2005
Steve Zimmerman and Ken Weiss
Food in the movies
Jefferson, N.C., 2005
Ray Zone
3-D filmmakers, Conversations with creators of stereoscopic motion pictures
Lanham, Md., 2005