Books from 2006

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Leading Ladies, The 50 Most Unforgettable Actresses of the Studio Area
, 2006

Cut!, Hollywood murders, accidents, and other tragedies
Hauppauge, NY, 2006
Everett Aaker
Encyclopedia of early television crime fighters, All regular cast members in American crime and mystery series, 1948-1959
Jefferson, N.C., 2006
Jon Abbott
Irwin Allen television productions,1964-1970, A critical history of Voyage to the bottom of the sea, Lost in space, The time tunnel, and Land of the giants
Jefferson, N.C., 2006
Richard Abel
Americanizing the movies and "movie-mad" audiences, 1910-1914
Berkeley, 2006
Colleen Adams
Johnny Depp
New York, 2006
Tom Adrahtas
Diana Ross, The American dream girl. A lifetime to get here
Bloomington, IN, 2006
Rogelio Agrasanchez, Jr.
Mexican movies in the United States, A history of the films, theaters, and audiences, 1920-1960
Jefferson, N.C., 2006
Kim Akass and Janet McCabe (eds.)
Reading The L word, Outing contemporary television
London; New York, 2006
William Rodney Allen (editor)
The Coen Brothers, Interviews
Jackson, Mississippi, 2006
Amid Amidi
Cartoon modern, Style and design in fifties animation
San Francisco, 2006
Callie Angell
Andy Warhol Screen Tests, The Films of Andy Warhol. Catalogue Raisonné
New York, 2006
R. Aurich/A. Hutter/W. Jacobsen/G. Krenn (Hg.)
Billie, Billy Wilders Wiener journalistische Arbeiten
Wien, 2006
Sheerly Avni
Cinema by the Bay
New York, 2006
Verena Bach
Im Angesicht des Teufels, seine Erscheinung und Darstellung im Film seit 1980
München, 2006
Kaye Ballard with Jim Hesselman
How I Lost 10 Pounds in 53 Years, A Memoir
, 2006
Thomas Ballhausen/Günter Krenn/Lydia Marinelli (Hg.)
Psyche im Kino, Sigmund Freud und der Film
Wien, 2006
Adrienne Barbeau
There Are Worse Things I Could Do
, 2006
Mark Barratt
Ian McKellen, A Biography
, 2006
William Bast
Surviving James Dean
, 2006
Cari Beauchamp (ed.)
Adventures of a Hollywood secretary, Valeria Belletti, her private letters from inside the studios of the 1920s
Berkeley, 2006
Jim Belushi
Real men don't apologize
New York, 2006
John Bengtson
Silent Traces, Discovering Early Hollywood through the Films of Charlie Chaplin
, 2006
Harry M. Benshoff and Sean Griffin
Queer images, A history of gay and lesbian film in America
Lanham, Md., 2006
Chris Berry and Mary Farquhar
China on screen, Cinema and nation
New York, 2006
David Bevington, Anne Marie Welsh, Michael L. Greenwald
Shakespeare, Script, stage, screen
New York, 2006
Jane Bingham
Johnny Depp
Chicago, Ill., 2006
Sandra Blaß, Reinhard Weber
Cate Blanchett
Landshut, 2006
Dirk Bogarde
Snakes & Ladders
, 2006
Nancy Bombaci
Freaks in late modernist American culture, Nathanael West, Djuna Barnes, Tod Browning, and Carson McCullers
New York, 2006
David Boyd and R. Barton Palmer (eds.)
After Hitchcock, Influence, imitation, and intertextuality
Austin, Tex., 2006
Lorraine Bracco
On the Couch
, 2006
Edward Branigan
Projecting a camera, Language-games in film theory
London, 2006
Christopher Bray
Michael Caine
, 2006
Scott Breivold (ed.)
Howard Hawks, Interviews
Jackson, 2006
David Bret
Rock Hudson
, 2006
David Bret
Joan Crawford, Hollywood Martyr
, 2006
David Brin, Matthew Woodring Stover
Star Wars on trial, Science fiction and fantasy writers debate the most popular science fiction films of all time
Dallas, Tex., 2006
Douglas Brode
Elvis cinema and popular culture
Jefferson, N.C., 2006
Max Brooks
World War Z, An oral history of the zombie war
New York, 2006
Steven T. Brown (ed.)
Cinema anime, Critical engagements with Japanese animation
New York, 2006
Roger Bryant
William Powell, The Life and Films
Jefferson, NC, 2006
Warren Buckland
Directed by Steven Spielberg, Poetics of the contemporary Hollywood blockbuster
New York, 2006
Annette Burfoot and Susan Lord (eds.)
Killing women, The visual culture of gender and violence
Waterloo, Ont., 2006
Mário Cabral e Sá (ed.)
Location Goa
Panaji, 2006
Jeffrey Caine
The Constant Gardener, The Shooting Script
, 2006
Michael Feeney Callan
Anthony Hopkins, A Three-Act Life
, 2006
Simon Callow
Orson Welles, Hello Americans
London, 2006
Luis Canales
Imperial Gina
, 2006
Michelangelo Capua
Yul Brynner, A Biography
Jefferson, N.C., 2006
Laurence Caracalla
Harrison Ford
, 2006
Bert Cardullo (editor)
Federico Fellini, Interviews
Jackson, Mississippi, 2006
Bert Cardullo (ed.)
A critical edition of two modern plays on the dramatic character of Sir John Falstaff : Chimes at midnight, by Orson Welles, and The knight of the moon, or Sir John Falstaff, by Fernand Crommelynck
Lewiston, 2006
Bert Cardullo
Screening the stage, Studies in cinedramatic art
Oxford, New York, 2006
Ulla Carlsson (ed.)
Regulation, awareness, empowerment, Young people and harmful media content in the digital age
Göteborg, Sweden, 2006
Noël Carroll and Jinhee Choi (eds.)
Philosophy of film and motion pictures, An anthology
Malden, MA, 2006
Diane Carson and Heidi Kenaga (eds.)
Sayles talk, New perspectives on independent filmmaker John Sayles
Detroit, 2006
Bill Carter
Desperate networks
New York; London; Toronto; Sydney; Auckland, 2006
Robert Casillo
Gangster Priest, The Italian American Cinema of Martin Scorsese
Toronto, Buffalo, London, 2006
Dani Cavallaro
The Cinema of Mamoru Oshii, Fantasy, Technology and Politics
Jefferson, NC, 2006
Michel Chandelier
Le président des États-Unis vu par Hollywood, 1991-2000
Paris, France, 2006
Charlotte Chandler
The Girl Who Walked Home Alone, Bette Davis, A Personal Biography
, 2006
Mike Chopra-Gant
Hollywood genres and postwar America, Masculinity, family and nation in popular movies and film noir
London; New York, New York, 2006
David Clarke (ed.)
German cinema, Since unification
London; New York, NY, 2006
Wensley Clarkson
Mel Gibson, Man on a Mission
, 2006
George Clooney & Grant Heslov
Good Night, and Good Luck., The Screenplay and History Behind the Landmark Movie
, 2006
Tom Conley
Film Hieroglyphs
Minneapolis, 2006
Eileen Considine-Meara
At Home With Kate, Growing Up in Katharine Hepburn's Household
, 2006
Brian Copeland
Not a genuine black man, or, How I learned to be black in the lily-white suburbs
New York, 2006
Ronnie Corbett with David Nobbs
And it's goodnight from him, The autobiography of the Two Ronnies
London ;New York, 2006
Judy Cornwell
Adventures of a Jelly Baby, A funny and heartwarming memoir of a life lived on stage and screen
, 2006
Peter Cowie
Louise Brooks, Lulu forever
New York, 2006
Michael Cox, Ellen Mulder, Linda Tadic
Descriptive metadata for television, An end-to-end introduction
Burlington, MA, 2006
Steve Cox and Jim Terry
One Fine Stooge, The Larry Fine Story
, 2006
Samuel Crowl
The Films of Kenneth Branagh
, 2006
Noel Daniel (ed.)
Broken Screen, 26 conversations with Doug Aitken. Expanding the image breaking the narrative
New York, 2006
Paul Dave
Visions of England, Class and culture in contemporary cinema
Oxford, New York, 2006
Ann Davies and Phil Powrie
Carmen on Screen, An Annotated Filmography and Bibliography
Woodbridge, 2006
Ronald L. Davis
Zachary Scott, Hollywood's Sophisticated CAD
, 2006
Helen de Winter
What I really want to do is produce--, Top producers talk movies & money
London, 2006
Harriet Devine
Being George Devine's Daughter
, 2006
Yann-Brice Dherbier & Pierre-Henri Verlhac (editors)
Paul Newman, A Life in Pictures
, 2006
Bernard F. Dick
Forever Mame, The Life of Rosalind Russell
, 2006
Wheeler Winston Dixon (ed.)
American cinema of the 1940s, Themes and variations
New Brunswick, N.J., 2006
Moussa Djigo
Spike Lee, Pour une esthétique de la subversion dans Do the right thing
[Paris], 2006
D.B. Dowd and Todd Hignite (eds.)
Strips, toons, and bluesies, Essays in comics and culture
New York; St. Louis, [2006]
Rita Dubas
Shirley Temple, A Pictorial History of the World's Greatest Child Star
, 2006
Hervé Dumont
Frank Borzage, The Life and Films of a Hollywood Romantic
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2006
Marc Eliot
Jimmy Stewart, A Biography
, 2006
Dwayne Epstein
Hilary Swank
San Diego, Calif., 2006
Ellen Erwin and Jessica Z. Diamond
The Audrey Hepburn Treasures
, 2006
Joe Eszterhas
The devil's guide to Hollywood, The screenwriter as God!
New York, 2006
Mike Evans
The Making of Raging Bull
London, 2006
Allen Eyles and Keith Skone
Images of England, Croydon cinemas
Stroud, Glocs, 2006
Peter Falk
Just One More Thing, Stories from My Life
, 2006
Paul Farley
Distant Voices, Still Lives
London, 2006
Sally Faulkner
A cinema of contradiction, Spanish film in the 1960s
Edinburgh, 2006
Susan Felleman
Art in the cinematic imagination
Austin, 2006
Marshall Fine
Accidental Genius, How John Cassavetes Invented the American Independent Film
, 2006
Lothar Fischer
Anita Berber, Göttin der Nacht. Collage eines kurzen Lebens
Berlin, 2006