Books from 2007

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Peter Malone (ed.)
Through a Catholic lens, Religious perspectives of nineteen film directors from around the world
Lanham, 2007
Steven Jay Schneider (general editor)
501 movie directors
Hauppauage, NY, 2007
Deborah Shaw (ed.)
Contemporary Latin American cinema, Breaking into the global market
Lanham, Md., 2007
Jon Lewis and Eric Smoodin (eds.)
Looking past the screen, Case studies in American film history and method
Durham, 2007
James M. Welsh, Peter Lev (eds.)
The literature/film reader, Issues of adaptation
Lanham, Md., 2007
Leonard Engel (ed.)
Clint Eastwood, actor and director, New perspectives
Salt Lake City, 2007
Stacey Abbott
Celluloid vampires, Life after death in the modern world
Austin, 2007
Jerold J. Abrams (ed.)
The philosophy of Stanley Kubrick
Lexington, 2007
Pierre Achard
Boulevard des crepuscules
Paris, 2007
Sigrid Achenbach
Eduard Bendemann, 1811-1889 : die Werke in den Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin und im Mendelssohn-Archiv der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz
Berlin, 2007
Tim Adler
Hollywood and the Mob
London, 2007
John Agar as told to L.C. Van Savage
On the Good Ship Hollywood
, 2007
Charlie Ahearn
Wild style, The sampler
Brooklyn, NY, 2007
Alan Alda
Things I overheard while talking to myself
New York, 2007
Richard Allen
Hitchcock's romantic irony
New York, 2007
Stephen Alter
Fantasies of a Bollywood love thief, Inside the world of Indian moviemaking
Orlando, 2007
Mark Cronlund Anderson
Cowboy imperialism and Hollywood film
New York, 2007
Silke Andris and Ursula Frederick (eds.)
Women willing to fight, The fighting woman in film
Newcastle, UK, 2007
Scott Anthony
Night Mail
London, 2007
Vera Apfelthaler and Julia B. Köhne (eds.)
Gendered memories, Transgressions in German and Israeli film and theatre
Wien, 2007
Jonathan Auerbach
Body shots, Early cinema's incarnations
Berkeley, 2007
Steven Bach
Leni, The life and work of Leni Riefenstahl
New York, 2007
Andrew Bailey, edited by Paul Duncan
Cinema Now
Hong Kong; Köln; London; Los Angeles; Madrid; Paris; Tokyo, 2007
Alexander Ballinger, Danny Graydon
The rough guide to film noir
London, 2007
Mary Anne Barothy
Day at a Time, An Indiana Girl's Sentimental Journey to Doris Day's Hollywood and Beyond
, 2007
Michael Barrier
The animated man, A life of Walt Disney
Berkeley, 2007
Jeanine Basinger
The Star Machine
, 2007
Jeanine Basinger
Anthony Mann
Middletown, Conn., 2007
Shyon Baumann
Hollywood highbrow, From entertainment to art
Princeton, 2007
Terryl Bechtol
Who's your Bubba?, the best of T. Bubba Bechtol
Gulf Breeze, FL, 2007
Catherine L. Benamou
It's all true, Orson Welles's Pan-American Odyssey
Berkeley, 2007
Tara DiLullo Bennett
24, The official companion : season 5
London, 2007
Tim Bergfelder, Sue Harris, Sarah Street
Film architecture and the transnational imagination, Set design in 1930s European cinema
Amsterdam, 2007
Daniel Bernardi (ed.)
The persistence of whiteness, Race and contemporary Hollywood cinema
New York, 2007
S. Torriano Berry, Venise T. Berry
Historical dictionary of African American cinema
Lanham, Maryland - Toronto - Plymouth, UK, 2007
Martine Beugnet
Cinema and sensation, French film and the art of transgression
Carbondale, 2007
Christian Biet et Olivier Neveux (eds.)
Une histoire du spectacle militant, Théâtre et cinéma militants 1966-1981
Vic la Gardiole, 2007
Robin Blaetz (ed.)
Women's experimental cinema, Critical frameworks
Durham, 2007
Gene Blottner
Wild Bill Elliott, A Complete Filmography
, 2007
Sarah Miles Bolam and Thomas J. Bolam
The presidents on film, A comprehensive filmography of portrayals from George Washington to George W. Bush
Jefferson, N.C, 2007
Trudy Bolter (ed.)
Cinéma anglophone et politique
Paris, 2007
M. Keith Booker
From box office to ballot box, The American political film
Westport, Conn., 2007
Parley Ann Boswell
Edith Wharton on film
Carbondale, 2007
Robin Bougie (ed.)
Cinema Sewer, The Adults Only Guide to History's Sickest and Sexiest Movies!
Surrey, 2007
Stephen Bourne
Ethel Waters, Stormy weather
Lanham, Md., 2007
Burt Boyar
Photo by Sammy Davis, Jr.
New York, 2007
Ann Bremner (ed.)
Chris Marker, Staring Back
Columbus, Ohio, 2007
Nicole Brenez
Abel Ferrara
Urbana, 2007
David Bret
Valentino, A Dream of Desire
, 2007
David Bret
Clark Gable, Tormented star
New York, 2007
Kelly R. Brown
Florence Lawrence, the Biograph Girl, America's First Movie Star
, 2007
Lauren Brown
Reese Witherspoon, The biography
New York, 2007
Giuliana Bruno
Public intimacy, Architecture and the visual arts
Cambridge, Mass., 2007
Mark Thornton Burnett
Filming Shakespeare in the global marketplace
Basingstoke [England] ;New York, 2007
Paul C. Burns (ed.)
Jesus in twentieth-century literature, art, and movies
New York, 2007
David Butler (ed.)
Time and relative dissertations in space, Critical perspectives on Doctor Who
Manchester; New York, 2007
Michele Byers and David Lavery (eds.)
Dear Angela, Remembering My so-called life
Lanham, 2007
David Campany (ed.)
The cinematic
London; Cambridge, Mass., 2007
Edgar Cantero
Dormir amb Winona Ryder
Barcelona, 2007
Bert Cardullo (ed.)
Satyajit Ray, interviews
Jackson, 2007
Bert Cardullo
Cinematic illusions, Realism, subjectivity, and the avant-garde
Newcastle, UK, 2007
Noel Carroll
Comedy incarnate, Buster Keaton, Physical Humor, and Bodily Coping
Malden, MA, 2007
Drew Casper
Postwar Hollywood, 1946-1962
Malden, MA, 2007
Dani Cavallaro
Anime intersections, Tradition and innovation in theme and technique
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Carlo Celli and Marga Cottino-Jones
A new guide to Italian cinema
New York, 2007
Larry Ceplair
The Marxist and the movies, A biography of Paul Jarrico
Lexington, 2007
Luisa Ceretto e Alberto Morsiani (eds.)
Declinazioni del vero, Il cinema di Davide Ferrario, Daniele Luchetti, e Daniele Vicari
Torre Boldone (Bergamo), [2007]
Anthony Chan
Perpetually Cool, The Many Lives of Anna May Wong (1905-1961)
, 2007
Charlotte Chandler
Ingrid, Ingrid Bergman: A Personal Biography
, 2007
James Chapman, Mark Glancey, and Sue Harper (eds.)
The new film history, Sources, methods, approaches
New York, 2007
Alan Cholodenko (ed.)
The illusion of life II, More essays on animation
Sydney, 2007
Tommy Chong
The I Chong, Meditations from the Joint
, 2007
Anupama Chopra
King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and the seductive world of Indian cinema
New York, 2007
Rey Chow
Sentimental fabulations, contemporary Chinese films, Attachment in the age of global visibility
New York, 2007
Jaime Clarke (ed.)
Don't you forget about me, Contemporary writers on the films of John Hughes
New York, 2007
Alex Clayton
The body in Hollywood slapstick
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Jean-Noël Coghe
Jimmy the Kid, James Dean secret. On a tous quelque chose de James Dean--
[Paris], 2007
Howell Conant
Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and other photographs
, 2007
Mark T. Conard (ed.)
The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese
Lexington, 2007
Tom Conley
Cartographic Cinema
Minneapolis, 2007
Ian Conrich and Stuart Murray (eds.)
New Zealand filmmakers
Detroit, Mich, 2007
Bernie Cook (ed.)
Thelma & Louise live!, The cultural afterlife of an American film
Austin, 2007
Wendy E. Cook
So Farewell Then, The Untold Life of Peter Cook
, 2007
Alistair Cooke
Charlie Chaplin, An Atlantic Portrait
, 2007
Bobby J. Copeland and Richard B. Smith, III
Smiley Burnette, We called him Frog
Madison, NC, 2007
John Cork and Collin Stutz
James Bond encyclopedia
New York, 2007
Kieron Corless & Chris Darke
Cannes, Inside the world's premier film festival
London, 2007
Christine Cornea
Science fiction cinema, Between fantasy and reality
New Brunswick, N.J., 2007
Rita Cosby
Blonde Ambition, The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death
New York, 2007
Rob Craig
The films of Larry Buchanan, A critical examination
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Kevin & Tanja Crouch
The gospel according to Elvis
London; New York, 2007
Michael Curtin
Playing to the world's biggest audience, The globalization of Chinese film and TV
Berkeley, 2007
Don Cusic
Gene Autry, His life and career
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Serge Daney
Postcards from the cinema
Oxford; New York, 2007
John E. Davidson and Sabine Hake (eds.)
Take two, Fifties cinema in divided Germany
New York, 2007
Pamela Davies, Peter Francis, Chris Greer (eds.)
Victims, crime and society
Los Angeles, London, 2007
Darrell William Davis and Ru-shou Robert Chen (eds.)
Cinema Taiwan: politics, popularity, and state of the arts
Abingdon, N.Y., 2007
Ronald L. Davis
Words into images, Screenwriters on the studio system
Jackson, 2007
Bruce Dern with Christopher Fryer and Robert Crane
Things I've Said, But Probably Shouldn't Have, An Unrepentant Memoir
, 2007
Yann-Brice Dherbier & Pierre-Henri Verlhac (eds.)
Grace Kelly, A life in pictures
London, 2007