Books from 2007

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Jim Kane
Western movie wit & wisdom
Albany, Tex., 2007
Karen Karbo
How to Hepburn, Lessons on Living from Kate the Great
, 2007
Anette Kaufmann
Der Liebesfilm, Spielregeln eines Filmgenres
Konstanz, 2007
Richard C. Keenan
The films of Robert Wise
Lanham, Md., 2007
Brian Kellow
Ethel Merman
New York, 2007
Matthew Kennedy
Joan Blondell, A Life Between Takes
, 2007
Wayne Kinsey
Hammer Films, The Elstree Studio Years
, 2007
Detlef Klewer
Die Kinder der Nacht, Vampire in Film und Literatur
Frankfurt am Main, New York, 2007
Daniela Kloock (ed.)
Zukunft Kino, The End of the Reel World
Marburg, 2007
Peter Kobel
Silent Movies, The Birth of Film and the Triumph of Movie Culture
, 2007
Sylvia Kristel en Jean Arcelin
Naakt, een autobiografie
Amsterdam, 2007
Manuel Köppen, Erhard Schütz (Hg.)
Kunst der Propaganda, der Film im Dritten Reich
Bern, 2007
Diane Ladd
Spiraling Through the School of Life, A Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Discovery
, 2007
Tarja Laine
Shame and desire, Emotion, intersubjectivity, cinema
Bruxelles, New York, 2007
Thomas Langkau
Filmstar Jesus Christus, die neuesten Jesus-Filme als Herausforderung für Theologie und Religionspädagogik
Berlin, 2007
Joseph Lanza
Phallic frenzy, Ken Russell and his films
Chicago, Ill., 2007
Jane Lapotaire
Everybody's Daughter, Nobody's Child
, 2007
Eric Lax
Conversations with Woody Allen, His films, the movies, and moviemaking
New York, 2007
Daniel J. Leab
Orwell subverted, The CIA and the filming of Animal farm
University Park, Pa., 2007
Thomas Leabhart
Etienne Decroux
, 2007
Sarah Leahy
Casque d'or, (Jacques Becker, 1952)
Urbana, 2007
Anna Lee with Barbara Roisman Cooper
Anna Lee, Memoir of a Career on General Hospital and in Film
, 2007
Jean-Marc Lehu
Branded entertainment, Product placement & brand strategy in the entertainment business
London; Philadelphia, 2007
Wendy Leigh
True Grace, The Life and Times of an American Princess
, 2007
Thomas Leitch
Film adaptation and its discontents, From Gone with the Wind to The Passion of the Christ
Baltimore, Md., 2007
Dinah Lenney
Bigger than Life, A Murder, a Memoir
, 2007
Harris M. Lentz III
Obituaries in the Performing Arts, 2006
, 2007
Stuart Liebman (ed.)
Claude Lanzmann's Shoah, Key essays
Oxford, New York, 2007
Dennis Lim (ed.)
The Village voice film guide, 50 years of movies from classics to cult hits
Hoboken, N.J., 2007
Terry Lindvall
Sanctuary cinema, Origins of the Christian film industry
New York, 2007
Christopher Lloyd
Henri-Georges Clouzot
Manchester, 2007
Vincent LoBrutto
Martin Scorsese, A Biography
, 2007
André Loiselle
Cinema as history, Michel Brault and modern Quebec
Toronto, 2007
Elaine Lordan
Whatever It Takes, A Story of Family Survival
, 2007
Amanda D. Lotz
The television will be revolutionized
New York, 2007
Simon Louvish
Cecil B. DeMille, and the Golden Calf
London, 2007
Tim Lucas
Mario Bava, All the colors of the dark
Cincinnati, Ohio, 2007
S.P. MacKenzie
The Battle of Britain on screen, "the few" in British film and television drama
Edinburgh, 2007
Shirley MacLaine
Sage-ing while age-ing
New York, 2007
Alexander B. Magoun
Television, The life story of a technology
Westport, Conn., 2007
Dominique Mainon and James Ursini
Cinema of Obsession, Erotic Fixation and Love Gone Wrong in the Movies
New York, 2007
Charles J. Maland
City Lights
London, 2007
David Mamet
Bambi vs. Godzilla, On the nature, purpose, and practice of the movie business
New York, 2007
Millicent Marcus
Italian film in the shadow of Auschwitz
Toronto; Buffalo, 2007
Chris Marker, edited by Bill Horrigan
Staring Back
, 2007
Clive Marsh
Theology goes to the movies, An introduction to critical Christian thinking
London, New York, 2007
Sarah Marshall
Sienna's Story, The Biography of Britain's Most Inspiring Star
, 2007
Charles Martig (ed.)
Eros und Religion, Erkundungen aus dem Reich der Sinne
Marburg, 2007
Steve Martin
Born standing up, a comic’s life
New York, 2007
Laurence Maslon
The sound of music companion
New York, 2007
Paula J. Massood (ed.)
The Spike Lee reader
Philadelphia, 2007
Geoff Mayer and Brian McDonnell
Encyclopedia of Film Noir
Westport, Connecticut/London, 2007
Geoff Mayer & Keith Beattie (ed.)
The cinema of Australia and New Zealand
London, 2007
Judith Mayne
Le Corbeau, (Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1943)
Urbana, 2007
Ewa Mazierska
Polish postcommunist cinema, From pavement level
Oxford, New York, 2007
Ewa Mazierska
Roman Polanski, The Cinema of a Cultural Traveller
London, 2007
Janet McCabe and Kim Akass
Quality TV, Contemporary American Television and Beyond
London, 2007
Rue McClanahan
My First Five Husbands.., And the Ones Who Got Away
, 2007
Patrick McGilligan
Oscar Micheaux, the great and only, The life of America's first Black filmmaker
New York, 2007
Todd McGowan
The impossible David Lynch
New York, 2007
Todd McGowan
The real gaze, Film theory after Lacan
Albany, 2007
Kathleen McHugh
Jane Campion
Urbana, 2007
Martin McLoone & Kevin Rockett (eds.)
Irish films, global cinema
Dublin, Ireland, 2007
Denis Meikle
Johnny Depp, A Kind of Illusion
London, 2007
Myra Mendible (ed.)
From bananas to buttocks, The Latina body in popular film and culture
Austin, 2007
David W. Menefee
The First Male Stars, Men of the Silent Era
Albany, 2007
Barbara Mennel
The Representation of Masochism and Queer Desire in Film and Literature
New York, 2007
Miguel Mera
Mychael Danna's the ice storm, A film score guide
Lanham, Md., 2007
Rhona Mercer
Angelina Jolie, The biography
London, 2007
Andy Merriman
Hattie, The authorised biography of Hattie Jacques
London, 2007
Paul Merton
Silent comedy
London, 2007
Bill Mesce, Jr
Overkill, The rise and fall of thriller cinema
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Lothar Mikos et al.
Die "Herr der Ringe"-Trilogie, Attraktion und Faszination eines populärkulturellen Phänomens
Konstanz, 2007
Jolyon Mitchell and S. Brent Plate (eds.)
The religion and film reader
New York; London, 2007
Daisuke Miyao
Sessue Hayakawa, Silent cinema and transnational stardom
Durham, 2007
Michelle Morgan
Marilyn Monroe, Private and Undisclosed
, 2007
James Morrison
Roman Polanski
Urbana, 2007
John Kenneth Muir
The rock & roll film encyclopedia
New York, 2007
John Kenneth Muir
Horror films of the 1980s
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Michael Munn
Lord Larry, The secret life of Laurence Olivier : a personal and intimate portrait
London, 2007
J.J. Murphy
Me and you and Memento and Fargo, How independent screenplays work
New York, 2007
Jens Müller und Karen Weiland (eds.)
FilmKunstGrafik, Ein Buch zur neuen deutschen Filmgrafik der sechziger Jahre
Frankfurt am Main, 2007
James Naremore
On Kubrick
London, 2007
Lynda Nead
The haunted gallery, painting, photography, film c.1900
New Haven, 2007
Richard Neupert
A history of the French new wave cinema
Madison, 2007
Martha P. Nochimson
Dying to belong, gangster movies in Hollywood and Hong Kong
Malden, 2007
Marc Norman
What happens next, A history of American screenwriting
New York, 2007
Robert Nott
The Films of Randolph Scott
, 2007
Tony Nourmand
Stars and Cars
London, 2007
Scott Nygren
Time frames, Japanese cinema and the unfolding of history
Minneapolis, 2007
Martin O'Shaughnessy
The new face of political cinema, Commitment in French film since 1995
New York, 2007
Valerie Orpen
Cléo de 5 à 7, (Agnès Varda, 1961)
Urbana, 2007
Dayna Oscherwitz, MaryEllen Higgins
Historical dictionary of French cinema
Lanham, Md., 2007
Joyce Ostin
Hollywood dads
San Francisco, 2007
Carol Ota
The relay of gazes, Representations of culture in the Japanese televisual and cinematic experience
Lanham, 2007
Jeffrey Overstreet
Through a screen darkly
Ventura, Calif., 2007
Edwin Page
Gothic Fantasyy, The Films of Tim Burton
London, 2007
Ann C. Paietta
Teachers in the movies, A filmography of depictions of grade school, preschool and day care educators, 1890s to the present
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Karen Paik based on interviews and research by Leslie Iwerks
To infinity and beyond!, The story of Pixar Animation Studios
San Francisco, 2007
R. Barton Palmer (ed.)
Nineteenth-century American fiction on screen
Cambridge, New York, 2007