Books from 2007

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Ninni Panzera (ed.)
Giuseppe Tornatore, Uno sguardo dal set
Milano, 2007
James Robert Parish
It's good to be the king, The seriously funny life of Mel Brooks
Hoboken, N.J., 2007
Chloe Paver
Refractions of the Third Reich in German and Austrian fiction and film
Oxford, New York, 2007
Gail Pearce and Cahal McLaughlin (eds.)
Truth or dare, Art and documentary
Bristol; Chicago, 2007
Roger C. Peterson
Valentino, The Unforgotten
, 2007
Pierre Philippe
María Félix, la doña
, 2007
Alastair Phillips, Julian Stringer
Japanese cinema, Texts and contexts
London; New York, 2007
Paul Picerni with Tom Weaver
Steps to Stardom, My Story
Albany GA, 2007
Andrew Pixley
The Avengers Files
London, 2007
Dana Polan
Scenes of instruction, the beginnings of the U.S. study of film
Berkeley, 2007
Murray Pomerance (ed.)
City that never sleeps, New York and the filmic imagination
New Brunswick, N.J., 2007
Laraine Porter and Bryony Dixon (eds.)
Picture perfect, Landscape, place and travel in British cinema before 1930
Exeter, UK, 2007
Lynnette Porter & David Lavery
Unlocking the meaning of Lost, An unauthorized guide
Naperville, Ill., 2007
Lynnette Porter, David Lavery, Hillary Robson
Lost's buried treasures, The unofficial guide to everything Lost fans need to know
Naperville, Ill., 2007
Phil Powrie ... [et al.]
Carmen on film, A cultural history
Bloomington, 2007
Brad Prager
The cinema of Werner Herzog, aesthetic ecstasy and truth
London, 2007
Maria Pramaggiore
Irish and African American cinema, Identifying others and performing identities, 1980-2000
Albany, 2007
Michael H. Price, John Wooley
Forgotten horrors 4, Dreams that money can buy
Baltimore, MD, 2007
François Primeau
American Dissident, The Political Art of Michael Moore
s.l., 2007
John Purcell
Dialogue editing for motion pictures, A guide to the invisible art
Amsterdam ;Boston, 2007
Barry Purves
Stop motion, Passion, process and performance
Boston, MA, 2007
August Ragone
Eiji Tsuburaya, Master of monsters. Defending the earth with Ultraman, Godzilla, and friends in the golden age of Japanese science fiction film
San Francisco, 2007
Stephen Randall (ed.)
The Playboy interviews, Movers and shakers
Milwaukie, 2007
Walter Rankin
Grimm pictures, Fairy tale archetypes in eight horror and suspense films
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Roger Rapoport
Citizen Moore, The life and times of an American iconoclast
Berkeley, Calif., 2007
Jonathan Rayner
The Naval War Film, Genre, History, National Cinema
Manchester, 2007
Ronald Reagan
The Reagan Diaries
, 2007
Bert Rebhandl (ed.)
Western, Genre und Geschichte
Wien, 2007
Eric and D'Eva Redding
Great Big Beautiful Doll, The Anna Nicole Smith Story
, 2007
Adele Reinhartz
Jesus of Hollywood
Oxford, New York, 2007
Gary D. Rhodes with Richard Sheffield
Bela Lugosi, Dreams and Nightmares
, 2007
Richard Rickitt
Special effects, The history and technique
New York, NY, 2007
Jonathan Rigby
American Gothic, Sixty Years of Horror Cinema
, 2007
Brian J. Robb
Silent cinema
Harpenden, Herts, 2007
Cedric J. Robinson
Forgeries of memory and meaning, Blacks and the regimes of race in American theater and film before World War II
Chapel Hill, 2007
Harlow Robinson
Russians in Hollywood, Hollywood's Russians, Biography of an image
Boston, Hanover, NH, 2007
D.N. Rodowick
The virtual life of film
Cambridge, Mass., 2007
Silke Roesler
Identity switch im Cyberspace, eine Form von Selbstinszenierung
Frankfurt am Main, 2007
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Discovering Orson Welles
Berkeley, 2007
Lawrence C. Ross, Jr
Money shot, The wild days and lonely nights Inside the Black porn industry
New York, 2007
Erica Rowell
The brothers Grim, The films of Ethan and Joel Coen
Lanham, Md., 2007
Laura E. Ruberto & Kristi M. Wilson (eds.)
Italian neorealism and global cinema
Detroit, 2007
James Russell
The Historical Epic and Contemporary Hollywood, From Dances with Wolves to Gladiator
New York; London, 2007
Paul Ruven & Marian Batavier
Het geheim van Hollywood, de gouden succesformule voor schrijvers, acteurs, regisseurs en alle andere filmliefhebbers
Amsterdam, 2007
Steven Rybin
The cinema of Michael Mann
Lanham, MD, 2007
Cristina Sanchez-Conejero (ed.)
Spanishness in the Spanish novel and cinema of the 20th-21st century
Newcastle, UK, 2007
Kevin S. Sandler
The naked truth, Why Hollywood doesn't make X-rated movies
New Brunswick, N.J., 2007
Tom Santopietro
Considering Doris Day
New York, 2007
Richard Schickel
Bogie, A celebration of the life and films of Humphrey Bogart
New York, 2007
Christoph Schifferli (ed.)
Paper Dreams, The Lost Art of Hollywood Still Photography
Paris, 2007
Mark Schilling
No border no limits, Nikkatsu action cinema
Godalming, Surrey, 2007
Will Schmenner and Corinne Granof (eds.)
Casting a shadow, Creating the Alfred Hitchcock film
Evanston, Ill., 2007
Frank Schnelle, Andreas Thiemann
Die 100 besten Filme aller Zeiten, ... und die DVDs, die Sie haben müssen
Berlin, 2007
Rikke Schubart
Super bitches and action babes, The female hero in popular cinema, 1970-2006
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Ted Schwarz
Hollywood confidential, How the studios beat the mob at their own game
Lanham, Md., 2007
Jeffrey Sconce (ed.)
Sleaze artists, Cinema at the margins of taste, style, and politics
Durham, 2007
Peter Seely and Gail W. pieper (editors)
Stoogeology, Essays on the Three Stooges
, 2007
Bryan Senn
A year of fear, A day-by-day guide to 366 horror films
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Jamie Sexton
Music, sound and multimedia, From the live to the virtual
Edinburgh, 2007
Viola Shafik
Popular Egyptian cinema, Gender, class and nation
Cairo; New York, 2007
Robert Shail
British film directors, A critical guide
Edinburgh, 2007
Raphael Shargel (ed.)
Ingmar Bergman, Interviews
Jackson, Miss, 2007
Lisa Shaw and Stephanie Dennison
Brazilian national cinema
Abingdon, New York, 2007
Tony Shaw
Hollywood's Cold War
Amherst, 2007
Celine Parrenas Shimizu
The hypersexuality of race, Performing Asian/American women on screen and scene
Durham, 2007
Michael W. Shurgot (editor)
North American Players of Shakespeare, A Book of Interviews
, 2007
Ed Sikov
Dark Victory, The Life of Bette Davis
New York, 2007
Alain Silver
K. Hepburn
, 2007
Alain Silver
, 2007
Irving Singer
Ingmar Bergman, cinematic philosopher, Reflections on his creativity
Cambridge, Mass., 2007
Anthony Slide, with Jane Burman Powell and Lori Goldman Berthelsen
Now playing, Hand-painted poster art from the 1910s through the 1950s
Santa Monica, Calif., 2007
Jane Sloan
Reel Women, an international directory of contemporary feature films about women
Lanham, Maryland, 2007
Gemma Solana and Antonio Boneu
The Art of the Title Sequence, Film Graphics in Motion
, 2007
Burkhardt Sonnenstuhl (ed.)
Prominente in Berlin-Westend, und ihre Geschichten
Berlin, 2007
Robert Spadoni
Uncanny bodies, The coming of sound film and the origins of the horror genre
Berkeley, 2007
Daniel Sponsel (Ed.)
Der schöne Schein des Wirklichen, Zur Authentizität im Film
Konstanz, 2007
Marjolein Sprenger
De klap van de werkelijkheid, een onderzoek naar de maatschappelijke documentaire in Nederland
Amsterdam, 2007
Claudia Springer
James Dean Transfigured, The Many Faces of Rebel Iconography
, 2007
Jackie Stacey (ed.)
Queer screen, a Screen reader
London, 2007
Jim Stacy (ed.)
Reading Brokeback Mountain, Essays on the story and the film
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Peter Stanfield, Frank Krutnik, Brian Neve, Steve Neale (eds.)
"Un-American" Hollywood, Politics and film in the blacklist era
New Brunswick, N.J., 2007
Lisa Odham Stokes with contributions by Jean Lukitsh, Michael Hoover, Tyler Stokes
Historical dictionary of Hong Kong cinema
Lanham, Md., 2007
Alan A. Stone
Movies and the moral adventure of life
Cambridge, Mass., 2007
Leslie Stratyner and James R. Keller (eds.)
Fantasy fiction into film, Essays
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Marc Raymond Strauss
Hitchcock nonetheless, The master's touch in his least celebrated films
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Juan A. Suarez
Jim Jarmusch
Urbana, 2007
Catherine Summerhayes
The moving images of Tracey Moffatt
Milan, 2007
Kevin W. Sweeney (editor)
Buster Keaton, Interviews
Jackson, Miss., 2007
Yvonne Tasker and Diane Negra (eds.)
Interrogating postfeminism, Gender and the politics of popular culture
Durham, 2007
Susan Tegel
Nazis and the cinema
London [etc.], 2007
William David Thomas
Johnny Depp
Milwaukee, Wis., 2007
Dave Thompson
Black and white and blue, Adult cinema from the Victorian age to the VCR
Toronto, 2007
Douglas Thompson
Clint, The biography of cinema's greatest ever star
London, 2007
Kirsten Moana Thompson
Apocalyptic dread, American film at the turn of the millennium
Albany, 2007
Kristin Thompson
The Frodo franchise, The Lord of the rings and modern Hollywood
Berkeley, 2007
Kristin Thompson
The Frodo franchise, How the Lord of the Rings became a Hollywood blockbuster & put New Zealand on the map
North Shore, N.Z., New York, 2007
Stephen Thrower
Nightmare USA, The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents
, 2007
Rosemarie Tichler and Barry Jay Kaplan
Actors at work
New York, 2007
Peter Prescott Tonguette
Orson Welles remembered, Interviews with his actors, editors, cinematographers and magicians
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
Lisa Trahair
The comedy of philosophy, Sense and nonsense in early cinematic slapstick
Albany, 2007