Books from 2007

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Charles Tranberg
Fred MacMurray
, 2007
Jürgen Trimborn
Leni Riefenstahl, A life
New York, 2007
David Trotter
Cinema and modernism
Malden, MA, USA, 2007
David C. Tucker
The Women Who Made Television Funny, Ten Stars of 1950s Sitcoms
, 2007
J.M. Tyree and Ben Walters
The Big Lebowski
London, 2007
James Ursini
, 2007
James Ursini
, 2007
Marijke de Valck
Film festivals, From European geopolitics to global cinephilia
Amsterdam, 2007
Jack Valenti
This time, this place, My life in war, the White House, and Hollywood
New York, 2007
Roel Vande Winkel and David Welch (eds.)
Cinema and the swastika, The international expansion of Third Reich cinema
Basingstoke; New York, 2007
Isabelle Vanderschelden
Amélie, Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain : (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001)
Urbana, 2007
Jason P. Vest
Future Imperfect, Philip K. Dick at the Movies
Westport, Connecticut, London, 2007
Michelle Vogel & Liz Nocera
Hollywood Blondes, Golden Girls of the Silver Screen
, 2007
Michelle Vogel
Olive Thomas, The Life and Death of a Silent Film Beauty
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2007
Christopher Vogler
The writer's journey, Mythic structure for writers
Studio City, CA, 2007
Wendy Warwick White
Ford Sterling, The Life And Films
, 2007
Michael Wedel
Kolportage, Kitsch und Können, Das Kino des Richard Eichberg
Berlin, 2007
Judith Weisenfeld
Hollywood be thy name, African American religion in American film, 1929-1949
Berkeley, 2007
Jann S. Wenner & Corey Seymour
Gonzo, The life of Hunter S. Thompson. An oral biography
New York, 2007
Betsy West
Corbin Bleu, To the Limit, An Unauthorized Biography
, 2007
Rosie White
Violent femmes, Women as spies in popular culture
New York, 2007
Eric G. Wilson
The strange world of David Lynch, Transcendental irony from Eraserhead to Mulholland Dr.
New York, 2007
Martin M. Winkler (ed.)
Spartacus, Film and history
Malden, MA, USA, 2007
Martin M. Winkler (ed.)
Troy, From Homer's Iliad to Hollywood epic
Malden, MA, 2007
J. Emmett Winn
The American dream and contemporary Hollywood cinema
New York, 2007
Ben Winters
Erich Wolfgang Korngold's The adventures of Robin Hood, A film score guide
Lanham, Md., 2007
Mary P. Wood
Contemporary European cinema
London, New York, 2007
Gary G. Xu
Sinascape, Contemporary Chinese cinema
Lanham, 2007
Candida Yates
Masculine jealousy and contemporary cinema
New York, 2007
Bryan L. Yeatter
Cinema of the Philippines, A history and filmography, 1897-2005
Jefferson, N.C., 2007
writers Lee Gil-sung, Kim Han-sang, Kong Young-min
Kim Seung-ho, Face of father, portrait of Korean cinema
[Seoul] :[Pusan], [2007]
Denise J. Youngblood
Russian war films, On the cinema front, 1914-2005
Lawrence, 2007
Zhang Zhen (ed.)
The urban generation, Chinese cinema and society at the turn of the twenty-first century
Durham, 2007