Books from 2009

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from the editors of Life
Remembering Marilyn
New York, 2009
edited by Rikke Schubart ... [et al.]
War isn't hell, it's entertainment, Essays on visual media and the representation of conflict
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Jon Abbott
Stephen J. Cannell television productions, A history of all series and pilots
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Jochen Achilles, Ina Bergmann (eds.)
Representations of Evil in Fiction and Film
Trier, 2009
Annette D'Agostino Lloyd
Harold Lloyd, Magic in a Pair of Horn-Rimmed Glasses
Albany, Georgia, 2009
Rubina Ali with Anne Berthod and Divya Dugar
Slumgirl dreaming, My journey to the stars
New York, 2009
Michael Allen
Live from the moon, Film, television and the space race
London; New York, 2009
Michael Althen (ed.)
Dominik Graf - Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen, Texte zum Film
Berlin, 2009
Gene Arceri
Rocking Horse, A Personal Biography of Betty Hutton
, 2009
Feona Attwood (ed.)
Mainstreaming sex, The sexualization of Western culture
London; New York, 2009
Marc Augé; translated and with an afterword by Tom Conley
Casablanca, Movies and memory
Minneapolis, 2009
Rolf Aurich, Wolfgang Jacobsen (eds.)
Pem, Der Kritiker und Feuilletonist Paul Marcus
München, 2009
Hester Baer
Dismantling the dream factory, Gender, German cinema, and the postwar quest for a new film language
New York, 2009
Blake Bailey
Cheever, A life
New York, 2009
Nancy Balbirer
Take your shirt off and cry, A memoir of near-fame experiences
New York, 2009
Anthony Balducci
Lloyd Hamilton, Poor boy comedian of silent cinema
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Laura Petersen Balogh
Karl Dane, A biography and filmography
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Gregory Bernard Banks
2012, Seeking closure
Stockbridge, GA, 2009
Craigh Barboza (ed.)
John Singleton, Interviews
Jackson, 2009
Bob Barker with Digby Diehl
Priceless memories
New York, 2009
Jennifer M. Barker
The tactile eye, Touch and the cinematic experience
Berkeley, 2009
Paul Batura
Good day! Paul Harvey's story
Washington, D.C., 2009
Barbara Bazaldua, Steve Bynghall, Jo Casey
London, 2009
Christopher Beach
The films of Hal Ashby
Detroit, 2009
Cari Beauchamp
Joseph P. Kennedy presents, His Hollywood years
New York, 2009
Jim Beaver
Life's that way, A memoir
New York, NY, 2009
Wolfgang Beilenhoff, Sabine Hänsgen (eds.)
Der gewöhnliche Faschismus, Ein Werkbuch zum Film von Michail Romm
Berlin, 2009
Tara Bennett
Terminator salvation, The official movie companion
London, 2009
Tara Bennett
The art of Terminator salvation
London, 2009
Jackson J. Benson
Under the big sky, A biography of A.B. Guthrie Jr.
Lincoln, 2009
Tom Bergeron
I'm hosting as fast as I can!, Zen and the art of staying sane in Hollywood
New York, 2009
Daniel Bernardi (ed.)
Filming difference, Actors, directors, producers, and writers on gender, race, and sexuality in film
Austin, 2009
Anke Bernau and Bettina Bildhauer (eds.)
Medieval film
Manchester, 2009
Matthew H. Bernstein
Screening a lynching, The Leo Frank case on film and television
Athens, 2009
Jo Berry
The ultimate DVD easter egg guide, How to access the hidden extras on your DVDs
London, 2009
Michael Berry
Jia Zhangke's 'Hometown Trilogy', Xiao Wu, Platform, Unknown Pleasures
London, 2009
Birgit Beumers
A history of Russian cinema
Oxford; New York, 2009
Emilie Bickerton
A short history of Cahiers du cinéma
London; New York, 2009
Richard Blank
Film and Light, The Story of Film is the Story of Light
Berlin, 2009
Jennifer Bleek
Blick und Welt, Filmästhetische Konstruktionen beim frühen Terrence Malick
München, 2009
William Blizek (ed.)
The Continuum companion to religion and film
London; New York, 2009
Ronny Bloom
Supernatural boys
New York, 2009
Hans Michael Bock und Karl Griep (eds.)
Schatten des Krieges, Innovation und Tradition im Europäischen Kino 1940-1950
Hamburg, 2009
Keeley Bolger
How to win X Factor
London; New York, 2009
Peter Bondanella
A history of Italian cinema
New York, 2009
Mark Bould, Kathrina Glitre and Greg Tuck (eds.)
London, 2009
Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg and Michael Loebenstein (eds.)
Gustav Deutsch
Wien, 2009
Leo Braudy, Marshall Cohen (eds.)
Film theory and criticism, Introductory readings
New York, 2009
Susan Broadhurst and Josephine Machon (eds.)
Sensualities/textualities and technologies, Writings of the body in 21st century performance
Basingstoke; New York, 2009
Douglas Brode and Carol Serling
Rod Serling and The twilight zone, The 50th anniversary tribute
Fort Lee, N.J., 2009
Douglas Brode
Shooting stars of the small screen, Encyclopedia of TV Western actors, 1946-present
Austin, 2009
Dennis Broe
Film noir, American workers, and postwar Hollywood
Gainesville, 2009
Margarita Broich
Ende der Vorstellung, Schauspielerportraits
Salzburg, 2009
Vincent Brook
Driven to darkness, Jewish émigré directors and the rise of film noir
New Brunswick, N.J., 2009
Will Brooker
Star Wars
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, 2009
Ray Brooks
Learning my lines, From Cathy come home to EastEnders
Sussex, England, 2009
Gian Piero Brunetta
The history of Italian cinema, A guide to Italian film from its origins to the twenty-first century
Princeton, 2009
Judith Buchanan
Shakespeare on silent film, An excellent dumb discourse
Cambridge, UK; New York, 2009
Warren Buckland (ed.)
Film theory and contemporary Hollywood movies
New York, 2009
Anthony Buckley
Behind a velvet light trap, A filmaker's journey from Cinesound to Cannes
Prahan, Vic., 2009
Noël Burch et Geneviève Sellier
Le Cinéma au prisme des rapports de sexe
, 2009
Alan Burton and Tim O'Sullivan
The cinema of Basil Dearden and Michael Relph
Edinburgh, 2009
David Butler
Fantasy cinema, Impossible worlds on screen
London; New York, 2009
Bert Cardullo (ed.)
After neorealism, Italian filmmakers and their films. Essays and interviews
Newcastle, 2009
Bert Cardullo (ed.)
The films of Robert Bresson, A casebook
New York, NY, 2009
Bert Cardullo (ed.)
Robert Bresson, A casebook
Detroit, 2009
Leslie Caron
Thank heaven, a memoir
New York, 2009
Ellis Cashmore
Martin Scorsese's America
Cambridge; Malden, MA, 2009
Alison Castle
Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon, The Greatest Movie Never Made
Köln, 2009
Charlotte Chandler
She always knew how, Mae West, a personal biography
New York, 2009
James Chapman and Nicholas J. Cull
Projecting empire, Imperialism and popular cinema
London; New York, 2009
Jane Chapman
Issues in contemporary documentary
Cambridge, 2009
Tom Charity
Little Book of Big Ideas, Film, the 50 Most Influential Film-Makers in the World
London, 2009
Kristin Chenoweth with Joni Rodgers
A little bit wicked, Life, love, and faith in stages
New York, 2009
Michel Chion
Film, a sound art
New York, 2009
Tommy Chong
Cheech & Chong, The unauthorized autobiography
New York, 2009
David B. Clarke, Valerie Crawford Pfannhauser, and Marcus A. Doel (eds.)
Moving pictures/stopping places, Hotels and motels on film
Lanham, MD, 2009
Roger Clarke
The story of the scene, The inside scoop on famous moments in film
London, 2009
Jean Cocteau, edited and with an introduction by Margaret Crossland
My contemporaries
London; Chester Springs, PA; Chester Springs, PA, 2009
Amir Cohen-Shalev
Visions of aging, Images of the elderly in film
Brighton; Portland, Or., 2009
Felicity Colman (ed.)
Film, theory and philosophy, The key thinkers
Durham, 2009
Felicity Colman (ed.)
Film, theory and philosophy, The key thinkers
Montreal, 2009
Corinn Columpar and Sophie Mayer (eds.)
There she goes, Feminist filmmaking and beyond
Detroit, 2009
Edward P. Comentale & Aaron Jaffe (eds.)
The year's work in Lebowski studies
Bloomington, 2009
Susan A. Compo
Warren Oates, A wild life
Lexington, Ky, 2009
Nancy Condee
The imperial trace, Recent Russian cinema
Oxford; New York, 2009
Sean Connery and Murray Grigor
Being a Scot
London, 2009
Lauren Conrad
L.A. Candy
New York, 2009
Geoff Brown (ed.)
Alistair Cooke at the movies
London; New York, 2009
Drucilla Cornell
Clint Eastwood and issues of American masculinity
New York, 2009
Jeffrey Couchman
The night of the hunter, A biography of a film
Evanston, Ill., 2009
Peter Cowie
Joan Crawford, The enduring star
New York, 2009
Alex Cox
10,000 ways to die, A director's take on the Spaghetti Western
Harpenden, Herts, 2009
Rob Craig
Ed Wood, mad genius, A critical study of the films
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Ian Craven (ed.)
Movies on home ground, Explorations in amateur cinema
Newcastle upon Tyne, 2009
Donald T. Critchlow and Emilie Raymond (eds.)
Hollywood and politics, A sourcebook
New York, 2009
Vic Damone with David Chanoff
Singing was the easy part
New York, 2009
Arthur C. Danto
Andy Warhol
New Haven, 2009
Josi Dashman
Supernatural girls, An unauthorized biography
New York, 2009
Dietmar Dath
Sie schläft, Roman
Bellheim, 2009