Books from 2009

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Tracy Daugherty
Hiding man, A biography of Donald Barthelme
New York, 2009
David Davies (ed.)
The thin red line
London; New York, 2009
Glyn Davis and Gary Needham (eds.)
Queer TV, Theories, histories, politics
London; New York, 2009
Annette Davison
Alex North's A streetcar named Desire, A film score guide
Lanham, Md., 2009
Nick Dawson
Being Hal Ashby, Life of a Hollywood rebel
Lexington, Ky., 2009
Margarita De Orellana
Filming Pancho, How Hollywood shaped the Mexican revolution
London; New York, 2009
Sarah Dellmann
Widerspenstige Körper, Körper, Kino, Sprache und Subversion in Tod Brownings Freaks und Filmen mit Lon Chaney
Marburg, 2009
Deutschen Kinemathek (ed.)
70 mm - bigger than life
Berlin, 2009
Bertrand Dicale
Louis de Funès, grimaces et gloire
Paris, 2009
Wheeler Winston Dixon
Film noir and the cinema of paranoia
New Brunswick, N.J., 2009
Ivan Sanchez and Luis "DJ Disco Wiz" Cedeño
It's just begun, The epic journey of DJ Disco Wiz, hip hop's first latino DJ
Brooklyn, NY, 2009
Ryan P. Doom
The Brothers Coen, Unique characters of violence
Santa Barbara, Calif., 2009
Susan Doran and Thomas S. Freeman (eds.)
Tudors and Stuarts on film, Historical perspectives
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK; New York, 2009
Brooke Erin Duffy and Joseph Turow (eds.)
Key readings in media today, Mass communication in contexts
New York, 2009
Trisha Dunleavy
Television drama, Form, agency, innovation
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire [England]; New York, 2009
A.W. Eaton (ed.)
Talk to her
London; New York, 2009
Lynne Y. Edwards, Elizabeth L. Rambo and James B. South (eds.)
Buffy goes dark, Essays on the final two seasons of Buffy the vampire slayer on television
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Stefan Eickhoff
Max Schreck, Gespenstertheater
München, 2009
Marc Eliot
American rebel, The life of Clint Eastwood
Waterville, Me., 2009
Thomas Elsaesser
Hollywood heute, Geschichte, Gender und Nation im postklassischen Kino
Berlin, 2009
Andrew Emmerson
Old Television
Oxford, 2009
Brad Epps and Despina Kakoudaki (eds.)
All about Almodovar, A passion for cinema
Minneapolis, 2009
Cynthia Erb
Tracking King Kong, A Hollywood icon in world culture
Detroit, 2009
Cathleen Falsani
The dude abides, The Gospel according to the Coen brothers
Grand Rapids, Mich., 2009
Manny Farber; edited by Robert Polito
Farber on film, The complete film writings of Manny Farber
New York, NY, 2009
Amanda J. Field
England's secret weapon, The wartime films of Sherlock Holmes
London, 2009
Lucy Fischer (ed.)
American cinema of the 1920s, Themes and variations
New Brunswick, N.J., 2009
Kevin M. Flanagan (ed.)
Ken Russell, Re-viewing England's last mannerist
Lanham, 2009
Martin Flanagan
Bakhtin and the movies, New Ways of understanding Hollywood film
Basingstoke; New York, 2009
Charles Fleming
, 2009
E.J. Fleming
Paul Bern, The life and famous death of the MGM director and husband of Harlow
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Eric L. Flom
Silent film stars on the stages of Seattle, A history of performances by Hollywood notables
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Ari Folman, David Polonsky
Waltz with Bashir
Hamburg, 2009
John H. Foote
Clint Eastwood, Evolution of a filmmaker
Westport, Conn., 2009
Elizabeth A. Ford and Deborah C. Mitchell
Royal portraits in Hollywood, Filming the lives of queens
Lexington, Ky., 2009
Giovanna Fossatti
From Grain to Pixel, The Archival Life of Film in Transition
Amsterdam, 2009
Santiago Fouz-Hernandez (ed.)
Mysterious Skin, Male Bodies in Contemporary Cinema
, 2009
Michael J. Fox
Always looking up, The adventures of an incurable optimist
New York, 2009
Noralee Frankel
Stripping Gypsy, The life of Gypsy Rose Lee
Oxford; New York, 2009
Christopher Frayling and Wmily King (eds.) with Harriet Atkinson
Design and popular entertainment
Manchester; New York, 2009
Chris Fujiwara
Jerry Lewis
Urbana, 2009
Stuart Galbraith IV, Paul Duncan (eds.)
Japanese Cinema
Hongkong, Köln.., 2009
André Gaudreault
American cinema, 1890-1909, Themes and variations
New Brunswick, N.J., 2009
André Gaudreault
From Plato to Lumière, Narration and monstration in literature and cinema
Toronto, 2009
James Gavin
Stormy weather, The life of Lena Horne
New York, 2009
Mario Gerosa
Il cinema di Terence Young
Piombino, 2009
Kathie Lee Gifford
Just when I thought I'd dropped my last egg, Life and other calamities
New York, 2009
Melissa Gilbert
Prairie tale, A memoir
New York, 2009
Isabel Gillies
Happens every day, An all-too-true story
New York, 2009
Peter Graham with Ginette Vincendeau (eds.)
The French new wave, Critical landmarks
London, 2009
Barry Keith Grant (ed.)
Britton on film, The complete film criticism of Andrew Britton
Detroit, 2009
Richard Greene and Rachel Robison (eds.)
The golden compass and philosophy, God bites the dust
Chicago, 2009
Wolff A. Greinert
Werner Krauß, Schauspieler in seiner Zeit, 1884 bis 1959
Wien, 2009
Julie Grossman
Rethinking the femme fatale in film noir, Ready for her close-up
Basingstoke, UK; New York, 2009
Miriam Grossmann
Soziale Figurationen und Selbstentwürfe
Stuttgart, 2009
Silvia Gruner
Un chant d'amour
Mexico, D. F., 2009
Iris Gusner, Helke Sander
Fantasie und Arbeit, Biografisce Zweisprache
Marburg, 2009
Andrzej Gwozdz (ed.)
Film als Baustelle / Film under Re-Construction, Das Kino und seine Paratexte
Marburg, 2009
Isabell Gössele
Das Kino des Ang Lee, Im Atem des verborgenen Drachen
Marburg, 2009
Jürgen Haase (ed.)
Zwischen uns die Mauer, DEFA-Filme auf der Berlinale
Berlin, 2009
Peter Hames
Czech and Slovak cinema, Theme and tradition
Edinburgh, 2009
Graeme Harper (ed.)
Sound and music in film and visual media, An overview
New York, 2009
Pat Harrigan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin (eds.)
Third person, Authoring and exploring vast narratives
Cambridge, Mass., 2009
Molly Haskell
Frankly, my dear, Gone with the wind revisited
New Haven, 2009
Sam Haskell, with David Rensin
Promises I made my mother
New York, 2009
Amelie Hastie
The bigamist
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, 2009
Grant Hayter-Menzies
Mrs. Ziegfeld, The public and private lives of Billie Burke
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Ben Hecht
Von Chicago nach Hollywood, Erinnerungen an den amerikanischen Traum
Berlin, 2009
Vinzenz Hediger and Patrick Vonderau (eds.)
Films that work, Industrial film and the productivity of media
Amsterdam, 2009
Christian Heger
Die rechte und die linke Hand der Parodie, Bud Spencer, Terence Hill und ihre Filme
Marburg, 2009
Paul Henley
The adventure of the real, Jean Rouch and the craft of ethnographic cinema
Chicago; London, 2009
Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Victor Henning (eds.)
GuruTalk, Die deutsche Filmindustrie im 21. Jahrhundert
Marburg, 2009
Werner Herzog
Conquest of the useless, Reflections from the making of Fitzcarraldo
New York, 2009
Bernd Herzogenrath (ed.)
The Films of Edgar G. Ulmer
Lanham, Md., 2009
Bernd Herzogenrath (ed.)
Edgar G. Ulmer, Essays on the king of the B's
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Earl J. Hess and Pratibha A. Dabholkar
Singin' in the rain, The making of an American masterpiece
Lawrence, Kan., 2009
Lucas Hilderbrand
Inherent vice, Bootleg histories of videotape and copyright
Durham, 2009
Robert Hofler
Variety's "the movie that changed my life", 120 celebrities pick the films that made a difference (for better or worse)
[Cambridge, MA], 2009
Eva Hohenberger (ed.)
Wiseman, Kino des Sozialen
Berlin, 2009
Barney Hoskyns
Lowside of the road, A life of Tom Waits
New York, 2009
Roy Hudd
A fart in colander, The autobiography
London, 2009
Howard Hughes
Aim for the heart, The films of Clint Eastwood
London; New York, 2009
Allegra Huston
Love child, A memoir of family lost and found
New York, 2009
Julian Jackson
La grande illusion
New York, 2009
Larry Jaffee (ed.)
Albert Square & me, The actors of EastEnders. An unauthorised 25th anniversary tribute : exclusive interviews from the pages of the Walford Gazette
New York, 2009
Kevin Johnson
The dark page II, Books that inspired American film noir, (1950-1965)
New Castle, DE, 2009
Tom Johnson, Mark A. Miller
Christopher Lee
Landshut, 2009
Anton Kaes
Shell shock cinema, Weimar culture and the wounds of war
Princeton, 2009
Lloyd Kaufman with Sara Antill and Kurly Tlapoyawa
Direct your own damn movie!
Amsterdam; Boston, 2009
Allison B. Kavey and Lester D. Friedman (eds.)
Second star to the right, Peter Pan in the popular imagination
New Brunswick, N.J., 2009
Elia Kazan
Kazan on directing
New York, 2009
Rebecca Keegan
The futurist, The life and films of James Cameron
New York, 2009
Douglas Keesey
Catherine Breillat
Manchester, UK; New York, 2009
Charlie Keil and Ben Singer (ed.)
American cinema of the 1910s, Themes and variations
New Brunswick, N.J., 2009
Cathrine Kellison
Producing for TV and new media, A real-world approach for producers
Amsterdam; Boston, 2009
James Kendrick
Hollywood bloodshed, Violence in 1980s American cinema
Carbondale, 2009
James Kendrick
Film Violence, History, Ideology, Genre
London; New York, 2009
Gary Kent
Shadows & light, Journeys with outlaws in revolutionary Hollywood
Austin, Tex., 2009
Jesse Lee Kercheval
Cinema muto
Carbondale, 2009
Rob King
The fun factory, The Keystone Film Company and the emergence of mass culture
Berkeley, 2009