Books from 2009

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Barbara Klemm
Straßen Bilder
Wädenswill, 2009
Alexander Klotz
Der Blick aus dem Augenwinkel, Narrative Strukturen der phantastischen Literatur und ihre Umsetzung im Horrorfilm
Passau, 2009
Barbara Kosta
Willing seduction, The blue angel, Marlene Dietrich, and mass culture
New York, 2009
Dean A. Kowalski (ed.)
The philosophy of The X-files
Lexington, Ky., 2009
Kathiann M. Kowalski
Evolution on trial, From the Scopes "monkey" case to Inherit the Wind
Berkeley Heights, NJ, 2009
Jill Menkes Kushner
Johnny Depp, movie megastar
Berkeley Heights, NJ, 2009
Thomas Lamarre
The anime machine, A media theory of animation
Minneapolis, Minn.; London, 2009
Sophie Laporte and Kate Mascaro (eds.)
Dennis Hopper and the new Hollywood
Paris, 2009
Dan Laughey
Media studies, Theories and approaches
Harpenden, 2009
Cloris Leachman with George Englund
Cloris, My Autobiography
, 2009
Vivian P.Y. Lee
Hong Kong Cinema Since 1997, The Post-Nostalgic Imagination
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, 2009
Wendy Leigh
Patrick Swayze, One Last Dance
, 2009
Emanuel Levy
Vincente Minnelli, Hollywood's dark dreamer
New York, 2009
Shawn Levy
Paul Newman, A life
New York, 2009
Roy Liebman
Musical groups in the movies, 1929-1970
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Annemone Ligensa and Klaus Kreimeier (eds.)
Film 1900, Technology, perception, culture
New Burnet, England :Bloomington, IN, 2009
Robert Lindsay
Letting go
London, 2009
Graham Lock and David Murray (eds.)
Thriving on a riff, Jazz and blues influences in African American literature and film
Oxford; New York, 2009
David Lode
Abenteuer Wirklichkeit, Die Filme von Andreas Dresen
Marburg, 2009
Rebecca Loncraine
The real Wizard of Oz, The life and times of L. Frank Baum
New York, N.Y., 2009
Geoffrey Macnab (ed.)
Screen Epiphanies, Filmmakers on the films that inspired them
London, 2009
Geoffrey Macnab
Ingmar Bergman, The life and films of the last great European director
London;New York, 2009
Mona Mahmoud, Reinhard Weber
Lee Van Cleef, Eine Bio- und Filmografie
Landshut, 2009
Sharon Mail
We could possibly comment, Ian Richardson remembered
Leicester, 2009
Leonard Maltin
Leonard Maltin's 2010 Movie Guide
, 2009
Gregory William Mank
Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, The expanded story of a haunting collaboration, with a complete filmography of their films together
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Dave Mann
Britain's first TV/film crime series and the industrialisation of its film industry, 1946-1964
Lewiston, N.Y., 2009
William J. Mann
How to be a movie star, Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood
Boston, 2009
Laurent Mannoni, Donata Pesenti Campagnoni
Lanterne magique et film peint, 400 ans de cinéma
Paris, 2009
Terry Marks
Terry Gilliam
Manchester, 2009
D.P. Martinez
Remaking Kurosawa, Translations and permutations in global cinema
New York, NY, 2009
Mia Mask
Divas on screen, Black women in American film
Urbana, 2009
Marlee Matlin with Betsy Sharkey
I'll scream later
New York, 2009
Robert Matzen, Michael Mazzone
Errol flynn slept here, The Flynns, the Hamblens, Ricky Nelson, and the most notorious house in Hollywood
Pittsburgh, PA, 2009
David Mayer
Stagestruck filmmaker, D.W. Griffith and the American theatre
Iowa City, 2009
Jim McDevitt, Eric San Juan
A year of Hitchcock, 52 weeks with the master of suspense
Lanham, Md., 2009
Joe McElhaney (ed.)
Vincente Minnelli, The art of entertainment
Detroit, 2009
Joe McElhaney
Albert Maysles
Urbana, 2009
Kristin A. McGee
Some liked it hot, Jazz women in film and television, 1928-1959
Middletown, Conn., 2009
Virginia McKenna
The life in my years
London, 2009
Nicholas Meyer
The view from the bridge, Memories of Star Trek and a life in Hollywood
New York, 2009
Lloyd Michaels
Terrence Malick
Urbana, 2009
Alyssa Milano
Safe at home, Confessions of a baseball fanatic
New York, 2009
Logan and Noah Miller
Either you're in or you're in the way, Two brothers, twelve months, and one filmmaking hell-ride to keep a promise to their father
[New York], 2009
Brett Mills
The sitcom
Edinburgh, 2009
Jason Mittell
Television & American culture
New York, N.Y., 2009
Hayao Miyazaki
Starting point, 1979-1996
San Francisco, Calif., 2009
Mary Tyler Moore
Growing up again, Confronting my diabetes
New York, 2009
Douglas Morrey and Alison Smith
Jacques Rivette
Manchester, UK, 2009
Lorraine Mortimer
Terror and Joy, The Films of Dusan Makavejev
Minneapolis; London, 2009
Karin Moser, Andreas Ungerböck (eds.)
Peter Patzak, Filmemacher, Autor, Maler
, 2009
Stanislav Motl
Lida Baarová und Joseph Goebbels, Der verfluchte Liebe einer tschechischen Schauspielerin und des Stellvertreters des Teufels
Prag, 2009
Robert Murphy (ed.)
The British Cinema Book
London, 2009
Robert Murphy (ed.)
The British cinema book
London, 2009
Robert B. Musburger, Gorham Kindem
Introduction to media production, The path to digital media production
Amsterdam; Boston, 2009
John J. Muth
M, Eine Stadt sucht...
Ludwigsburg, 2009
Olaf Möller, Michael Omasta (eds.)
Romuald Karmakar
Wien, 2009
Gerald Nachman
Right here on our stage tonight!, Ed Sullivan's America
Berkeley, 2009
Lawrence Napper
British cinema and middlebrow culture in the interwar years
Exeter, 2009
Brian Neve
Elia Kazan, The cinema of an American outsider
London; New York, 2009
Steve Nolan
Film, Lacan and the subject of religion, A psychoanalytic approach to religious film analysis
New York, 2009
Scott Allen Nollen
Abbott and Costello on the home front, A critical study of the wartime films
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Scott Allen Nollen
Jilly!, Sinatra's right hand man
Henderson, NV, 2009
Michael North
Machine-age comedy
Oxford; New York, 2009
Derek Nystrom
Hard hats, rednecks, and macho men, Class in 1970s American cinema
Oxford; New York, 2009
Martin O'Shaughnessy
La Grande Illusion
London, 2009
Norman Ollestad
Crazy for the storm, A memoir of survival
[New York], 2009
Steven Organ (ed.)
David Lean, Interviews
Jackson, 2009
John Ortved
The Simpsons, An uncensored, unauthorized history
New York, 2009
Marie Osmond with Marcia Wilkie
Might as well laugh about it now
New York, 2009
Béatrice Ottersbach, Thomas Schadt (eds.)
Konstanz, 2009
Elisabeth K. Paefgen
Wahlverwandte, Filmische und literarische Erzählungen im Dialog
Berlin, 2009
Joanna Page
Crisis and capitalism in contemporary Argentine cinema
Durham, 2009
Sabine Pahlke
Handbuch Synchronisation
Leipzig, 2009
Birgit Pargner
Marianne Hoppe, "Erst Schönheit, dann Klugheit und dann das helle saubere Herz"
Leipzig, 2009
Dolly Parton
I am a rainbow
New York, NY, 2009
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Die lange Straße aus Sand
Hamburg, 2009
Jeff Pearlman
The rocket that fell to earth, Roger Clemens and the rage for baseball immortality
New York, NY, 2009
Michael Peckler, Andreas Ungerböck
Ang Lee und seine Filme
Marburg, 2009
Brian Pera & Masha Tupitsyn (eds.)
Life as we show it, Writing on film
San Francisco, 2009
Massimo Perinelli
Fluchtlinien des Neorealismus, Der organlose italienische Körper der italienischen Nachkriegszeit, 1943-1949
Bielefeld, 2009
Marguerite Pernot-Deschamps
The fictional imagination of Neil Jordan, Irish novelist and film maker, A study of literary style
Lewiston, N.Y., 2009
Volker Petzold
Das große Ost-West Sandmännchenlexikon
Berlin, 2009
Volker Petzold
Das Sandmännchen, Alles über unseren Fernsehstar
Hamburg, 2009
Alastair Phillips
London, 2009
Dana Polan
The Sopranos
Durham, N.C., 2009
Griselda Pollock and Victoria Anderson (eds.)
Bluebeard's legacy, Death and secrets from Bartok to Hitchcock
London; New York, 2009
Richard Porton
On film festivals
London; New York, 2009
Phil Powrie with Éric Rebillard
Pierre Batcheff and stardom in 1920s French cinema
Edinburgh, 2009
Jaime Pressly
It's not necessarily not the truth, Dreaming bigger than the town you're from
New York, 2009
James Quandt (ed.)
Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Wien, 2009
Jose Quiroga
Law of desire
Vancouver, 2009
H.N. Narahari Rao (ed.)
The film society movement in India
Mumbai, 2009
Laura Rascaroli
The Personal Cinema, Subjective Cinema and the Essay Film
London; New York, 2009
Laurence Raw
The Ridley Scott encyclopedia
Lanham, Md., 2009
Nicola Rehling
Extra-ordinary men, White heterosexual masculinity in contemporary popular cinema
Lanham, MD, 2009
Graham Rinaldi
Will Hay
Sheffield, 2009
Mathias J. Ringler
Die Digitalisierung Hollywoods, Zu Kohärenz von Ökonomie-, Technik- und Ästhetikgeschichte und der Rolle von Industrial Light & Magic
Konstanz, 2009
Ivo Ritzer
Walter Hill, Welt in Flammen
Berlin, 2009
Brian J. Robb
Timeless adventures, How Doctor Who conquered TV
Harpenden, Herts, 2009