Books from 2009

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Selena Roberts
A-Rod, The many lives of Alex Rodriguez
New York, NY, 2009
Lisa Rogak
Haunted heart, The life and times of Stephen King
New York, 2009
James Roman
Bigger than blockbusters, Movies that defined America
Westport, Conn., 2009
Johannes Roschlau (eds.)
Träume in Trümmern, Film-Produktion und Propaganda in Europa 1940-1950
München, 2009
Isabella Rossellini
Green Porno
München, 2009
Rainer Rother
Nina Hoss, Ich muss mir jeden Satz glauben. Ein Porträt
Berlin, 2009
Jörn E. Runge
Olga Desmond, Preußens nackte Venus
, 2009
Kathrin Röggle
Gespensterarbeit, krisenmanagement und Weltmarktfiktion
Wien, 2009
Esther Sabelus
Die weiße Sklavin, Mediale Inszenierungen von Sexualität und Großstadt um 1900
Berlin, 2009
Dave Saunders
Arnold, Schwarzenegger and the movies
London;New York, 2009
Richard Schickel and George Perry
Bette Davis, Larger than life
Philadelphia, 2009
Merrill Schleier
Skyscraper cinema, Architecture and gender in American film
Minneapolis, 2009
Heide Schlüpmann, Eric de Kuyper, Karola Gramann, Sabine Nessel, Michael Wedel (eds.)
Asta Nielsen
Wien, 2009
Steven Jay Schneider
101 war movies you must see before you die
Hauppauge, NY, 2009
Steven Jay Schneider (ed.)
101 horror movies you must see before you die
Hauppauge, N.Y., 2009
Ted Schwarz
Marilyn revealed, The ambitious life of an American icon
Lanham, Md., 2009
Jörg Schöning, Erika Wottrich (eds.)
Reinhold Schünzel, Schauspieler und Regisseur (revisited)
München, 2009
Daniela Di Secco
Portraits de jeunes filles, L'adolescence féminine dans les littératures et les cinémas français et francophones
Paris, 2009
Tan See-Kam, Peter X. Feng, and Gina Marchetti (eds.)
Chinese connections, Critical perspectives on film, identity and diaspora
Philadelphia, 2009
David Seed
Cinematic fictions, The Impact of the Cinema on the American Novel up to World War II
Liverpool, 2009
Georg Seeßlen
Quentin Tarantino gegen die Nazis, Alles über Inglourious Basterds
Berlin, 2009
Kerry Segrave
Film actors organize, Union formation efforts in America, 1912-1937
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Robert Seller
Hellraisers, The life and inebriated times of Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter O'Toole, and Oliver Reed
New York, 2009
Rachel Shteir
Gypsy, The art of the tease
New Haven, 2009
Joan Simon (ed.)
Alice Guy Blaché, Cinema pioneer
New Haven; New York, 2009
Philip J. Skerry
Psycho in the shower, The history of cinema's most famous scene
New York, 2009
Curt Smith
Pull up a chair, The Vin Scully story
Washington, D.C., 2009
Jeff Smith
The presidents we imagine, Two centuries of White House fictions on the page, on the stage, onscreen, and online
Madison, 2009
Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier
Shootin' the sh*t with Kevin Smith, The best of SModcast
London, 2009
Chris Snyder
Hunting with barracudas, My life in Hollywood with the legendary Iris Burton
New York, 2009
Tori Spelling with Hilary Liftin
New York, 2009
Marc Spitz
Bowie, A biography
New York, 2009
Donald Spoto
High society, The life of Grace Kelly
New York, 2009
Christine Sprengler
Screening nostalgia, Populuxe props and technicolor aesthetics in contemporary American film
New York, 2009
Sam Staggs
Born to be hurt, The untold story of Imitation of life
New York, 2009
Harald Steinwender
Sergio Leone, Es war einmal in Europa
Berlin, 2009
David Sterritt
The honeymooners
Detroit, 2009
Matt Stone and Preston Lerner
Winning, The racing life of Paul Newman
Minneapolis, 2009
Jane Sutcliffe
Walt Disney
Minneapolis, 2009
Gary J. Svehla, Susan Svehla (eds.)
Popcorn Prozac! movies to cure the recession depression!
Baltimore, MD, 2009
Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi
The time of my life
New York, 2009
Julie Anne Taddeo and Ken Dvorak (eds.)
The tube has spoken, Reality TV and history
Lexington, 2009
Roy Thompson, Christopher J. Bowen
Grammar of the edit
Amsterdam; Boston, 2009
Roy Thompson, Christopher J. Bowen
Grammar of the shot
Amsterdam; Boston, 2009
Teri Thompson, Nathaniel Vinton, Michael O'Keefe & Christian Red
American icon, The fall of Roger Clemens and the rise of steroids in America's pastime
New York, 2009
David Thomson
The moment of Psycho, How Alfred Hitchcock taught America to love murder
New York, 2009
David Thomson
Try to tell the story, A memoir
New York, 2009
Stephen Tropiano
Obscene, indecent, immoral, and offensive, 100+ years of censored, banned, and controversial films
New York, 2009
Chuck Tryon
Reinventing cinema, Movies in the age of media convergence
New Brunswick, N.J., 2009
Noah Tsika
Gods & monsters
Vancouver, 2009
Kathleen Turner in collaboration with Gloria Feldt
Send yourself roses, Thoughts on my life, love, and leading roles
New York, 2009
Jeff Ulin
The business of media distribution, Monetizing film, tv, and video content
Burlington, MA, 2009
M. Thomas Van Order
Listening to Fellini, Music and meaning in black and white
Madison [N.J.], 2009
Manuel Vicent ... [et al.]
¡Viva Berlanga!
Madrid, 2009
Mark A. Vieira
Irving Thalberg, Boy wonder to producer prince
Berkeley, 2009
Tjitte de Vries and Ati Nul
'They Thought it was a Marvel', Arthur Melbourne-Cooper (1874-1961) : pioneer of puppet animation
[Amsterdam], 2009
Chris Wahl
Sprachversionsfilme aus Babelsberg, Die internationale Strategie der Ufa 1929-1939
München, 2009
Darren Waldron
Queering contemporary French popular cinema, Images and their reception
New York, 2009
Mike Walsh
Futuretainment, Yesterday the world changed, now it's your turn
London; New York, 2009
Ben Welch
Jack Black, Rock 'n' Roll, Comedy & Kunf Fu
Church Stretton, Shropshire, 2009
Paul Wells
The animated bestiary, Animals, cartoons, and culture
New Brunswick, N.J., 2009
Catherine Wheatley
Michael Haneke's Cinema, The Ethic of the Image
New York; Oxford, 2009
Catherine Wheatley
Michael Haneke's cinema, The ethic of the image
New York, 2009
Hilary White (ed.)
Magill's Cinema Annual 2009, 28th Edition. A Survey of the films of 2008
Detroit, [..], 2009
John White and Sabine Haenni (eds.)
Fifty Key American Films
London and New York, 2009
Kenneth Whyte
The uncrowned king, The sensational rise of William Randolph Hearst
Berkeley, 2009
Anne Wiazemsky
Jeune fille
München, 2009
Andy Williams
Moon River and me, A memoir
New York, 2009
Tony Williams
John Woo's Bullet in the Head
Hong Kong, 2009
Leila Wimmer
Cross-channel perspectives, The French reception of British cinema
New York, 2009
Bill Wine
Johnny Depp
Philadelphia, 2009
Martin M. Winkler
Cinema and classical texts, Apollo's new light
Cambridge, UK; New York, 2009
Martin M. Winkler (ed.)
The fall of the Roman Empire, Film and history
Chichester, U.K.; Malden, MA, 2009
Martin M. Winkler
The Roman salute, Cinema, history, ideology
Columbus, 2009
Ken Wlaschin
The silent cinema in song, 1896-1929, An illustrated history and catalog of songs inspired by the movies and stars, with a list of recordings
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Ken Wlaschin
Silent mystery and detective movies, A comprehensive filmography
Jefferson, N.C., 2009
Helen Wood
Talking with television, Women, talk shows, and modern self-reflexivity
Urbana, 2009
Steven Woodward (ed.)
After Kieslowski, The legacy of Krzysztof Kieslowski
Detroit, 2009
Kohle Yohannan, Harold Koda
Valentina, American couture and the cult of celebrity
New York, NY, 2009
Paul Young and Paul Duncan (eds.)
Art Cinema
Köln, 2009
Ying Zhu & Chris Berry (eds.)
TV China
Bloomington, 2009
Mitchell Zuckoff
Robert Altman, The oral biography
New York, 2009