Books from 2010

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Melanie Bell and Melanie Williams (eds.)
British women's cinema
London; New York, 2010

Harry potter film wizardry
New York, NY, 2010
Erin Bell, Ann Gray (eds.)
Televising history, Mediating the past in post-war Europe
New York, 2010
Stacey Abbott (ed.)
The cult TV book, From Star trek to Dexter, new approaches to TV outside the box
New York, 2010
Hans Christian Adam (ed.)
Eadweard Muybridge, the human and animal locomotion photographs
Köln, 2010
Olivier Agard
Kracauer, Le chiffonnier mélancolique
Paris, 2010
Rogelio Agrasanchez, Jr
Guillermo Calles, A biography of the actor and Mexican cinema pioneer
Jefferson, N.C., 2010
Julia Ain-Krupa
Roman Polanski, A life in exile
Santa Barbara, Calif., 2010
Francois Albera, and Maria Tortajada (eds.)
Cinema beyond film, Media epistemology in the modern era
Amsterdam, 2010
Geoff Alexander
Academic films for the classroom, A history
Jefferson, NC, 2010
Matthew Alford
Reel power, Hollywood cinema and American supremacy
London; New York, 2010
Dudley Andrew
What cinema is!, Bazin's quest and its charge
Chichester, West Sussex, U.K.; Malden, MA, 2010
Dudley Andrew (ed.)
Opening Bazin, Postwar film theory and its afterlife
New York, 2010
Steve Anker, Kathy Geritz, and Steve Seid (eds.)
Radical light, Alternative film and video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-2000
Berkeley, 2010
Roy Armes
Arab filmmakers of the Middle East, A dictionary
Bloomington, Ind., 2010
Nick Dawson (ed.)
Hal Ashby, Interviews
Jackson, 2010
Thomas Assheuer
Michael Haneke
Berlin, 2010
Rolf Aurich, Wolfgang Jacobsen (eds.)
Wolfdietrich Schnurre, Kritiker
München, 2010
Saul Austerlitz
Another fine mess, A history of American film comedy
Chicago, Ill., 2010
Antoine de Baecque
Godard, Biographie
Paris, 2010
Cameron Bailey, Trevor Groth, Piers Handling, Olivier Père, et al.
Take 100, The future of film. 100 new directors
London; New York, 2010
Garrett Baldwin
Bonded by blood
, 2010
Tino Balio
The foreign film renaissance on American screens, 1946-1973
Madison, Wis., 2010
Lois Banner
MM; personal, From the private archive of Marilyn Monroe
New York, 2010
Stephen Barber
Abandoned images, Film and film's end
Wiltshire, 2010
R. Barton Palmer (ed.)
Larger than life, Film stars of the 1950s
New Brunswick, N.J., 2010
Ruth Barton
Hedy Lamarr, The most beautiful woman in film
Lexington, Ky., 2010
John Baxter
Von Sternberg
Lexington, Ky., 2010
William Beard
Into the past, The cinema of Guy Maddin
Toronto, 2010
Keith Beattie (ed.)
Albert and David Maysles, Interviews
Jackson, 2010
Karen Beckman
Crash, Cinema and the politics of speed and stasis
Durham, NC, 2010
Daniela Berghahn and Claudia Sternberg (eds.)
European cinema in motion, Migrant and diasporic film in contemporary Europe
Basingstoke, 2010
Todd Berliner
Hollywood incoherent, Narration in seventies cinema
Austin, 2010
Matthew H. Bernstein (ed.)
Michael Moore, Filmmaker, newsmaker, cultural icon
Ann Arbor, 2010
John Berra (ed.)
Directory of World Cinema, American Independent
Bristol; Chicago, 2010
Giorgio Bertellini
Italy in early American cinema, Race, landscape, and the picturesque
Bloomington, 2010
Friedemann Beyer, Gert Koshofer, Michael Krüger
UFA in Farbe, Technik, Politik und Starkult zwischen 1936 und 1945
München, 2010
Gautaman Bhaskaran
Adoor Gopalakrishnan, A life in cinema
New Delhi, 2010
Thomas Binotto
Getricks & Abgedreht, Filmgeschichten für Kinofans
Berlin, 2010
Jeff Birkenstein, Anna Froula and Karen Randell (eds.)
Reframing 9/11, Film, popular culture and the "war on terror"
New York, 2010
Peter Biskind
Star, How Warren Beatty seduced America
New York, 2010
M.B.B. Biskupski
Hollywood's war with Poland, 1939-1945
Lexington, 2010
Detlef B. Blettenberg
Murnaus Vermächtnis
Köln, 2010
Alex Ben Block & Lucy Autrey Wilson (eds.)
George Lucas's blockbusting, A decade-by-decade survey of timeless movies, including untold secrets of their financial and cultural success
New York, 2010
Roy Blount Jr.
Hail, hail, euphoria!, Presenting the Marx Brothers in Duck soup, the greatest war movie ever made
New York, 2010
Francesco Bono
Willi Forst, Ein filmkritisches Porträt
München, 2010
Dominique Borde
Le roman du cinéma français, Années 1960-1970
Monaco, 2010
Laurent Bouzereau
Hitchcock, piece by piece
New York, NY, 2010
Peter Bowles
Ask me if I'm happy, An actor's life
London; New York, 2010
Paul Bowman
Theorizing Bruce Lee, Film-Fantasy-Fighting-Philosophy
Amsterdam; New York, NY, 2010
Yomi Braester
Painting the city red, Chinese cinema and the urban contract
Durham [NC], 2010
Thomas Brandlmeier
Manoel de Oliveira, oder, Das groteske Melodram
Berlin, 2010
Christopher Bray
Sean Connery, The measure of a man
London, 2010
David Bret
The real Gracie Fields, The authorised biography
London, 2010
Stephen Brockmann
A critical history of German film
Rochester, N.Y., 2010
Douglas Brode
Yellow Rose of Texas, The myth of Emily Morgan
Jefferson, N.C., 2010
Serge Bromberg
Romy, Die unveröffentlichen Bilder aus "Inferno" von Henri-Georges Clouzot
München, 2010
Tom Bromley
All in the best possible taste, Growing up watching telly in the eighties
London; New York; Sydney; Toronto, 2010
Kevin Brownlow
The Search for Charlie Chaplin
, 2010
Suzanne Buchan
The Quay Brothers, Into a metaphysical playroom
Minneapolis, 2010
Ingrid Buchloh
Veit Harlan, Goebbels' Starregisseur
Paderborn, 2010
Jeremy Buck
Cinemas of Haringey
London, 2010
James Buhler, David Neumeyer, Rob Deemer
Hearing the movies, Music and sound in film history
New York, 2010
Robert Burgoyne
Film nation, Hollywood looks at U.S. history
Minneapolis, 2010
Robert Burgoyne (ed.)
The epic film in world culture
New York, 2010
Wes Butters
Whatshisname, The life and death of Charles Hawtrey
Sheffield, 2010
Michael Caine
The elephant to Hollywood
New York, 2010
Ward Calhoun
Must-see movies, An essential guide
London, 2010
Vicki Callahan (ed.)
Reclaiming the archive, Feminism and film history
Detroit, 2010
Tom Cantrell and Mary Luckhurst (eds.)
Playing for real, Actors on playing real people
New York, 2010
Michelangelo Capua
William Holden, A biography
Jefferson, N.C., 2010
Charlotte Chandler
I know where I'm going, Katharine Hepburn, a personal biography
New York, 2010
Doreen Alexander Child
Charlie Kaufman, Confessions of an original mind
Santa Barbara, Calif., 2010
Jinhee Choi
The South Korean film renaissance, Local hitmakers, global provocateurs
Middletown, Conn., 2010
Florence Colombani
Woody Allen
Paris, 2010
Lauren Conrad
Sweet little lies, An L.A. Candy novel
New York, 2010
Mervyn Cooke (ed.)
The Hollywood film music reader
Oxford; New York, 2010
Paul Cooke and Marc Silberman (eds.)
Screening war, Perspectives on German suffering
Rochester, N.Y., 2010
Mark Garrett Cooper
Universal women, Filmmaking and institutional change in early Hollywood
Urbana, 2010
Christine Cornea (ed.)
Genre and performance, Film and television
Manchester and New York, 2010
Robert Michael "Bobb" Cotter
Ingrid Pitt, queen of horror, The complete career
Jefferson, N.C., 2010
Marga Cottino-Jones
Women, desire, and power in Italian cinema
New York, 2010
Peter Cowie
Die Berlinale, Das Festival
Berlin, 2010
Peter Cowie
Akira Kurosawa, Master of cinema
New York, NY; Paris; London; Milan, 2010
Rebecca Coyle (ed.)
Drawn to sound, Animation film music and sonicity
London; Oakville, CT, 2010
Photography by Gregory Crewdson
, 2010
Tony Curtis with Mark A. Vieira
The making of "Some like it hot", My memories of Marilyn Monroe and the classic American movie
Hoboken, N.J., 2010
Uwe Danker, Astrid Schwabe
Filme erzählen Geschichte, Schleswig-Holstein im 20. Jahrhundert
Neumünster, 2010
Steve Dawkins, Ian Wynd
Video production, Putting theory into practice
New York, 2010
Liesbeth de Block and David Buckingham
Global children, global media, Migration, media and childhood
New York, 2010
Guerric DeBona
Film adaptation in the Hollywood studio era
Urbana, 2010
Celestino Deleyto and Maria del Mar Azcona
Alejandro González Iñárritu
Urbana, Chicago, 2010
Judi Dench
And furthermore
London, 2010
Deutsche Kinemathek und Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (eds.)
Die Berlinale
München, 2010
David Scott Diffrient with David Lavery (eds.)
Screwball television, Critical perspectives on Gilmore girls
Syracuse, 2010
Robert Dillon
History on British television, Constructing nation, nationality and collective memory
Manchester; New York, 2010
Paul Donnelley
Fade to Black, A Book of Over 1500 Movie Obituaries
, 2010
William M. Drew
The last silent picture show, Silent films on American screens in the 1930s
Lanham, 2010
Richard Dyer
Nino Rota, Music, film, and feeling
New York, 2010
Daniel Eagan
America's film legacy, The authoritative guide to the landmark movies in the National Film Registry
New York, 2010