Books from 2010

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Nicole Laporte
The men who would be king, An almost epic tale of moguls, movies, and a company called Dreamworks
Boston, 2010
Marie Lathers
Space oddities, Women and outer space in film, 1960-2000
New York, 2010
David Lavery (ed.)
The essential cult tv reader
Lexington, Ky., 2010
Amy Lawrence
The passion of Montgomery Clift
Berkeley, 2010
Nicola Lees
Greenlit, Developing factual/reality TV ideas from concept to pitch
London, 2010
Neil Lerner (ed.)
Music in the horror film, Listening to fear
New York, 2010
Jon Lewis
The Godfather
London, 2010
Sharon Lockyer (ed.)
Reading Little Britain, Comedy matters on contemporary television
London; New York, 2010
Peter Lord & Brian Sibley
Cracking animation
New York, 2010
Yosefa Loshitzky
Screening strangers, Migration and diaspora in contemporary European cinema
Bloomington, Ind., 2010
Karen Lury
The child in film, Tears, fears, and fairytales
New Brunswick, N.J., 2010
Alison Macor
Chainsaws, slackers, and spy kids, Thirty years of filmmaking in Austin, Texas
Austin, 2010
Allister Mactaggart
The film paintings of David Lynch, Challenging film theory
Bristol; Chicago, 2010
Kevin Patrick Mahoney and Alex Carmine (eds.)
The ultimate fan's guide to Avatar, James Cameron's epic movie
London, 2010
Joseph Mai
Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne
Urbana, 2010
Predrag Markovic (ed.)
The Cinema of Goran Paskaljevic
Belgrade, 2010
Demetrios Matheou
The Faber book of new South American cinema
London, 2010
Lucy Mazdon and Catherine Wheatley (eds.)
Je t'aime-- moi non plus, Franco-British cinematic relations
New York, 2010
Ewa Mazierska
Jerzy Skolimowski, The cinema of a nonconformist
New York, 2010
Cahal McLaughlin
Recording memories from political violence, A film-maker's journey
Bristol; Chicago, 2010
Jennifer L. McMahon and B. Steve Csaki (eds.)
The philosophy of the western
Lexington, 2010
Jamie Medhurst
A history of independent television in Wales
Cardiff, 2010
David Melbye
Landscape allegory in cinema, From wilderness to wasteland
New York, NY, 2010
Louis Menashe
Moscow believes in tears, Russians and their movies
Washington, DC, 2010
Jeffrey Meyers
The genius and the goddess, Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe
Urbana, 2010
commentary from Mark Millar
Kick-ass, Creating the comic, making the movie
London, 2010
Gabriel Miller (ed.)
William Wyler, Interviews
Jackson, 2010
Steven Mintz and Randy Roberts (eds.)
Hollywood's America, Twentieth-century America through film
Chichester; Malden, MA, 2010
dialogue by Vajahat Mirza & S. Ali Raza
The dialogue of Mother India, Mehboob Khan's immortal classic
New Delhi, 2010
Linda Mizejewski
It happened one night
Malden, MA, 2010
Barry Monush
West Side story
Milwaukee, WI, 2010
T.J. Morris (ed.)
Atom Egoyan, Interviews
Jackson, 2010
James Morrison (ed.)
Hollywood reborn, Movie stars of the 1970s
New Brunswick, N.J., 2010
Andrew Morton
Angelina Jolie
München, 2010
John Kenneth Muir
This is Spinal Tap
Milwaukee, WI, 2010
Garry Mulholland
Popcorn, Fifty years of rock 'n' roll movies
London, 2010
John Mullarkey
Philosophy and the moving image, Refractions of reality
Basingstoke; New York, 2010
Michael Munn
Steve McQueen, Living on the edge
London, 2010
Harald Mühlbeyer
Perception is a Strange Thing, Die Filme von Terry Gilliam
Marburg, 2010
Wolfgang Müller
Valeska Gert, Ästhetik der Präsenzen
Berlin, 2010
Franziska Münz (ed.)
Die DEFA-Märchenfilme
Berlin, 2010
Roland Mörchen
Ronin, John Frankenheimer und seine Filme
München, 2010
James Naremore
Sweet smell of success
New York, 2010
Gary Needham
Brokeback Mountain
Edinburgh, 2010
James L. Neibaur
The fall of Buster Keaton, His films for MGM, educational pictures, and Columbia
Lanham, 2010
Carl Neville
Classless, Recent Essays on British Film
, 2010
Bill Nichols
Introduction to documentary
Bloomington, 2010
Louis Niebur
Special sound, The creation and legacy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
New York, 2010
Robert Nippoldt, Daniel Kothenschulte
Hollywood in den 30er Jahren
Hildesheim, 2010
Martha P. Nochimson
World on film, An introduction
Chichester, West Sussex, U.K.; Malden, MA, 2010
Michael F. O'Riley
Cinema in an age of terror, North Africa, victimization, and colonial history
Lincoln, 2010
Oliver Ohmann
Heinz Rühmann und "Die Feuerzangenbowle", Die Geschichte eines Filmklassikers
Leipzig, 2010
John Orr
Romantics and modernists in British cinema
Edinburgh, 2010
Dayna Oscherwitz
Past forward, French cinema and the post-colonial heritage
Carbondale, 2010
Peter Osteried
Dr. Mabuse
Hille, 2010
Martin Ostermann
Gotteserzählungen, Gottessuche in Literatur und Film
Marburg, 2010
R. Barton Palmer and Steven M. Sanders (eds.)
The philosophy of Steven Soderbergh
Lexington, 2010
Steven Peacock
Manchester; New York, 2010
Richard Pears, Graham Shields
Cite them right, The essential referencing guide
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, 2010
Simon Pegg
Nerd do well
London, 2010
Andrew Perchuk and Rani Singh (eds.)
Harry Smith, The avant-garde in the American vernacular
Los Angeles, CA, 2010
Jorge Perez
Cultural roundabouts, Spanish film and novel on the road
Lewisburg, 2010
Patrice Petro (ed.)
Idols of modernity, Movie stars of the 1920s
New Brunswick, N.J., 2010
Gene D. Phillips
Some like it Wilder, The life and controversial films of Billy Wilder
Lexington, Ky., 2010
Tony Pipolo
Robert Bresson, A passion for film
New York, N.Y., 2010
Robert B. Pippin
Hollywood westerns and American myth, The importance of Howard Hawks and John Ford for political philosophy
New Haven [Conn.], 2010
Alessandro Pirolini
The cinema of Preston Sturges, A critical study
Jefferson, N.C., 2010
Katja Pratschke, Gusztav Hamos, Thomas Tode (eds.)
Viva Fotofilm, Bewegt/unbewegt
Marburg, 2010
Andrew Pulver
Night and the city
London, 2010
Lucian Randall
Disgusting Bliss, The Brass Eye of Chris Morris
London; New York, 2010
Andrew J. Rausch
The films of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro
Lanham, 2010
Keith Reader
La règle du jeu, (Jean Renoir, 1939)
London; New York, 2010
Charlene Regester
African American actresses, The struggle for visibility, 1900-1960
Bloomington, 2010
Mike Reynolds
How to analyze the films of Spike Lee
Edina, Minn., 2010
Michael Richardson
Otherness in Hollywood cinema
New York, 2010
Steven C. Ridgely
Japanese counterculture, The antiestablishment art of Terayama Shuji
Minneapolis, Minn., 2010
J.W. Rinzler
The sounds of Star Wars
San Francisco, 2010
Jonathan Rinzler
The Making of The Empire Strikes Back
, 2010
William Roache
50 years on the street, My life with Ken Barlow
Edinburgh, 2010
Andrew Robinson
The Apu Trilogy, Satyajit Ray and the Making of an Epic
, 2010
Christian Rogowski (ed.)
The many faces of Weimar cinema, Rediscovering Germany's filmic legacy
Rochester, N.Y., 2010
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Goodbye cinema, hello cinephilia, Film culture in transition
Chicago; London, 2010
Patrick Russell and James Piers Taylor (eds.)
Shadows of Progress, Documentary Film in Post-War Britain
London, 2010
Leontine Sagan
Licht und Schatten
Berlin, 2010
Steven Sanders
Miami vice
Detroit, 2010
Dave Saunders
London; New York, 2010
Richard Schickel
Clint Eastwood, "Ich bin nur ein Typ, der Filme macht"
Hamburg, 2010
Heide Schlüpmann
The uncanny gaze, The drama of early German cinema
Urbana, [Ill.], 2010
Frank Schnelle, Andreas Thiemann
Die 50 besten Horrorfilme, ... und die Blu-rays oder DVDs, die Sie haben müssen
Berlin, 2010
Wolfdietrich Schnurre
München, 2010
Christian Schulte
Vlado Kristl, Die Zerstörung der Systeme
Berlin, 2010
Christian Schultze
Vlado Kristl, Der Zerstörung der Systeme
Berlin, 2010
Florian Schwebel
Der Animationsfilm für Erwachsene
Marburg, 2010
Georg Seeßlen
George A. Romero und seine Filme
Bellheim, 2010
Robert Sellers
Hollywood hellraisers, The wild lives and fast times of Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper, Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson
New York, NY, 2010
Andrew Shail and Robin Stoate
Back to the Future
London, 2010
Steven Shaviro
Post Cinematic Affect
, 2010
Stephen Michael Shearer
Beautiful, The life of Hedy Lamarr
New York, 2010
Josh Siegel, Marie-Christine de Navacelle
Frederick Wiseman
New York, NY, 2010
Neil Sinyard
Richard Lester
Manchester, 2010