Books from 2011

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La dolce vita, The Golden Age of Italian Lifestyle
Hamburg, 2011
Chris Wahl (ed.)
Lektionen in Herzog, Neues über Deutschlands verlorenen Filmautor Werner Herzog und sein Werk
München, 2011

Hans Ulrich Eylau, Kritiker
München, 2011
edited by A.L. Rees ... [et al.]
Expanded cinema, Art, performance, film
London, 2011
Gonzalo Aguilar
New Argentine Film, Other Worlds
New York, 2011
Fatih Akin
Im Clinch, Die Geschichte meiner Filme
Reinbek, 2011
Amid Amidi
The art of Pixar, The complete color scripts and select art from 25 years of animation
San Francisco, 2011
Michael G. Ankerich
Dangerous curves atop Hollywood heels, The lives, careers, and misfortunes of 14 hard-luck girls of the silent screen
Duncan, OK, 2011
Scott Anthony and James G. Mansell (eds.)
The projection of Britain, A history of the GPO Film Unit
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, 2011
Norbert Aping
Liberty Shtunk!, Die Freiheit wird abgeschafft. Charlie Chaplin und die Nationalsozialisten
Marburg, 2011
Kevin Avery
Conversations with Clint, Paul Nelson's lost interviews with Clint Eastwood, 1979 to 1983
New York, NY, 2011
Aaron Baker
Steven Soderbergh
Urbana, 2011
Craig Batty
Movies that move us, Screenwriting and the power of the protagonist's journey
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, 2011
Jennifer M. Bean (ed.)
Flickers of desire, Movie stars of the 1910s
New Brunswick, N.J., 2011
Jerry Beck
The Flintstones
Philadelphia, PA, 2011
Harry M. Benshoff
Dark shadows
Detroit, Mich., 2011
Susan Best
Visualizing feeling, Affect and the feminine avant-garde
New York, 2011
Birgit Beumers (ed.)
Directory of World Cinema, Russia
Bristol; Chicago, 2011
Birgit Beumers and Nancy Condee (eds.)
The cinema of Alexander Sokurov
London; New York, 2011
Friedemann Beyer
Der Fall Selpin, Chronik einer Dununziation
München, 2011
Josef Bierbichler
Mittelreich, Roman
Berlin, 2011
Robert Bober
Wer einmal die Augen öffnet, kann nicht mehr ruhig schlafen
München, 2011
Sarah Miles Bolam & Thomas J. Bolam
Fictional presidential films, A comprehensive filmography of portrayals from 1930 to 2011
Bloomington, IN, 2011
Stephanie Boluk and Wylie Lenz (eds.)
Generation zombie, Essays on the living dead in modern culture
Jefferson, N.C., 2011
Marian Edelman Borden
Paul Newman, A biography
Santa Barbara, Calif., 2011
David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson
Minding movies, Observations on the art, craft, and business of filmmaking
Chicago; London, 2011
Oliver Boyd-Barrett, David Herrera and Jim Baumann
Hollywood and the CIA, Cinema, defense and subversion
London; New York, 2011
Brent Dunham (ed.)
Danny Boyle, Interviews
Jackson, 2011
Véronique Bragard, Christophe Dony and Warren Rosenberg (eds.)
Portraying 9/11, Essays on representations in comics, literature, film and theatre
Jefferson, N.C., 2011
Leo Braudy
The Hollywood Sign, Fantasy and reality of an American icon
New Haven, 2011
Ron Briley
The baseball film in postwar America, A critical study, 1948-1962
Jefferson, N.C., 2011
Piers D. Britton
TARDISbound, Navigating the universe of Doctor Who
London; New York, 2011
Margarita Broich
Wenn der Vorhang fällt, Portraits
Berlin; Kölln, 2011
Jochen Brunow (ed.)
Scenario 5, Film- und Drehbuch-Almanach
Berlin, 2011
Elisabeth Büttner, Joachim Schätz (eds.)
Werner Hochbaum, An den Rändern der Geschichte filmen
Wien, 2011
Michael Feeney Callan
Robert Redford, The biography
New York, 2011
Rudmer Canjels
Distributing silent film serials, Local practices, changing forms, cultural transformation
New York, 2011
Michelangelo Capua
Deborah Kerr, A biography
Jefferson, N.C., 2011
Margaret Cardillo
Just being Audrey
New York, 2011
Bert Cardullo
Dialogue with directors, Conversations on film
Frankfurt am Main; New York, 2011
Stephen Cavalier
The world history of animation
Berkeley, 2011
Dominique Chateau (ed.)
Subjectivity, Filmic representation and the spectator's experience
Amsterdam, 2011
Clement Cheroux (ed.)
Man Ray, Portraits : Paris, Hollywood, Paris: from the Man Ray Archives of the Centre Pompidou
München, 2011
David S. Cohen
The Ballad Of Rango, The Art & Making of an Outlaw Film
, 2011
John Coldstream
London; Basingstoke, 2011
Mark T. Conard (ed.)
The philosophy of Spike Lee
Lexington, Ky., 2011
Paul Cooke and Chris Homewood (eds.)
New Directions in German Cinema
London; New York, 2011
Robert J. Corber
Cold war femme, Lesbianism, national identity, and Hollywood cinema
Durham, NC, 2011
Timothy Corrigan
The essay film, From Montaigne, after Marker
New York, 2011
Harper Cossar
Letterboxed, The evolution of widescreen cinema
Lexington, KY, 2011
Susan D. Cowie and Tom Johnson
The films of Oliver Reed
Jefferson, N.C., 2011
Jonathan Croall
John Gielgud, Matinee idol to movie star
London; New York, 2011
Cindy De La Hoz
Marilyn Monroe, The personal archives
Hauppauge, NY, 2011
Cindy De La Hoz
So Audrey, 59 ways to put a little Hepburn in your step
Philadelphia, PA, 2011
Todd Decker
Music makes me, Fred Astaire and jazz
Berkeley, 2011
Bernard F. Dick
Hollywood Madonna, Loretta Young
Jackson, 2011
Bryony Dixon
100 Silent Films
, 2011
Ralph Donald and Karen MacDonald
Reel men at war, Masculinity and the American war film
Lanham, 2011
Charles Drazin
The Faber Book of French Cinema
, 2011
Catherine Driscoll
Teen film, A critical introduction
Oxford; New York, 2011
Paul Duncan with Barbara Peiro (eds.)
The Pedro Almodovar archives, The complete films
Köln, 2011
Roger Ebert
Life itself, A memoir
New York, 2011
Malcah Effron (ed.)
The Millennial Detective, Essays on Trends in Crime Fiction, Film and Television, 1990-2010
Jefferson, N.C., 2011
Andrew B.R. Elliott
Remaking the Middle Ages, The methods of cinema and history in portraying the medieval world
Jefferson, N.C., 2011
Paul Elliott
Hitchcock and the cinema of sensations, Embodied film theory and cinematic reception
London; New York, 2011
Hannelore Elsner
Im Überschwang, Aus meinem Leben
Köln, 2011
Knut Elstermann
Früher war ich Filmkind, Die DEFA und ihre jüngsten Darsteller
Berlin, 2011
Philippe Esnault
Antoine cinéaste
Lausanne, Switzerland, 2011
Christine Etherington-Wright and Ruth Doughty
Understanding film theory
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, 2011
Laurence Etling
Radio in the movies, A history and filmography, 1926-2010
Jefferson, N.C., and London, 2011
Matthew Evangelista
Gender, nationalism, and war, Conflict on the movie screen
Cambridge ;New York, 2011
Angelica Fenner
Race under Reconstruction in German Cinema, Robert Stemmle's Toxi
Toronto; Buffalo; London, 2011
Harvey Fenton (ed.)
Flesh & Blood, ...Volume 2
Godalming, Surrey, 2011
Christopher Finch
The art of Walt Disney, From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms and beyond
New York, 2011
Dan Fleming
Making the transformational moment in film, Unleashing the power of the image (with the films of Vincent Ward)
Studio City, CA, 2011
Philip French
I found it at the movies, Reflections of a cinephile
Manchester, 2011
Caroline Frick
Saving cinema, The politics of preservation
New York, 2011
Jacqueline Furby and Claire Hines
London; New York, 2011
Michael Fürst, Florian Krautkrämer, Serjoscha Wiemer
Untot, Zombie Film Theorie
München, 2011
Rosalind Galt
Pretty, Film and the decorative image
New York, 2011
Philippa Gates
Detecting women, Gender and the Hollywood detective film
Albany, 2011
André Gaudreault
Film and attraction, From kinematography to cinema
Urbana, 2011
Jeffrey Geiger
American documentary film, Projecting the nation
Edinburgh, 2011
Vanessa Gerhards
Shakespeare Reloaded, The Shakespeare Renaissance 1989-2004
Trier, 2011
David A. Gerstner
Queer pollen, White seduction, black male homosexuality, and the cinematic
Urbana, 2011
John Gill
Far From Heaven
London, 2011
Pamela Glintenkamp
Industrial Light & Magic, The art of innovation
New York, 2011
Lisa Gotto (ed.)
Eisenstein-Reader, Die wichtigsten Schriften zum Film
Leipzig, 2011
Barry Keith Grant
Invasion of the body snatchers
New York, 2011
Kevin Grant
Any gun can play, The essential guide to Euro-westerns
Godalming, 2011
David Greven
Representations of femininity in American genre cinema, The woman's film, film noir, and modern horror
New York, NY, 2011
Leger Grindon
Knockout, The boxer and boxing in American cinema
Jackson, 2011
Asbjørn Grønstad
Screening the unwatchable, Spaces of negation in post-millennial art cinema
New York, 2011
Michael Hammond, Michael Williams (eds.)
British silent cinema and The Great War
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, 2011
Werner Hanak-Letner (ed.)
Bigger Than Life, 100 Jahre Hollywood. Eine jüdische Erfahrung
Berlin, 2011
Thomas Harlan
Reinbek, 2011
Laurie Lanzen Harris
Spike Lee
Detroit, 2011
Scott Jordan Harris (ed.)
World Film Locations, New York
Bristol; Chicago, 2011
Vincent J. Hausmann
Cinema, technologies of visibility, and the reanimation of desire
New York, 2011
Elizabeth Heffelfinger, Laura Wright
Visual difference, Postcolonial studies and intercultural cinema
New York, 2011