Books from 2013

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edited by Sukhmani Khorana
Crossover cinema, Cross-cultural film from production to reception
New York, 2013
Pascale Aebischer
Screening early modern drama, Beyond Shakespeare
Cambridge; New York, 2013
Ian Aitken (ed.)
The concise Routledge encyclopedia of the documentary film
New York, NY, 2013
John Alberti
Masculinity in the contemporary romantic comedy, Gender as genre
New York, 2013
Steven Allen
Cinema, pain and pleasure, Consent and the controlled body
Houndmills, Basingstoke; New York, NY, 2013
Sven-Ole Andersen
Goethes Faust in Hollywood, Motive der Tragödie und des Themas in Ausgewählten Filmen
Frankfurt am Main, 2013
Michael G. Ankerich
Mae Murray, The girl with the bee-stung lips
Lexington, KY, 2013
Stephen Apkon
The age of the image, Redefining literacy in a world of screens
New York, 2013
Michaela S. Ast
Vogelfrei im Zauberbaun, Aus dem Leben des Filmrebellen Haro Senft
Passau, 2013
Edward Ball
The inventor and the tycoon, A Gilded Age murder and the birth of moving pictures
New York, 2013
Jennifer Lynde Barker
The aesthetics of antifascism film, Radical projection
New York, 2013
Martin Barker
Live to your local cinema, The remarkable rise of livecasting
Basingstoke; New York, 2013
Marilyn Beker
The screenwriter activist, Writing social issue movies
New York, NY, 2013
John Belton
American cinema/American culture
New York, 2013
Daniel Bernardi, Murray Pomerance, and Hava Tirosh-Samuelson (eds.)
Hollywood's chosen people, The Jewish experience in American cinema
Detroit, 2013
Friedemann Beyer
Die Gesichter der Ufa, Starportraits einer Epoche
München, 2013
Daniel Biltereyst and Roel Vande Winkel (eds.)
Silencing Cinema, Film Censorship around the World
New York, 2013
Alan Bilton
Silent film comedy and American culture
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2013
Peter Bloore
The screenplay business, Managing creativity and script development in the film industry
London; New York, 2013
Simon Brown, Sarah Street, and Liz I Watkins (eds.)
Color and the moving image, History, theory, aesthetics, archive
New York, 2013
Lewis Call
BDSM in American Science Fiction and Fantasy
Houndmills, Basingstole; New York, NY, 2013
Michelangelo Capua
Janet Leigh, A biography
Jefferson, North Carolina; London, 2013
James Chapman & Nicholas J. Cull
Projecting tomorrow, Science fiction and popular cinema
London; New York, 2013
Lez Cooke
Style in British television drama
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2013
Donald Crafton
Shadow of a mouse, Performance, belief, and world-making in animation
Berkeley, 2013
Marina Dahlquist (ed.)
Exporting Perilous Pauline, Pearl White and the Serial Film Craze
Urbana, Chicago and Springfield, 2013
Tom DeMichael
James Bond FAQ, All that's left to know about everyone's favorite superspy
Milwaukee, WI, 2013
Andrew Dickos (ed.)
Abraham Polonsky, Interviews
Jackson, 2013
Andrew Dickos
Intrepid laughter, Preston Sturges and the movies
Lexington, Kentucky, 2013
Aubrey Malone
The defiant one, A biography of Tony Curtis
Jefferson, North Carolina; London, 2013
Thomas Doherty
Hollywood and Hitler 1933-1939
New York, 2013
Marc Eliot
Nicholson, A biography
New York, 2013
Dwayne Epstein
Lee Marvin, Point blank
Tucson, AZ, 2013
Federico Fellini
The journey of G. Mastorna, The film Fellini didn't make
New York, 2013
Klaus-Dieter Felsmann (ed.)
Klang der Zeiten, Musik im DEFA-Spielfilm
Berlin, 2013
Michelle Tolini Finamore
Hollywood before glamour, Fashion in American silent film
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ;New York, NY, 2013
Bo Florin
Transition and Transformation, Victor Sjöström in Hollywood 1923-1930
Amsterdam, 2013
Freddie Francis
Freddie Francis, The straight story from Moby Dick to Glory : a memoir
Lanham, 2013
Glenn Frankel
The searchers, The making of an American legend
New York, 2013
Mattias Frey
Postwall German cinema, History, film history and cinephilia
New York, 2013
Maria Fritsche
Homemade men in postwar Austrian cinema, Nationhood, genre and masculinity
New York, 2013
Mark Gallagher
Another Steven Soderbergh experience, Authorship and contemporary Hollywood
Austin, 2013
Tejaswini Ganti
Bollywood, A guidebook to popular Hindi cinema
London; New York, 2013
Stephen Gaunson
The Ned Kelly Films, A Cultural History of Kelly History
Bristol, Chicago, 2013
Sofia Glasl
Mind the Map, Jim Jarmusch als Kartograf von Popkultur
Marburg, 2013
Eve Golden
John Gilbert, The last of the silent film stars
Lexington, Kentucky, 2013
Norbert Grob
Vom Gesicht der Welt, Essays zur Filmgeschichte
Baden-Baden, 2013
Hilary A. Hallett
Go west, young women!, The rise of early Hollywood
Berkeley, 2013
Fiona Handyside (ed.)
Eric Rohmer, Interviews
Jackson, 2013
Scott Jordan Harris (ed.)
World Film Locations, San Francisco
Bristol, 2013
Dana Heller (ed.)
Loving The L word, The complete series in focus
London; New York, 2013
John Hodgkins
The drift, Affect, adaptation, and new perspectives on fidelity
New York, 2013
Bruce Isaacs
The orientation of future cinema, Technology, aesthetics, spectacle
New York, 2013
Lorna Jowett and Stacey Abbott
TV horror, Investigating the dark side of the small screen
London; New York, 2013
Colleen Kennedy-Karpat
Rogues, romance, and exoticism in French cinema of the 1930s
Madison; Lanham, Maryland., 2013
Geoff King, Claire Molloy and Yannis Tzioumakis (eds.)
American independent cinema, Indie, indiewood and beyond
New York, 2013
Eleftheria Rania Kosmidou
European civil war films, Memory, conflict, and nostalgia
New York, 2013
Jo Labanyi and Tatjana Pavlovic (eds.)
A companion to Spanish Cinema
Malden, MA, 2013
Heather Latimer
Reproductive Acts, Sexual Politics in North American Fiction and Film
Montreal & Kingston, London, Ithaca, 2013
Sebastien Lefait
Surveillance on screen, Monitoring contemporary films and television programs
Lanham, 2013
Scott MacDonald
American ethnographic film and personal documentary, The Cambridge turn
Berkeley, 2013
Aubrey Malone
Maureen O'Hara, The biography
Lexington, Kentucky, 2013
Matthew J. Marr
The politics of age and disability in contemporary Spanish film, Plus ultra pluralism
New York, 2013
Lucy Mazdon and Catherine Wheatley
French film in Britain, Sex, art and cinephilia
New York, 2013
Janet McCabe and Kim Akass (eds.)
TV's Betty goes global, From telenovela to international brand
London; New York, 2013
Paul McDonald
Hollywood stardom
Malden, MA, 2013
Tamar Jeffers McDonald
Doris Day confidential, Hollywood, sex and stardom
London; New York, 2013
Luke McKernan
Charles Urban, Pioneering the Non-fiction Film in Britain and America, 1897-1925
Exeter, 2013
Kristi McKim
Cinema as weather, Stylistic screens and atmospheric change
New York, 2013
Gabriel Miller
William Wyler, The life and films of Hollywood's most celebrated director
Lexington, Kentucky, 2013
Giuliana Minghelli
Landscape and memory in post-fascist Italian film, Cinema year zero
New York, 2013
Kimberley Monteyne
Hip hop on film, Performance culture, urban space, and genre transformation in the 1980s
Jackson, 2013
Daniel Morgan
Late Godard and the possibilities of cinema
Berkeley, 2013
Robert Murphy (ed.)
British cinema, Critical concepts in media and cultural studies
Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY, 2013
Chris Nashawaty, John Landis
Crab monsters, teenage cavemen, and candy stripe nurses, Roger Corman, king of the b-movie
New York, NY, 2013
Paul Newland
British films of the 1970s
Manchester and New York, 2013
Benedict Nightingale & Martyn Palmer
Les misérables, From stage to screen
Milwaukee, WI, 2013
Johan Nilsson
American film satire in the 1990s, Hollywood subversion
New York, 2013
Eugenio M. Olivares Merino and Julio A. Olivares Merino
Peeping Through th Holes: Twenty-First Century Essays on Psycho
Newcastle upon Tyne, 2013
Nancy K. Peardon
Marlon Brando, A memoir
Los Angeles, California, 2013
Gerald Peary (ed.)
Quentin Tarantino, Interviews
Jackson, 2013
Adrian Pennington, Carolyn Giardina
Exploring 3D, The new grammar of stereoscopic filmmaking
Burlington, Mass., 2013
Elisa Pezzotta
Stanley Kubrick, Adapting the sublime
Jackson, 2013
Mark S. Reinhart
The Batman Filmography, Second Edition
Jefferson, North Carolina and London, 2013
Adele Reinhartz
Bible and cinema, An introduction
London; New York, 2013
Christina Rice
Ann Dvorak, Hollywood's forgotten rebel
Lexington, KY, 2013
Robert A. Rosenstone and Constantin Parvulescu (eds.)
A companion to the historical film
Malden, MA, 2013
Alan Rosenthal
From Chariots of fire to The king's speech, Writing biopics and docudramas
Carbondale, 2013
Michael Schoenhals and Karin Sarsenov (eds.)
Imagining Mass Dictatorships, The Individual and the Masses in Literature and Cinema
New York, 2013
Sabine Schrader and Daniel Winkler (eds.)
The Cinemas of Italian Migration: European and Transatlantic Narratives
Newcastle upon Tyne, 2013
Nat Segaloff
Stirling Silliphant, The fingers of God
USA, 2013
Matt Zoller Seitz
The Wes Anderson collection
New York, 2013
Timothy Shary (ed.)
Millennial masculinity, Men in contemporary American cinema
Detroit, 2013
David S. Shields
Still, American silent motion picture photography
Chicago; London, 2013
Tom Sito
Moving innovation, A history of computer animation
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2013
Melvyn Stokes
American History through Hollywood Film, From the Revolutio to the 1960s
London, New Delhi, New York, Sydney, 2013
Niamh Thornton
Revolution and Rebellion in Mexican Film
New York, London, New Delhi, Sydney, 2013
Ben Urwand
The Collaboration, Hollywood's Pact with Hitler
Cambridge, Mass, 2013
Ginette Vincendeau
Brigitte Bardot
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK; New York, 2013
Sherryl Vint
The wire
Detroit, 2013