Books from 2014

edited by Rebecca Weaver-Hightower and Peter Hulme
Postcolonial film, History, empire, resistance
New York; London, 2014
Michele Aaron
Death and the moving image, Ideology, iconography and I
Edinburgh, 2014
Peter Ackroyd
Charlie Chaplin
London, 2014
Sanja Bahun and John Haynes (eds.)
Cinema, state socialism and society in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 1917-1989, Re-visions
London; New York, 2014
Cynthia Baron, Diane Carson, Mark Bernard
Appetites and anxieties, Food, film, and the politics of representation
Detroit, Michigan, 2014
Jaimie Baron
The archive effect, Found footage and the audiovisual experience of history
London; New York, 2014
Ruth Barton
Rex Ingram, Visionary director of the silent screen
Lexington, Kentucky, 2014
Bruce Bennett
The cinema of Michael Winterbottom, Borders, intimacy, terror
London; New York, 2014
John Charles Bennett (ed.)
Hitchcock's partner in suspense, The life of screenwriter Charles Bennett
Lexington, Kentucky, 2014
Candice Bergen
Knock wood
New York, 2014, c1984
Jonathan Bignell, Stephen Lacey (eds.)
British television drama, Past, present and future
New York, 2014
Martin Blumenthal-Barby (ed.)
The place of politics in German film
Bielefeld, 2014
Edward Branigan and Warren Buckland (eds.)
The Routledge encyclopedia of film theory
London; New York, 2014
Gerhard R. Braun
Filmarchitektur - eine inszenatorische Bauaufgabe, Produktionsgeschichte von Bauten im deutschen Stummfilm 1919-29
Berlin, 2014
Douglas Brode and Leah Deyneka (eds.)
Dracula's daughters, The female vampire on film
Lanham, 2014
Tom Brown and Belén Vidal (eds.)
The biopic in contemporary film culture
New York; London, 2014
Warren Buckland (ed.)
Hollywood puzzle films
New York, 2014
Noël Burch and Geneviève Sellier
The battle of the sexes in French cinema, 1930-1956
Durham, 2014
Richard Butsch and Sonia Livingstone (eds.)
Meanings of audiences, Comparative discourses
London, 2014
Bert Cardullo
Film analysis, A casebook
Malden, MA, 2014
Sean Carter & Klaus Dodds
International politics and film, Space, vision, power
London; New York, 2014
Jonathan Croall
In search of Gielgud, A biographer's tale
London, 2014
Paul Cronin (ed.)
Be sand, not oil, The life and work of Amos Vogel
Wien, 2014
Daniel S. Cutrara
Wicked Cinema, Sex and Religion on Screen
Austin, 2014
Tiago de Luca
Realism of the senses in world cinema, The experience of physical reality
London, 2014
Dean DeFino
Faster, pussycat! Kill! Kill!
London; New York, 2014
Dean J. DeFino
The HBO effect
New York; London, 2014
Bruce Dern with Christopher Fryer and Robert Crane
Bruce Dern, A memoir
Lexington, Kentucky, 2014
David Scott Diffrient
Omnibus films, Theorizing transauthorial cinema
Scotland, 2014
Andrew B.R. Elliot (ed.)
The return of the epic film, Genre, aesthetics and history in the twenty-first century
Edinburgh, 2014
Thomas Elsaesser
German cinema-- terror and trauma, Cultural memory since 1945
New York; London, 2014
Margaret C. Flinn
The social architecture of French cinema, 1929-1939
Liverpool, 2014
Hugo Frey
Nationalism and the cinema in France, Political mythologies and film events, 1945-1995
New York, 2014
Elisabetta Girelli
Montgomery Clift, queer star
Detroit, 2014
Mark Glancy
Hollywood and the Americanization of Britain, From the 1920s to the present
London; New York, 2014
Stephen Glynn
London; New York, 2014
S.E. Gontarski (ed.)
The Edinburgh companion to Samuel Beckett and the arts
Edinburgh, 2014
Elizabeth Haas, Peter J. Haas, and Terry Christensen
Projecting politics, Political messages in American films
Armonk, New York, 2014
Michael Haas (ed.)
Hollywood raises political consciousness, Political messages in feature films
New York, 2014
Hannah Hamad
Postfeminism and paternity in contemporary U.S. film, Framing fatherhood
New York; London, 2014
Fiona Handyside
Cinema at the shore, The beach in French film
Oxford; New York, 2014
Stephen L. Harp
Au naturel, Naturism, nudism, and tourism in twentieth-century France
Baton Rouge, 2014
Mark Harris
Five came back, A story of Hollywood and the Second World War
Edinburgh, 2014
Boris Hars-Tschachotin
Die Bildbau im Film
Berlin, 2014
Daniel Herbert
Videoland, Movie culture at the American video store
Berkeley, 2014
Lotte Hoek
Cut-pieces, Celluloid obscenity and popular cinema in Bangladesh
New York, 2014
Jan-Christopher Horak
Saul Bass, Anatomy of film design
Lexington, Kentucky, 2014
Robert Horton
New York, 2014
Howard Hughes
Outer limits, The filmgoers' guide to the great science-fiction films
London; New York, 2014
Leon Hunt, Sharon Lockyer and Milly Williamson (eds.)
Screening the undead, Vampires and zombies in film and television
London; New York, 2014
Noah Isenberg
Edgar G. Ulmer, A filmmaker at the margins
Berkeley, 2014
Matthew Kennedy
Roadshow!, The fall of film musicals in the 1960s
Oxford; New York, 2014
Geoff King
Indie 2.0, Change and continuity in contemporary American indie film
New York, 2014
Iris Kleineke-Bates
Victorians on screen, The nineteenth century on British television, 1994-2005
Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2014
T. Jefferson Kline (ed.)
Agnès Varda, Interviews
Jackson, 2014
Mariusz Kotowski
Pola Negri, Hollywood's first femme fatale
Lexington, Kentucky, 2014
Yvonne Kozlovsky-Golan
The death penalty in American cinema, Criminality and retribution in Hollywood film
London;New York, NY, 2014
Song Hwee Lim
Tsai Ming-liang and a cinema of slowness
Honolulu, 2014
Moya Luckett
Cinema and community, Progressivism, exhibition, and film culture in Chicago, 1907-1917
Detroit, 2014
Martin Löschnigg and Marzena Sokolowska-Paryz
The Great War in post-memory literature and film
Berlin; Boston, 2014
Nicholas Macdonald
In search of La grande illusion, A critical appreciation of Jean Renoir's elusive masterpiece
Jefferson, North Carolina, 2014
Adrian Martin
Mise en scene and film style, From classical Hollywood to new media art
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, 2014
Ewa Mazierska and Michael Goddard (eds.)
Polish cinema in a transnational context
Rochester, New York, 2014
Richard T. McClelland and Brian B. Clayton (eds.)
The philosophy of Clint Eastwood
Lexington, Kentucky, 2014
Margaret T. McFadden
The L word
Detroit, 2014
Cynthia J. Miller, A. Bowdoin Van Riper (eds.)
International westerns, Re-locating the frontier
Lanham, 2014
Henry K. Miller (ed.)
The Essential Raymond Durgnat
London, 2014
Daisuke Miyao (ed.)
The Oxford handbook of Japanese cinema
Oxford; New York, 2014
Hayao Miyazaki
Turning point, 1997-2008
San Francisco, 2014
Ray Morton
A quick guide to film directing
Milwaukee, WI, 2014
Diane Negra and Yvonne Tasker (eds.)
Gendering the recession, Media and culture in an age of austerity
Durham; London, 2014
Michael Z. Newman
Video revolutions, On the history of a medium
New York, 2014
Richard Nowell (ed.)
Merchants of menace, The business of horror cinema
New York, 2014
Helmut Peschina und Rainer-Joachim Siegel (eds.)
Joseph Roth: Drei Sensationen und zwei Katastrophen, Feuilletons zur Welt des Kinos
Göttingen, 2014
Brent Phillips
Charles Walters, The director who made Hollywood dance
Lexington, 2014
Thomas Pillard
Le film noir français, Face aux bouleversements de la France d'après-guerre : 1946-1960
Nantes, 2014
Cecilia DeMille Presley and Mark A. Vieira
Cecil B. DeMille, The art of the Hollywood epic
Philadelphia; London, 2014
Rebecca Prime
Hollywood exiles in Europe, The blacklist and cold war film culture
New Brunswick, New Jersey, 2014
Laura Rascaroli and Gwenda Young, with Barry Monahan (eds.)
Amateur filmmaking, The home movie, the archive, the Web
New York, 2014
Nick Redfern and Brad Steiger
The zombie book, The encyclopedia of the living dead
Canton, MI, 2014
Justin Remes
Motion(less) pictures, The cinema of stasis
New York, 2014
Laura Rorato
Caravaggio in Film and Literature, Popular Culture's Appropriation of a Baroque Genius
London, 2014
Gavin Schaffer
The vision of a nation, Making multiculturalism on British television, 1960-80
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, N.Y., 2014
Jens Schroeter
3D, History, theory, and aesthetics of the transplane image
New York, 2014
Roy Stafford
The global film book
London; New York, 2014
Reinhild Steingröver
Last Features, East German Cinema's Lost Generation
Rochester, New York, 2014
David Sterritt
The cinema of Clint Eastwood, Chronicles of America
London; New York, 2014
Jeremi Szaniawski
The cinema of Alexander Sokurov, Figures of paradox
London; New York, 2014
Daniel Varndell
Hollywood remakes, Deleuze and the grandfather paradox
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2014
Amy Villarejo
Ethereal queer, Television, historicity, desire
Durham; London, 2014
Alex M. Wainer
Soul of the Dark Knight, Batman as mythic figure in comics and film
Jefferson, North Carolina, 2014
Daniel Wallace
Imperial handbook, A commander's guide
Bellevue, Washington, 2014
Lawrence Webb
The cinema of urban crisis, Seventies film and the reinvention of the city
Amsterdam, 2014
Valerie Wee
Japanese horror films and their American remakes, Translating fear, adapting culture
New York, 2014
Kristen Whissel
Spectacular digital effects, CGI and contemporary cinema
Durham, 2014
Rhonda V. Wilcox, Tanya R. Cochran, Cynthea Masson, David Lavery (eds.)
Reading Joss Whedon
Syracuse, 2014
Flannery Wilson
New Taiwanese cinema in focus, Moving within and beyond the frame
Edinburgh, 2014
Matt Yockey
Detroit, Michigan, 2014
John Yorke
Into the woods, A five act journey into story
New York, NY, 2014
Ramin Zahed
The art of Dreamworks animation, Celebrating 20 years of art
New York, NY, 2014