Books from 2015

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Jacqueline Furby & Stuart Joy (eds.)
The cinema of Christopher Nolan, Imagining the impossible
New York, 2015
edited by Karen A. Ritzenhoff, Catriona McAvoy
Selling sex on screen, From Weimar cinema to zombie porn
Lanham, 2015
Leslie H. Abramson
Hitchcock & the anxiety of authorship
New York, NY, 2015
Peter Ackroyd
Alfred Hitchcock
London, 2015
Jeffrey Adams
The cinema of the Coen brothers, Hard-boiled entertainments
New York, 2015
John Alberti
Screen ages, A survey of American cinema
London; New York, 2015
Frederick Luis Aldama (ed.)
Critical approaches to the films of Robert Rodriguez
Austin, 2015
Manuel Alvarado, Milly Buonanno, Herman Gray and Toby Miller (eds.)
The SAGE handbook of television studies
Los Angeles, 2015
Richard Aquila
The sagebrush trail, Western movies and twentieth-century America
Tucson, 2015
Jennifer Keishin Armstrong
Seinfeldia, How a show about nothing changed everything
New York, 2015
James Aubrey (ed.)
Filming John Fowles, Critical essays on motion picture and television adaptations
Jefferson, North Carolina, 2015
Holly Aylett (ed.)
Marc Karlin, Look again
Liverpool, 2015
Anna Backman Rogers
American independent cinema, Rites of passage and the crisis image
Edinburgh, 2015
Henry Bacon
The fascination of film violence
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2015
Brian Baker
Contemporary masculinities in fiction, film and television
New York, 2015
Miranda J. Banks
The writers, A history of American screenwriters and their Guild
New Brunswick, New Jersey, 2015
Ruth Barraclough, Heather Bowen-Struyk, and Paula Rabinowitz (eds.)
Red love across the Pacific, Political and sexual revolutions of the twentieth century
New York, NY, 2015
Sarah Barrow, Sabine Haenni and John White (eds.)
The Routledge encyclopedia of films
London; New York, 2015
Matthias Bauer
Michelangelo Antonioni, Bild-Projektion-Wirklichkeit
München, 2015
Christopher Beach
A hidden history of film style, Cinematographers, directors, and the collaborative process
Oakland, California, 2015
Linda Beail and Lilly J. Goren (eds.)
Mad Men and politics, Nostalgia and the remaking of modern America
New York, 2015
Jayson Beaster-Jones
Bollywood sounds, The cosmopolitan mediations of Hindi film song
Oxford; New York, 2015
Karin Beeler and Stan Beeler (eds.)
Children's film in the digital age, Essays on audience, adaptation and consumer culture
Jefferson, North Carolina, 2015
Adam Bell and Charles H. Traub (eds.)
Vision anew, The lens and screen arts
Oakland, California, 2015
James Bellini and Sally Angel
Behind the seams, Angels costumes - seven generations of dressing the stars of stage, screen & TV
London, 2015
Ruth Ben-Ghiat
Italian fascism's empire cinema
Bloomington, 2015
Thomas W. Benson and Brian J. Snee (eds.)
Michael Moore and the rhetoric of documentary
Carbondale, 2015
Charles Ramírez Berg
The classical Mexican cinema, The poetics of the exceptional Golden Age films
Austin, 2015
S. Torriano Berry and Venise T. Berry
Historical dictionary of African American cinema
Lanham, 2015
Gary Bettinson
The sensuous cinema of Wong Kar-Wai, Film poetics and the aesthetic of disturbance
Hong Kong, 2015
Connie Betz, Rainer Rother und Annika Schaefer (eds.)
Glorious Technicolor
Berlin, 2015
Karie Bible & Mary Mallory
Hollywood celebrates the holidays, 1920-1970
Atglen, PA, 2015
Adam Bingham
Contemporary Japanese cinema since Hana-bi
Edinburgh, 2015
Artur Blaim, Ludmila Gruszewska-Blaim (eds.)
Mediated utopias, From literature to cinema
Frankfort am Main; New York, 2015
Brian Blessed
Absolute pandemonium, A memoir
London, 2015
Jacob Blevins and Dafydd Wood (eds.)
The methods of Breaking bad, Essays on narrative, character and ethics
Jefferson, North Carolina, 2015
Ib Bondebjerg, Eva Novrup Redvall, Andrew Higson (eds.)
European cinema and television, Cultural policy and everyday life
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, 2015
Jonathan Boulter
Parables of the posthuman, Digital realities, gaming, and the player experience
Detroit, MI, 2015
Sean Boyne
Emmet Dalton, Somme soldier, Irish general, film pioneer
Sallins, Co. Kildare, 2015
Cynthia Brideson and Sara Brideson
Ziegfeld and his follies, A biography of Broadway's greatest producer
Lexington, Kentucky, 2015
Eric C. Brown
Milton on film
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2015
Liam Burke
The comic book film adaptation, Exploring modern Hollywood's leading genre
Jackson, 2015
Katherine Byrne
Edwardians on screen, From Downton Abbey to Parade's end
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2015
Scott Campbell
Great showdowns, The revenge
London, 2015
Mathieu Capel
Évasion du Japon, Cinéma japonais des années 1960
, 2015
Michelangelo Capua
Anatole Litvak, The life and films
Jefferson, North Carolina, 2015
Deborah Cartmell
Adaptations in the sound era, 1927-37
New York, 2015
Francesco Casetti
The Lumière galaxy, Seven key words for the cinema to come
New York, 2015
Dani Cavallaro
The late works of Hayao Miyazaki, A critical study, 2004-2013
Jefferson, North Carolina, 2015
Ipek A. Celik
In permanent crisis, Ethnicity in contemporary European media and cinema
Ann Arbor, 2015
Larry Ceplair and Christopher Trumbo
Dalton Trumbo, Blacklisted Hollywood radical
Lexington, 2015
James Chapman
A new history of British documentary
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2015
James Chapman
Swashbucklers, The costume adventure series
Manchester, 2015
Alec Charles
Out of time, The deaths and resurrections of Doctor Who
Oxford, 2015
Lilian Chee and Edna Lim (eds.)
Asian cinema and the use of space, Interdisciplinary perspectives
New York, 2015
Ellen Cheshire
Bio-pics, A life in pictures
New York, 2015
Hye Seung Chung and David Scott Diffrient
Movie migrations, Transnational genre flows and South Korean cinema
New Brunswick, New Jersey, 2015
David Church
Grindhouse nostalgia, Memory, home video and exploitation film fandom
Edinburgh, 2015
Mark Clark
Star Wars FAQ, Everything left to know about the trilogy that changed the movies
Milwaukee, 2015
Wickham Clayton (ed.)
Style and form in the Hollywood slasher film
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: New York, NY, 2015
Paul Coates
Doubling, distance and identification in the cinema
Houndmills, Bsingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2015
Shelley Cobb
Adaptation, authorship, and contemporary women filmmakers
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2015
Shelley Cobb and Neil Ewen (eds.)
First comes love, Power couples, celebrity kinship, and cultural politics
New York, 2015
Maarten Coëgnarts and Peter Kravanja (eds.)
Embodied cognition and cinema
Leuven, 2015
Matthew Coniam
The annotated Marx Brothers, A filmgoer's guide to in-jokes, obscure references and sly details
Jefferson, North Carolina, 2015
J.D. Connor
The studios after the studios, Neoclassical Hollywood (1970-2010)
Stanford, California, 2015
Catherine Constable
Postmodernism and film, Rethinking Hollywood's aesthetics
London; New York, 2015
Kelley Conway
Agnès Varda
Urbana, Illinois, 2015
Bernie Cook
Flood of images, Media, memory, and Hurricane Katrina
Austin, 2015
Lez Cooke
British television drama, A history
London, 2015
Amy Lynn Corbin
Cinematic Geographies and Multicultural Spectatorship in America
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2015
Lauren Cornell and Ed Halter (eds.)
Mass effect, Art and the internet in the twenty-first century
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2015
Timothy Corrigan, Patricia White
The film experience, An introduction
Boston, 2015
Antonio Costa (ed.)
Carlo Mazzacurati
Venezia, 2015
Jon Cowans
Empire films and the crisis of colonialism, 1946-1959
Baltimore, 2015
Noel Coward
Noel Coward screenplays
London, 2015
Ioana Craciun
Die Dekonstruktion des Bürgerlichen im Stummfilm der Weimarer Republik
Heidelberg, 2015
Robert Crane and Christopher Fryer
Crane, Sex, celebrity, and my father's unsolved murder
Lexington, Kentucky, 2015
Virginia Crisp, Gabriel Menotti Gonring (eds.)
Besides the screen, Moving images through distribution, promotion and curation
Houndsmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY, 2015
James Curtis
William Cameron Menzies, The shape of films to come
New York, 2015
Scott Curtis
The shape of spectatorship, Art, science, and early cinema in Germany
New York, 2015
Monica S. Cyrino and Meredith E. Safran (eds.)
Classical myth on screen
New York, 2015
Adrian Danks (ed.)
A companion to Robert Altman
Chichester, West Sussex; Malden, MA, 2015
Adrian Daub and Charles Kronengold
The James Bond songs, Pop anthems of late capitalism
New York, NY, 2015
Glyn Davis, Kay Dickinson, Lisa Patti, Amy Villarejo
Film studies, A global introduction
New York, 2015
Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare, Charlie Ellbé, and Kristopher Woofter (eds.)
Recovering 1940s horror cinema, Traces of a lost decade
Lanham, 2015
Rayna Denison
Anime, A critical introduction
New York, 2015
Rayna Denison and Rachel Mizsei-Ward (eds.)
Superheroes on world screens
Jackson, 2015
Mary R. Desjardins
Recycled stars, Female film stardom in the age of television and video
Durham; London, 2015
Jennifer DeWinter
Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, the Legend of Zelda
New York, 2015
Karen E. Dill-Shackleford, Cynthia Vinney, Jerri Lynn Hogg, Kristin Hopper-Losenicky
Mad men unzipped, Fans on sex, love, and the sixties on TV
Iowa City, 2015
Wheeler Winston Dixon
Black and white cinema, A short history
New Brunswick, New Jersey, 2015
James Donald
Some of these days, Black stars, jazz aesthetics, and modernist culture
New York, NY, 2015
Pamela Douglas
The future of television, Your guide to creating TV in the new world
Studio City, CA, 2015
Lindiwe Dovey
Curating Africa in the age of film festivals
New York, NY, 2015
Gillian Doyle, Philip Schlesinger, Raymond Boyle and Lisa W. Kelly
The Rise and Fall of the UK Film Council
Edinburgh, 2015
Victoria Duckett
Seeing Sarah Bernhardt, Performance and silent film
Urbana; Chicago, 2015
Rajinder Dudrah, Elke Mader, and Bernhard Fuchs (eds.)
SRK and global Bollywood
New Delhi, India, 2015
Paul Duncan (ed.)
Das Charlie Chaplin Archiv
Köln, 2015
Julian Dutton
Keeping quiet, Visual comedy in the age of sound
Gosport, 2015