Cambridge Film Classics

Scott Simon
The Films of D.W. Griffith
Cambridge, 1993
Sam B. Girgus
The Films of Woody Allen
Cambridge, 1993
David Sterritt
The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
Cambridge, 1993
Peter Bondanella
The Films of Roberto Rossellini
Cambridge, 1993
James Palmer, Michael Riley
The Films of Joseph Losey
Cambridge, 1993
Scott MacDonald
Avant-garde Film, Motion Studies
Cambridge, 1993
Robert Phillip Kolker; Peter Beicken
The Films of Wim Wenders, Cinema as Vision and Desire
Cambridge, 1993
James Naremore
The Films of Vincente Minnelli
Cambridge, 1993
Maurice Yacowar
The Films of Paul Morrissey
Cambridge, 1993
Amy Lawrence
The films of Peter Greenaway
Cambridge, 1997
Peter Brunette
The Films of Michelangelo Antonioni
Cambridge, 1998
David Sterritt
The Films of Jean-Luc Godard, Seeing the Invisible
Cambridge, 1999
Ray Carney and Leonard Quart
The Films of Mike Leigh
Cambridge, 2000
Peter Bondanella
The Films of Federico Fellini
Cambridge, 2002
Jesse Kalin
The Films of Ingmar Bergman
Cambridge, 2003
Robert Garis
The Films of Orson Welles
Cambridge, 2004
Ray Carney
The Films of John Cassavetes, Pragmatism, Modernism, and the Movies
, 2005