Strong Boy 1929

If you want a good laugh, see Victor McLaglen in "Strong Boy." In this comedy-drama, dealing with life among the baggage smashers, Vic as the king of the trunk tossers, falls in love with a newsstand girl whose father is a locomotive engineer.

Those sterling cut-ups, Clyde Cook and Slim Summerville, are a great help. And, too, there's a little Sonny-Boy sort of youngster who adds much. Leatrice Joy is the newsstand girl, but it doesn't matter.

The story tells the romance of a baggage juggler and his great effort to become a white-collar guy to please his gal. It's no use, though, and he winds up a grimy locomotive engineer. But a train robbery saves him and makes him a hero, even in the eyes of the gal he loves.

Photoplay April 1929

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Strong Boy
US 1929

Directed by

Douglas Scott
Tom Wilson
Jack Pennick


Running time:5,567 ft. 1

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