Cast and credits
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Screenplay by Mario Puzo
Francis Ford Coppola
Based on a novel by Mario Puzo
Don Vito CorleoneMarlon Brando
Michael CorleoneAl Pacino
Sonny CorleoneJames Caan
Tom HagenRobert Duvall
Capt. McCluskeySterling Hayden
Jack WoltzJohn Marley
BarziniRichard Conte
Kay AdamsDiane Keaton
TessioAbe Vigoda
ConnieTalia Shire
FredoJohn Cazale
Rudy Bond
Calo - Sicilian SequenceFranco Citti
Willi CicciJoe Spinell
Piano Player in MontageCarmine Coppola
Boy on Street Who Attended FuneralRoman Coppola
Michael Francis RizziSofia Coppola
Director of photography Gordon Willis
Executive Producer Robert Evans
Production Design Dean Tavoularis
Music composed by Nino Rota
Costume Designer Anna Hill Johnstone
Edited by William Reynolds
Peter Zinner
Running time: 175 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English