Easy Street 1917

Cast and credits
Directed by Charles Chaplin
Screenplay by Charles Chaplin
Story by Charles Chaplin
The DerelictCharles Chaplin
The Mission WorkerEdna Purviance
The BullyEric Campbell
Mission Visitor/PolicemanJames T. Kelley
Heroin AddictWilliam Gillespie
PolicemanFrank J. Coleman
AnarchistHenry Bergman
Minister/PolicemanAlbert Austin
Big Erics WifeCharlotte Mineau
Mission Tramp/PolicemanJohn Rand
Small Father/PolicemanLoyal Underwood
PolicemanLeo White
Drug AddictLloyd Bacon
BabyErich von Stroheim Jr.
Produced by Charles Chaplin
Country: United States