Souls for Sale 1923

Cast and credits
Directed by Rupert Hughes
Based on a novel by Rupert Hughes
Miss Remember SteddonEleanor Boardman
Robina TeeleMae Busch
Frank ClaymoreRichard Dix
Tom HolbyFrank Mayo
Leva LemaireBarbara La Marr
Owen ScudderLew Cody
Himself - Celebrity ActorHobart Bosworth
Lord FryinghamWilliam Orlamond
Abigail Tweedy - SingerDale Fuller
Himself - Celebrity DirectorErich von Stroheim
Himself - Celebrity DirectorCharles Chaplin
Komical Kale - the KlownSnitz Edwards
Himself - Celebrity DirectorFred Niblo
Lady JaneAileen Pringle
Miss Velma SladeEve Southern
Himself - Celebrity Actor in CommissaryT. Roy Barnes
Herself - Celebrity Actress in CommissaryZasu Pitts
Herself - Celebrity Actress in CommisaryKathlyn Williams
Herself - Celebrity WriterJune Mathis
Himself - Celebrity Actor in CommissaryElliott Dexter
Herself - Celebrity Actress in CommissaryBarbara Bedford
Pinkey - Assistant DirectorWilliam Haines
Himself - Celebrity Actor in CommissaryJohn St. Polis
Himself - Celebrity Actor in CommissaryChester Conklin
Herself - Celebrity ActressAnita Stewart
Himself - Celebrity Actor at Hollywood HotelWilliam H. Crane
Himself - Celebrity DirectorMarshall Neilan
Herself - Celebrity Actress directed by Marshall NClaire Windsor
Himself - Celebrity ActorRaymond Griffith
Himself - Celebrity ActorJean Hersholt
Prop ManYale Boss
Himself - Celebrity ActorMilton Sills
Himself - Celebrity DirectorKing Vidor
Herself - Celebrity ActressMabel Ballin
Jimmy LelandArthur Hoyt
Herself - Celebrity ActressBessie Love
Herself - Celebrity ActressJean Haskell
Himself - Celebrity DirectorHugo Ballin
Herself - Celebrity ActressFlorence Vidor
Himself - Celebrity ActorRobert Edeson
Herself - Celebrity ActressAlice Lake
MagnusJed Prouty
Herself - Celebrity ActressAnna Q. Nilsson
Herself - Celebrity ActressElaine Hammerstein
Herself - Celebrity ActressDagmar Godowsky
Himself - Celebrity ActorClaude Gillingwater
Herself - Celebrity ActressPatsy Ruth Miller
Himself - Celebrity ActorJohnny Walker
ElectricianLeo Willis
Tall Actor in Casting OfficeLon Poff
Herself - Celebrity ActressBlanche Sweet
Detective QuinnFred Kelsey
Himself - Celebrity ActorGeorge Walsh
Rita Gilman
Produced by Rupert Hughes
Country: United States