Tillie's Punctured Romance 1914

Cast and credits
Directed by Mack Sennett
Screenplay by Hampton Del Ruth
Mack Sennett
The City StrangerCharles Chaplin
TillieMarie Dressler
The Strangers FlameMabel Normand
Tillies FatherMack Swain
Mr. Whoozis/Singing WaiterChester Conklin
Movie SpectatorJosef Swickard
Waiter in First Restaurant/Station Cop/Prisoner/GuFritz Schade
Singer in First Restaurant/Pianist in First RestauHarry McCoy
PolicemanWallace MacDonald
Tillies VisitorRube Miller
Servant/PolicemanWilliam Hauber
NewsboyGordon Griffith
Crooks Girlfriend in A Thiefs FateMinta Durfee
Police ChiefNick Cogley
First Pianist in Restaurant/Cop/Guest in First ResGlen Cavender
PolicemanJoe Bordeaux
Maid/Party GuestBillie Bennett
Party GuestAlice Davenport
Policeman/Guest in RestaurantSlim Summerville
Water PolicemanAl St. John
Detective in A Thiefs FateCharles Murray
Policeman/Waiter in MovieHank Mann
Back Room Diner/Party GuestAlice Howell
Detective in Movie TheatreCharley Chase
Milton Berle
PolicemanA. Edward Sutherland
2nd Restaurant Owner/Banks ButlerEdgar Kennedy
Tall Banks Secretary Searching for TillieHampton Del Ruth
Prison Matron/Restaurant Patron/GuestPhyllis Allen
Produced by Mack Sennett
Country: United States